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Below is a list of terms and jargon in use in the escorts world.

  Here are the "T" Terms:

A sexual practice that is considered to be contrary to common decency or "off limits" in a particular society.

Table Dance

A close up sexual lap dance in a non private area of a club
Premature ejaculation.
Achieving an erection in a very short time.
Slang for the area that lies between the anus and the scrotum or vagina.

Take care of business

Payment is made to provider. e.g. "She wanted to take care of business first"


Therapeutic Asian Massage Parlor
A device or substance used to decrease the sensitivity of the penis and delay orgasm.
Slang for breasts.


Talk Cock Sing Song
Tea Bagging
The act of placing the testicles in the mouth of a partner. Man squats and dips balls in partner's mouth.
Tea Room
A Public men's rest room where gay men have sex.
To arouse someone sexually without following through.
The male reproductive glands located below the penis.
Male reproductive glands located below the penis and within the scrotum.
Testicular Failure, Primary
A congenital, developmental, or genetic error resulting in a testicular malformation that prevents sperm production.
Testicular Failure, Secondary
Acquired testicular damage - for example, from drugs, prolonged exposure to toxic substances, or a varicocoele.
Testicular Feminization
An enzymatic defect that prevents a man from responding to the male hormone testosterone.
Testicular Function
The ability of the testicles to produce sperm and testosterone.
Testicular Stress Pattern
A semen analysis result showing depressed sperm production, poor sperm motility, and poor sperm morphology.
A hormone causing the development of the male reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics.
Abbreviation for transgender.


Too Good To Be True
Thai Beads
Synonym for anal beads.
Theoretical Failure Rate
The measure of a contraceptive method's failure rate when it is used according to the manufacturer's instructions. This method factors out human error.
Third Base
Slang for foreplay, usually including oral sex or penetration with a finger or tongue.
Three Way
Slang for sex among three people simultaneously.
Slang for a group of three people engaging in sex.

Throne Job

Self-service hand job. Refers to an establishment that doesn't offer FS. The premises will only have a large chair or "throne" for you to sit on and masturbate while the woman dances for you.

Tickler Sleeve
A sleeve inserted over a vibrator that is used to "tickle" a certain area. Tickler sleeves usually have some type of "tentacle" or other protrusions that

Tipping required

Hidden charges, provider demands more than the advertised price in order to perform, or bargains hard for various services.

function as the ticklers.
Tit Fuck / Tittie Fuck
Slang for placing the penis in the cleavage of a woman's breasts and thrusting, mimicking intercourse.
Slang for breasts.

Slang for breasts.





Toda La Noche ("All the Night" in Spanish)


Take one for the team. In reference to a new, non-reviewed provider.

Abbreviation for "the other guy".

Took one for the team A hobbyist reviews a provider who has no (or scattered) reviews. He was ripped off, or his experience was very poor. Ostensibly, he has helped save other members of the community (the team) from making the same mistake.
Tool Box
Slang for male sexual organs.


A person who prefers to be the one who administers discipline, punishment, or stimulation during BDSM activities.
The use of pain to enhance sexual pleasure.
Toss Salad
Slang for licking someone's anus. Analingus

TOS Take Out Service
Slang for vagina.
A disease caused by the protozoa Toxoplasma Gondii. Toxoplasmosis can affect a number of organs, but most commonly causes encephalitis, or brain inflammation.


Tanning Parlor or Tanning Place
Traditional Dildo
A dildo that is semi-realistic, flexible and sometimes double-sided Traditional dildos differ from realistic dildos in that they do not attempt to replicate exactly the penis.
Traditional Vibrator
A vibrator that is cylindrical and tapers to a point at the tip. Also known as a slimline vibrator.
When a group of people have sex with one person, taking turns one after the other.
Discipline used by the dominant to control the submissive's behavior.
A blanket term for individuals who exhibit both male and female forms of gender expression.

Translation, translator

Condom i.e. "She spoke fluent french without a translator" = BBBJ
Translucent Vibrator
A vibrator, usually made of plastic, that is clear or see-through.
A person who dresses in the clothes and assumes the gender expression of the opposite sex.
A lesbian practice where two women rub their vaginas together during sex.


A devotee to the "Find them, Fuck them, Forget them" strategy
1. A sex act for money. 2. Slang for sexual services performed by a prostitute. 3. A man who patronizes prostitutes.
A three-month period of a pregnancy, usually expressed as first, second, or third trimester.


Rude and hideous person
Slang for searching the streets for a prostitute. and, someone posting thinly disguised ads in a discussion forum.
Turning a Trick
The act of performing a sexual act for money.


Abbrevation for transexual


Table Shower


Classification or category in online advertising directories for Transexual Transvestite


Description of pubic hair.

Tongue Up My Ass
Turn tricks

Abbreviation for transvestite.


Transvestite Street Walker
Slang for vagina.
Slang for 18 or 19 year old gay men.

Two Call System

For incall locations. Your first call is to set up the time and get the general directions on where to park. Your second call is made when you arrive to get the specific address / room number.


Security Tip #4 — Please jot down all information a caller provides on a clearly marked piece of paper for later reference.


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