Date Incident City Offender Name Description
09/05/17 San Diego Steve hanan 2 hrs late shows up and demands I l
08/04/17 San Diego CJ No call.He said he was 29 and in co
07/22/17 San Diego Phil 6195923891 This guy made an appt in June, he s
05/20/17 San Diego 619-797-5339 Texts asking for bbfs.
05/12/17 San Diego Malik He has used fake numbers, and physi
05/07/17 San Diego unknown He texted me fuck you skank. His fi
05/04/17 San Diego Ben Fielder (Real name Victor J. Depratti) Photo posted on VH.This report is L
05/03/17 San Diego Alex This guy is very dangerous I cant g
04/21/17 San Diego Scott M. Croner Unfortunately, I had the misfortuna
04/07/17 San Diego Lee Came in room very aggressive asked
04/05/17 San Diego Markus 760-828-3617 Called to schedule. Asked for me to
03/22/17 San Diego Didnt give me a name
02/22/17 San Diego Michael - fit aviator Confirmed a 9pm -11 @8 was in SD an
02/15/17 San Diego Rahul Sarma, serix this guy has stolen donations back
02/02/17 San Diego Jason Threatens if u dont trade or respon
01/10/17 San Diego 7605191283 Calls repeatedly and sends texts as
12/27/16 San Diego Lostboy9696 This guy handle on ter and erotic m
12/07/16 San Diego 619-495-0302 Client the contacted me on backpage
12/07/16 San Diego 619-495-0302 Client the contacted me on backpage
11/30/16 San Diego 760-217-6776 Called to schedule and just NoShow
11/30/16 San Diego 760-217-6776 Called to schedule and just NoShow
11/24/16 San Diego Asianmassgeguy Write lies after session is done ..
11/23/16 San Diego Jon Ask for bbfs and then says your a c
11/17/16 San Diego Asianmasssageguy Writes lies and exaggerated reviews
11/14/16 San Diego 760-331-7404 anthony Calls to schedule text for address
10/29/16 San Diego ANDY6194962840 He called and asked me to meet him
10/13/16 San Diego Mike,Todd, When I dont believe his refrence,he
10/12/16 San Diego Troy Game player ,no show waste of time
10/11/16 San Diego 7608919732 760-891-9731. Calls and books an ap
10/08/16 San Diego Troy smaagard Total flKe blew my chain all day an
10/03/16 San Diego Tom p411 redtop69 Makes appt thru p411 and cancels wi
08/22/16 San Diego Kyle Koop (619) 972-3368 He sat outside my place for 12 hour
08/21/16 San Diego Unknown Made appt for 1230 pm.. then text
08/21/16 San Diego Time waister Text you for three days asks many q
08/19/16 San Diego Three guys Drunk kids playing games
08/18/16 San Diego Jose He wants you to go to his place and
06/23/16 San Diego Kevin Made appt last nite for 9 am this m
06/10/16 San Diego STING ALERT They will tell you theyve seen you
05/30/16 San Diego Harlteen Stamps He started hugging me and groping m
05/16/16 San Diego Warren Raymond Rullon Complete fake. Says hes a doctor bu
04/22/16 San Diego Mario No show and didnt bother to call an
04/14/16 San Diego jennifer fake Sends false pics, just kids messing
04/13/16 San Diego Erik or Bruno Wesley Call for 150 he put a 50 and a $1 b
03/29/16 San Diego Bill G Says hes from the Bay are.
03/28/16 San Diego John Made appt and kept pushing it back
03/22/16 San Diego Pimp Says "I'm not a trick, I want to ma
03/21/16 San Diego Thug Uneducated black male who believes
03/20/16 San Diego Caution Possible undercover officer… SCREEN
03/20/16 San Diego Dave Great guy name Dave older guy!
03/19/16 San DIego Bobby Villa*** Beware ladies, he gives women the d
03/19/16 San Diego Phone Pest Stalker
03/18/16 San Diego Thief He will take your money. Beware.
