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Hawaii BLACKLIST contains information on reporting and dealing with incidents involving Hawaii escorts.

This site is devoted to Escort Safety and protecting escorts in Hawaii and escort agencies from dangerous or flaky clients, and escorts themselves from unscrupulous agencies or other people who try and harm the reputation of those escorts trying to do things correctly.

Just like a Neighborhood Watch, Hawaii escorts can help one another and make their lives more secure, and their money making time more effective, by watching out for each other and the escort community by reporting all bad customers or prank callers to Hawaii BLACKLIST.


Make Hawaii More Secure for you and for other Hawaii escorts:


Always report real crimes to the police. If you are a Hawaii escort or escort agency and want to join BLACKLIST, you can help protect your personal safety and the safety of others.


Hawaii Escorts Safety Blotter

         ( 331 ) Current Postings:
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About Hawaii

For the million people who live in the State of Hawaii, Honolulu is 'the big city,' so residents are fortunate to have more than their share of nightlife and cultural richness. The other island major cities also have more than their fair share of bars, clubs, and nightlife. Whether it's Waikiki Beach, the Polynesian Cultural Center, Pearl Harbor, the Diamondhead Crater, snorkling in Hanauma Bay, ou'll find the island of Oahu a beautful tropical, fun and exotic place to visit.


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