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Below is a list of terms and jargon in use in the escorts world.

  Here are the "P" Terms:


Pay for Play. Refers to the concept of paying for sex.

A person who is attracted to all genders and all forms of sex.


Male manager of a massage parlor.
The general term for a sex practice that becomes necessary for sexual arousal but that is not approved by social norms.

Party Hat

PC Muscle
One of two muscles that form the floor of the pelvis.
Peach Fuzz
Slang for pubic hair, usually referring to an adolescent male or female.
Peak / Peaking
Slang for the moment of climax or orgasm.
Pearl Necklace
Slang for ejaculating on a woman's chest.
Pearl String
A set of anal beads.
Pearl Vibrator
A vibrator with a group of rotating pearls in the shaft. Pearl vibrators offer extra vaginal stimulation.
Slang for the penis.
Peeping Tom
Slang for a male voyeur.
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
An infection of the female reproductive system by chlamydia, gonorrhea or other bacteria.
The lower part of the abdomen between the hipbones.
Penetrate / Penetration
To enter a body cavity, such as the vagina or anus, with any object. Usually refers to sexual intercourse.
Penile Detumescence
The return of an erect penis back to its unaroused state.
Penile Implant
A device surgically inserted into the penis to provide rigidity for intercourse. Used to treat impotence.
The male reproductive organ.
Penis Pump
An apparatus used to stimulate the penis. It is used by inserting the penis into the "pump", and removing air from the chamber.
Penis Ring
Synonym for cock ring.
Performance Anxiety
Impotence due to anxiety about performing poorly.
The area between the anus and testicles, or the anus and vagina.
A slang term for a person that deviates from the sexual norm.
Pet the Bunny
Slang for female masturbation.
Pet the Molly
Slang for female masturbation.
Pet the Pussy
Slang for female masturbation.
Pet the Wookie
Slang for female masturbation.
Slang for the penis.
Slang for foreplay, usually involving manual stimulation of the genitals.
Sexual intercourse with the penis.
Term for the penis or pertaining to the penis.
A drug that acts to increase genital blood flow and smooth muscle relaxation that is currently being tested as a treatment for female sexual arousal disorder.
Chemicals secreted by animals that attracts members of the opposite sex.
An abnormal behavioral tendency.
A prolonged, intense fear of a person, object or condition, that interferes with normal day-to-day functioning.
Phone Sex
Talking dirty, and/or the act of mutual masturbation or fondling while talking on the telephone.
Phony Pickle
Slang for dildo or vibrator.
A disorder where sexual arousal becomes dependent on viewing pornographic pictures, movies, or videos.
Slang for the vagina.
Slang for a male homosexual.


A man who solicits clients for a prostitute.
Slang for masturbation. Also a term to describe the situation when two partners pass a sexual disease back an forth.
Slang for the vagina.
Pink Taco
Slang for the vagina.
Pink Sock
When the inside of the colon protrudes outside the anus after anal sex, resembling a pink sock.
Common term for oral hormonal contraception for women.
Body manipulation that involves drawing blood by piercing the skin with a knife or blade.


Penis in Vagina


Pathetic Loser
Plastic Lover
Slang for a dildo or vibrator
The stage of sexual arousal in which a person is sexually excited and is approaching orgasm.
Taking part of a SM scene or scene activity.
Play the Fiddle
Slang for female masturbation.
Pleasure Nub
A small protrusion usually at the base of a vibrator that is used to stimulate the vagina or clitoris.
Pleasure Pearls
Another term for Ben-Wa Balls, or several other adult toys that consist of a string of beads or balls and are inserted into the vagina or anus.
Pleasure Stick
Slang for vibrator or dildo.

Slang for sexual intercourse.


Private Message sent via the Forum's Private Message service.


Phone Operator


Pocket Pal
A small sex toy shaped like a vagina that is used in male masturbation.
Pocket Pool
Slang for touching the penis through the pants pockets.
Pocket Rocket
Slang for penis; also a small brand name vibrator that's primarily used as a clitoral massager.


Plenty of Fish
Slang for sexual intercourse.
Any romantic or sexual relationship that involves more than two people.
Being married to two or more people simultaneously.
A person whose characteristics encompass both genders.
Pony Training
BDSM term for training a person to be obedient.


A hobbyist who is immersed in the hobby culture. e.g. He may be very involved with the review boards and/or private exchange of information on providers and the hobby.
Slang for the vagina.
Poop Chute
Slang for anus.
Slang for the vagina.
Pop a Cherry
To have sexual intercourse with someone who has never had sexual intercourse before.

Pops, multiple

She allows you to have more than 1 orgasm during the session (e.g. more than one or multiple pops allowed)
Slang for an adult film.
Legal term. Sexually explicit material which is designed to arouse sexual desire but which is not classified as obscene is considered to be pornographic. The definition of what material is pornographic varies from community to community.


Pussy on the Side
Referring to the many sex positions possible between two people.
Having already undergone menopause.
Prosthetic Penis Attachment.
Slang for the fluid emitted by the penis before ejaculation.
A type of toxemia in pregnancy. Symptoms include excessive water retention, hypertension, excessive weight gain or possibly convulsions is the disease has progressed.
The liquid that is emitted by the penis before ejaculation.
A person who has not experienced an orgasm.
The condition where an unborn offspring is being carried within the body.
Premarital Sex
Sexual intercourse between people before they are married.
Premature Ejaculation
An unwanted ejaculation that occurs before or very quickly after beginning intercourse.
Premature Ovarian Failure
Menopause that occurs before the age of 40.
A continuous erection that is caused by dysfunctional blood flow into the corpus cavernosa.
Slang for the penis.
The belief that women have the right to choose abortion.
A female sex hormone that regulates reproductive functions.
The hormone that stimulates the production of milk in breast feeding women. Excessive Prolactin levels when not breast feeding may result in infertility.
A device used to prevent infection or pregnancy during sexual activity, such as a condom.
Prostate Gland
A gland in the male reproductive system that contributes to the production of semen.
An enlargement and inflammation of the prostate gland that results in a dull persistent pain in the lower back, testes, scrotum, and glans of the penis.


Escort or Prostitute


Private Show (Dance)
Abbreviation for "Porn Star Experience".
The time of life when the body begins producing adult levels of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone and a young person begins to take on adult characteristics, such as breasts, facial hair and public hair.
Pubic Hair
Hair that grows in the genital area of women and men. Pubic hair is a secondary sex characteristic appearing at puberty.
Pubococcygeal Muscle
The muscle that is contracted during Kegel exercises. A weak or damaged PC muscle can lead to urinary or stool incontinence.
Slang for penis.
Abbreviation for Penis Uncircumcizing Device. It can take many forms, but the goal of the apparatus is to lengthen the foreskin or create a foreskin by stretching the skin of the penis.
An apparatus used to temporarily increase the size of the penis; to have sexual intercourse with.
British slang for a man who engages in sex with prostitutes.
Slang for the vagina.
Pussy Fart
Slang for expelling air from the vagina.
Term for sexual intercourse, or sexual relations with a virgin.
Pussy Whipped
Slang for a male who is too afraid to confront his girlfriend or wife.


Private Viewing (Dance)
PVC (Polyvinylchloride)
Plastic used for fetish clothing or pipes used for bondage devices.).

Pussy Wipped (A guy controlled by a girl because she gives him sex)


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