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Quebec BLACKLIST contains information on reporting and dealing with incidents involving Quebec escorts.

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This site is devoted to Escort Safety and protecting Quebec escorts and escort agencies from dangerous or flaky clients, and escorts themselves from unscrupulous agencies or other people who try and harm the reputation of those escorts trying to do things correctly.


  Make Quebec More Secure for you and for other Quebec escorts:

Just like a Neighborhood Watch, Quebec escorts can help one another and make their lives more secure, and their money making time more effective, by watching out for each other and the escort community by reporting all bad customers or prank callers to Quebec BLACKLIST.

Always report real crimes to the police. If you are a Quebec escort or escort agency and want to join BLACKLIST, you can also get automatic reports of other incidents in your area to help protect your personal safety and the safety of others.

The National BLACKLIST allows you to report incidents which happen to you and to view what has happened to other escorts. Register for a Membership Subscription to the National BLACKLIST and receive monthly reports for your area, plus tips, news, articles that can promote your personal safety and help your business run better. Here are some of the benefits of the Quebec BLACKLIST Program!


Quebec Escorts - Safety Blotter

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About Quebec Nightlife
in Québec City is far more relaxed than in Montréal: an evening spent in an intimate bar or a jazz or blues soiree is more popular than a big gig or disco, except among the younger set. Québec City's main bar and nightclub strip is around St-Jean - the stretch outside the city walls in the Faubourg St-Jean-Baptiste.


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