03/18/16 San Diego Frank Total fake. Call a transsexual girl
03/18/16 San Diego Phil B. He's an old fart that tries to use
03/17/16 San Diego Prank Outcall Loser sends you to a fake address…
03/16/16 San Diego Predator Rapist
03/09/16 San Diego Vito Booked, asked for a number of pics
03/09/16 San Diego Martin Very believable on the phone, every
03/08/16 San Diego asshole latino Latino culero stay away from him
02/20/16 San Diego Michael Evans Sent emails requesting overnight da
02/08/16 San Diego Dean Shorts you after u agree to price a
02/07/16 San Diego Tony marone Trys to low ball in the door ..was
02/04/16 San Diego Eric Winters Repeatedly calls/texts for appt but
02/04/16 San Diego Kenneth Talk to him back n fourth and we ha
02/02/16 San Diego Twot He not serious, books and don't fol
01/31/16 San Diego Pimp Acts very sweet totally a pimp
01/29/16 San Diego Robber Grabs money after and runs out
01/27/16 San Diego Risky player Asks for raw services
01/27/16 San Diego Jim Not honest about REFRENCES and chea
01/27/16 San Diego barters w drugs Wants to trade for drugs
01/25/16 San Diego I went to see this guy at the Hilto
01/25/16 San Diego Stranger Danger Predator Sex offender
01/24/16 San Diego unsafe player Wants CIP... ewww stds
01/23/16 San Diego Kevin When I said I have seen this guy be
01/20/16 San Diego Sean Met him off of POF .... he robbed m
01/17/16 San Diego Five - Oh Po Po, on da phone beware.
01/17/16 San Diego Vice Sting Asks explicit questions like a cop,
01/16/16 San Diego wants no hat Asks for bbfs
01/15/16 San Diego Strange guy Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
01/15/16 San Diego Creeper alert Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
01/15/16 San Diego Incall gamer Waste of time.. makes appt and does
01/14/16 San Diego creep Weirdo who sends you your own pics
01/14/16 San Diego Risky player Asks for unprotected services eeww
01/14/16 San Diego wants no hat Asks for bareback services
01/14/16 San Diego Creepy caller Weirdo, total creeper, run away.
01/13/16 San Diego Creeper Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
01/08/16 San Diego 760-389-8186 LE LAW ENFORCEMENTCalled,said he was L
01/08/16 San Diego Bruce Completeely arrogant and a huge lia
01/07/16 San Diego lame pimp recruiting Wanna b pimp
01/05/16 San Diego Idiot Gang Banger Will threaten you says he's a gangs
01/04/16 San Diego Jack Boy Will take your money.
01/04/16 San Diego LE Police
01/04/16 San Diego Stands U up Waste of time, NCNS, Inconsiderate
12/31/15 San Diego LEO POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
12/30/15 San Diego Ncns Weirdo gets address, never shows up
12/30/15 San Diego jack mc gee First he used two different phone n
12/30/15 San Diego Cop WARNING!!! Police!!! DO NOT ANSWER!
12/29/15 San Diego Thief Will take your money.
12/29/15 San Diego Thief Will take your money.
12/25/15 San Diego Cop Police
12/24/15 San Diego Five - Oh got caught up.. Prostitu
12/22/15 San Diego LEO Po po/ cop. Set Up out-call
12/22/15 San Diego Cop Vice
12/22/15 San Diego fetish wanker Always ask about fetish but never s
12/21/15 San Diego Caution Asks to trade for drugs
12/20/15 San Diego Creepy dude Wierdo, stay away
12/19/15 San Diego total creepo Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
12/18/15 San Diego William harrased me for uncovered services
12/18/15 San Diego LEO Law Enforcement, Be careful
12/16/15 San Diego Lisa Boswman Lisa Boswman hispanic animal claime
12/16/15 San Diego bogus outcall Will ask for outcall and flake
12/15/15 San Diego Kevin ALWAYS get money up front. He went
12/14/15 San Diego Zak His name is Zak. Be careful because
12/14/15 San Diego Cheap Trick Cheap / Broke / Lame / Time Waster
12/14/15 San Diego Five-Oh Cop
12/12/15 San Diego young punk Young and playing on the phone
12/11/15 San Diego He's LE Police!!!!
