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National Blacklist

is for Escorts, Dominas, Massage providers, any ASPs (Adult Service Providers) or adult sex workers to share information about bad customer encounters!

Post usable information for easy database searches.

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Please Note!

1. When posting to National Blacklist, please have valid reasons.

2. Give FACTS as to what happened, but not enough so to tip off who made the post. By law your identity and privacy is protected, but no sense in you giving away your identity either.

3. Do not embellish with opinions unless they contain other valuable insights about customer's behavior and personaliity.

4. Be a step above those men who write crappy reviews just to be mean spirited and vindictive.

5. NBL is NOT for getting back at hobbyists, ex boyfriends, agencies, managers, or former customers for petty reasons.

6. NBL is for listing bad customers who are seriously dangerous, abusive, scammers and rip offs, and genuine time wasters who intentionally mess with your business.


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Once submitted, you agree and accept that your post will not be removed, even if you ask us to remove it later. If the customer makes things right with you, you may update the post to reflect the new developments, but the original complaint will remain to inform and protect others as it will reveal the original intent and character of that customer. Requests to update a post must come from the same email address that is submitted with the post, so be sure the email address you enter is a valid working email.


A Constitutionally Protected Right

1997 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that speech on the Internet receives the highest level of First Amendment protection. The Supreme Court explained that our cases provide no basis for qualifying the level of First Amendment scrutiny that should be applied to this medium, meaning the internet.

2003 - The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit found that "gripe sites" devoted to complaints about people or businesses were afforded First Amendment protection.

The ACLU said. "Consumer criticism and commentary has long been recognized as core protected speech. In the context of cyberspace, that right does not diminish, in fact, it expands." 

Serious Considerations

for Posting !

Please consider the consequences of your finished report, meaning will it appropriately “fit the crime.”

Minor Offenses

If your customer was rude, late, stood you up, or he is just flaky and cancels on you all too frequently, you might not want to put his last name in the name field and publicly “out” him for that. That seems a bit harsh and very unfair to do that to a guy just for being rude, classless, or clueless.

*If you insist on including a guy's last name in a report for a non serious offenses, please consider putting it at the end of your "Incident Description" where the search engines won’t see it.

Major Offenses

Since Blacklist is a public safety blotter, for all serious offenses you should report as much information as you can about the offender. Escorts need to be informed and stay clear of predators.

We do not censor your reports, or tell you how you should feel after a bad or annoying situation. Only you can render the final judgment in how you want the information in the report to appear. Based on your personal experience, you are best qualified to determine the seriousness of the offense and how much information about the offender is appropriate to be posted.

If you’re having trouble deciding, please consider the following guide.


Minor Offenses - might be...

Being a time waster, always shows up late, doesn't confirm, pic collector, last minute cancellations, he no shows, double books, goes over time and doesn't offer additional compensation, constant calling, nuisance texting, prank callers, harassing callers, BBFS seekers (for health safety), client has poor or repulsive hygiene, he barters good reviews in exchange for free or full service or even BB services.


Moderate Offenses

He harasses you with calls and texts even after you declined him, repeat no shows, repeat last minute cancellations, he intentionally books then no shows to mess with you or show you who's boss, any set ups and practical jokers who book outcalls to phony addresses, he shorts your pay, lies during screening, uses fake references, writes fake reviews, writes unwarranted bad reviews, lies to by-pass your screening, not bringing enough money to pay your rate, agrees to pay your rate then haggles upon arrival, tries to scam you for a freebie (ie: left my wallet in the car scam), guys who verbally abuse you calling you vulgar terms (possible misogyny), ignoring your directions in session, crossing boundaries in session, being aggressive and not backing off when you ask.


Major Offenses

Rape, robbery, assault, bringing or using weapons, tries to drug you, refuses to pay, pays with counterfeit money, gives an empty donation envelope, pays with empty gift cards, cancelled checks, any kind of verbal threats, constant harassment, stalking, books fake outcalls to dangerous addresses or neighborhoods, any physical abuse, he violates your hard limits or boundaries during activities, he causes you pain or bodily harm, he removes cover thus bare backing you in session, he intentionally hurts you in any way in session, seeks contact or activities while having noticeable visible STD’s present, he violates you by forcing services that are unsafe or not on your menu, he blackmails you with bad reviews if you decline to see him or decline to provide FS or BB services, he shows up to your incall without an appointment, he illegally or unethically obtains your personal information, he inappropriately shares your personal information or incall location with others, he steals or destroys your personal property, he threatens to out you (to your incall property manager, hotel staff, your regular job, your family, or police), he threatens you to remove a post.


Final Note: This guide is only a suggestion. Of course your tolerances are your tolerances and you have the final say. No one here can or will tell you how you are supposed to feel about an experience or a person. We just ask that you consider before you post if your report will be fair to a guy who is simply rude or irresponsible and if outing him for that is overly punative.

As a true 3rd party posting public safety website we do not practice censorship but we will ask that you consider using some level of

restraint or suitability when deciding whether to post a client's full name.

Please be fair, and let your decision of posting a client's full name be appropriate with the level or seriousness of his offense. No hobbyist should have their life completely ruined simply because he no showed or canceled at the last minute, or because you might be mad at him for giving you a bad review.


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