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Below is a list of terms and jargon in use in the escorts world.

  Here are the "G" Terms:
Synonym for the Grafenberg Spot, which is located in the upper wall of the vagina and is reported to be particularly pleasurable when stimulated.
G-Spot Vibrator
A vibrator specifically designed to stimulate the G-Spot. These vibrators are usually curved at the tip.
G-String / G String
Thong type underwear worn by women.
Breast milk secretion in a woman who is not currently breast-feeding.
The fear of marriage.
Gang Bang / Gangbang
Slang for many men having sex with one woman simultaneously, or in rapid succession.
Wide open.
Slang for homosexual.
Slang for the ability to identify a gay person by sight.
Slang for horny.
The physical attributes assigned to a male or a female.
Gender Neutral
Clothing, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and relationships that are considered neither masculine nor feminine.
A morbid fear of transsexuals and cross-dressers.
Genital Herpes
A herpes infection associated with the genital areas.
Genital Warts
A wart-like sore or legion caused by the human Papilloma virus.
A general term for the male and female sexual organs.
The fear of sex.
A paraphilia where a person is extremely aroused by a much older partner.
Get it Up
Slang for achieving an erection.
Get Some
Slang for achieving sexual activity with a desired partner.
Get Your Rocks Off
Slang for orgasm.
Short for "Girlfriend Experience". This term is most commonly used to describe a good experience with a prostitute.
BDSM term for a sex slave dressed in leather.
Give Head
Slang for performing oral sex.
The head of the penis. The glans is most often covered by the foreskin of uncircumcised men.

  Glass Dildo
A dildo made of glass. Glass dildos are usually made from Pyrex glass are are virtually unbreakable.
Glory Hole
Slang for a hole, usually in a wall, in which a man inserts his penis that is stimulated manually or orally by someone on the other side.
Go Down On
Slang for performing oral sex.
Slang for semen.
Synonym for dildo.
Golden Screw
When a man urinates inside a woman during intercourse.
Golden Shower
A form of sex play where one person urinates on their partner.
The gland that makes reproductive cells and sex hormones, for example the testicles in the male and ovaries in the female.
An STD that may cause a bad-smelling yellowish vaginal discharge and red and swollen vaginal walls.
A type of adult film that shows sex without any plot.
Slang for the area between the scrotum and anus.
Searching for information about someone (usually a person you're romantically interested in) by using the Google search engine.
Slang for inserting a finger between the cheeks of the buttocks.
Synonym for pregnant.
Greek / Greek Sex
Slang for anal sex.
Slang for sexual intercourse.
Slang for manually stimulating someone's genitals.
Group Sex
Simultaneous and mutual sexual activity between three or more individuals.
Growth hormone
A hormone that is secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland that regulates growth.
The fear of nudity.
The worship of women.
The branch of medicine that involves care of the female reproductive system.
The adoption of female characteristics by a male.
A fear of women.
A paraphilia where a person derives becomes extremely aroused by a woman's earlobe..

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