12/10/15 San Diego Bobby Villamil Nanny McPhee Bobby Villamil Nanny McPhee, thief,
12/09/15 San Diego po po Cop!!
12/09/15 San Diego Twot Wastes Time will attempt to have yo
12/09/15 San Diego Adam 12 Undercover Operation
12/08/15 San Diego Robert/Daniel BEWARE He tried to set up an appoin
12/07/15 San Diego 347-258-5964 Texts and calls (but doesnt talk) i
12/07/15 San Diego wants bbfs caller seeking raw.
12/07/15 San Diego Ass Hole alert Wasted a whole lot of my time after
12/07/15 San Diego LE alert Law Enforcement
12/04/15 San Diego Caution Too much mixed and conflicting info
12/04/15 San Diego Scammer wasted my time. Booked appt then sh
12/03/15 San Diego Wanker Boy Flake. Jacks off on phone
12/03/15 San Diego Adam 12 alert Police
12/03/15 San Diego cop vibe Asking police like questions
12/03/15 San Diego predator stalker Trying to kill me and stalking me
12/02/15 San Diego Creepy Weirdooooo
12/02/15 San Diego no $, freebie scammer Waste of time. Get all the way down
12/01/15 San Diego Jake Rubin At first I said no because he said
12/01/15 San Diego pig alert Cop
12/01/15 San Diego po po Cop
12/01/15 San Diego He's 12 Police!!! Ask for car date in Poway
12/01/15 San Diego He's 5.0 Police!!! Ask for car date in Poway
11/30/15 San DIego Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
11/30/15 San DIego Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
11/30/15 San Diego pee boy Always asks for golden showers, won
11/30/15 San Diego 3182640482 3182640482 No money, waste of time
11/30/15 San Diego Boris From Germany, broken English asked
11/30/15 San Diego Boris Danger German w/ broken english. Wanted me
11/29/15 San Diego incall bluffer bs'r, tell you he here, and then he
11/29/15 San Diego incall gamer Got his dumb azz to send a picture
11/29/15 San Diego LOSER ALERT Lmao. He's a WANNA BE PIMP
11/28/15 San Diego Suspected LE Possible police
11/27/15 San Diego william I saw William once.....the next tim
11/25/15 San Diego James Carter Big time timewaster and abusive
11/25/15 San Diego Theif Theif. Watch your MONEY.
11/24/15 San Diego Tony3363920177 He didnt call and wouldnt answer hi
11/24/15 San Diego Cop Vibe Possible police doesn't follow dire
11/22/15 San Diego Creepy dude Weirdooo
11/20/15 San Diego misogynist abusive to women
11/18/15 San Diego Time Waster Books Fake Appointments, he don't s
11/18/15 San Diego Time Waster Books Fake Appointments, he don't s
11/17/15 San Diego Pig Totally Piggy, beware.
11/17/15 San Diego TWOT Waste of time ladies, don't book
11/15/15 San Diego Suspect Caller Screen this caller, get references
11/14/15 San Diego Pushy /Rude Annoying. Doesn't listen, keeps ask
11/14/15 San Diego weirdo perv wants to talk about my vagina, lol
11/13/15 San Diego no $$$ Low baller Extremely low
11/13/15 San Diego pic hunter Asks for naked photos
11/13/15 San Diego Possible LE I think he's a cop honestly
11/13/15 San Diego Scammer Pays with fake money
11/12/15 San Diego Flakey date Flake. Don't waste your time. He do
11/12/15 San Diego Flakes On you Waste of time. Don't reply!! Don't
11/11/15 San Diego Twot waste time just to see girls
11/11/15 San Diego Carl Booth hispanic jerk and an animal
11/10/15 San Diego Fake Date Prank caller does not show up for a
11/10/15 San Diego Time Waster Books and doesn't follow through
11/09/15 San Diego Thug Hella ghetto
11/09/15 San Diego Pimp Pimp… Watch Out
11/09/15 San Diego Adam 12 Police, watch out
11/09/15 San Diego Simp idiot simp. trying to sell u a drea
11/08/15 San Diego Date Flaker Flake. Don't waste your time. He do
11/08/15 San Diego Simp Lame Loser Simp. DNA
11/08/15 San Diego Pimp Relentless Pimp
11/07/15 San Diego Set Up 2 Rob U Trying to rob you of your money
11/07/15 San Diego Threatening ass hole Don't see girls. ...didn't like my
11/05/15 San Diego wants bbfs for cheap Wants everything, asks for discount
11/04/15 San Diego Date Flaker Flake. Weird.
11/04/15 San Diego druggie coke head
11/03/15 San Diego Creepy dude Weirdo , beware .... I warned you
11/01/15 San Diego Creep alert Disrespectful and extremely inappro
11/01/15 San Diego Time Waster Books and flakes
11/01/15 San Diego wants bbfs 4 cheap Wants every, asks for discounts, an
10/31/15 San Diego Creep alert Disrespectful, pushes boundaries, d
10/30/15 San Diego Fake Date Prank Caller booking bogus outcalls
10/30/15 San Diego Coke dealer Coke dealer, tried selling me drugs
10/29/15 San Diego Hater Sends me messages everyday calling
10/29/15 San Diego He's LE Police ... Watch out
10/29/15 San Diego Ken (so he says) This guy has a heavy Jersey accent,
10/28/15 San Diego 619-244-1332/ jeremy Fake out call
10/28/15 San Diego jeremy 619-244-1332 broke/fake out call 1496 Gustavo st
10/28/15 San Diego Time Waster No Show/ Fake out call plays games
10/27/15 San Diego Pimp Pushy Pimp
10/27/15 San Diego LE alert Police out on the prowl
10/26/15 San Diego cop vibe Dnt trust him believe its 12
10/26/15 San Diego Freya Fantasia She will bribe you with a whitelist
10/26/15 San Diego Creepy Weirdo creeping me out. Need to avo
10/25/15 San Diego Wannabe Pimp Wanna be Simp playing on the fone D
10/25/15 San Diego Tiara 619-773-3766 Rob. Demands $$ upfron
10/23/15 San Diego wants 2 barter services Wants to trade after my ad says NO
10/23/15 San Diego John DO NOT GO - WASTE OF TIME - BAD OUT
10/23/15 San Diego Flaker Weird time waster, not serious, no
10/23/15 San Diego Incall Bluffer Bs'r, says he at your location and
10/22/15 San Diego Game Player Young Black guy playing on the phon
10/22/15 San Diego location collector DO NOT SEE ! acts as if he is setti
10/22/15 San Diego Creep Alert Annoying nasty Azz b*stard
10/22/15 San Diego Threatening cheapo Don't see this guy. Will threaten y
10/21/15 San Diego Pervert Pervert! Don't deal with this clown
10/18/15 San Diego Waste of time Sets Date and never shows up or cal
10/17/15 San Diego broke idiot Cheap haggler
10/17/15 San DIego No show Wasted my time, this wierdo booked
10/17/15 San Diego No show Books but not serious about showing
10/16/15 San Diego Rapist Watch Out - Rapist
10/16/15 San Diego shows up empty handed Dna.. shows up without money
10/15/15 San Diego SDPD San Diego police
10/15/15 San Diego wanker Wants to jerk off while asking you
10/14/15 San Diego wants bbbj idiot alert who don't play safe
10/14/15 San Diego Robert He is bad, avoid.
10/14/15 San Diego DNS Rude prick… Block
10/13/15 San Diego Ed lovado Booked hr and confirmed and then ca
10/13/15 San Diego Date flaker a Waste of time, doesn't show up
10/13/15 San DIego fake outcall you go to his house and he dosent a
10/13/15 San Diego LE Beware he Police
10/13/15 San DIego no $$$ Cheap.. no show
10/13/15 San Diego No show Books but not serious about showing
10/13/15 San Diego pic perv Nasty, wants you to send pussy pics
10/13/15 San Diego Pimp Pimp
10/13/15 San Diego seeks raw NASTY WANTS BB
10/11/15 San Diego Simp Lame simp, annoying too.
10/09/15 San Diego prank outcaller U go all the way there and he gives
10/08/15 San Diego Incalll bluffer Bs trick, at appt time he call to g
10/08/15 San Diego Caution Screen this caller to be sure he's
10/08/15 San Diego Date Flaker Rude Time waster - Booked and didn'
10/08/15 San Diego Weirdo Creeper alert Weirdo, Talks Weird, Acts Weird. I
10/07/15 San Diego Pimp pimp stalker
10/06/15 San Diego tranny chaser Loser Tranny Hunter playn games
10/06/15 San Diego Do Not See Timewaster and no $$$
10/05/15 San Diego loser trick plays games, costs you time and mon
10/05/15 San Diego wants rimming Nasty.. wants to lick your butt
10/05/15 San Diego Game Playn Time Waster Says he has 11 inches send pics con
10/05/15 San Diego Thief Tried to take my money
10/05/15 San Diego underage Underage. seeking domination. Could
10/04/15 San Diego vice Copish
10/04/15 San Diego Tranny Hunter Tranny hunter running lose in San
10/04/15 San Diego Ncns - Twot no show - books and flakes on you
10/04/15 San Diego Ncns - Twot no show - books and flakes on you
10/03/15 San Diego Ncns - Twot no show - books and flakes on you
10/03/15 San Diego Tranny Chaser Tranny hunter loser in Escondido
10/02/15 San Diego fake date pranker BS'r, and play games
10/02/15 San DIego Caution - Watch Out Hella act like police asking for dr
10/01/15 San Diego Pimp PIMP
09/30/15 San Diego He a Pig POLICE!!!
09/29/15 San Diego Lame Simp Stupid boy playing on my line. Simp
09/29/15 San Diego possible pimps Bad outfit. Not safe.
09/29/15 San Diego Ncns - 2x No call no show after giving hotel
09/28/15 San Diego Pervert pervert
09/28/15 San Diego He a Pig Police
09/28/15 San Diego Won't Screen Refuses to be screened. Plays games
09/26/15 San Diego Explicit Requests Asking for rates /services, photos
09/25/15 San Diego Cheap Trick - Twot Cheap and rude
09/23/15 San Diego Pushy Creep Very rude and abusive
09/23/15 San Diego Fake Date Playing on the phone, he'll book bu
09/23/15 San Diego Pimp pushy ass fucking pimp who don't li
09/23/15 San Diego George money scammer - beware ladies
09/22/15 San Diego Explicit Requests Possible weirdo n bullshitter. Poss
09/22/15 San Diego rapist rapist, wil force himself on you
09/22/15 San Diego Bad Trick DNS - Avoid him
09/22/15 San Diego Prank Date Sends You on a Wild Goose Chase
09/21/15 San Diego Anthony Bonanno Ive never had a client like this He
09/21/15 San Diego Flakes on U waste of time, blew me off, no repl
09/19/15 San Diego Twot Picture wanker doesn't want to meet
09/19/15 San Diego Pic Collector Pervert, just says he want nudes, w
09/19/15 San Diego Dead beat Dead beat, always looking for a fre
09/17/15 San Diego Creeper F'ing Weirdo, who trolls BP and be
09/17/15 San Diego 6192460239 Broke/ no black men, he was broke
09/16/15 San Diego Pervert pervert
09/16/15 San Diego solicits you 4 sex He targets mobile massage women the
09/15/15 San Diego Ass Clown This guy no showed me.....he wanted
09/15/15 San Diego Paul He called and made a date, then tri
09/15/15 San Diego Explicit Talker Rude and explicit talk, disrespectf
09/13/15 San Diego Erik Dead beat, liar, pervert who will t
09/12/15 San Diego bad outcall plays games, when you get there he
09/12/15 San Diego Creepy Trick He an unpleasant uncomfortable weir
09/12/15 San Diego wouldn't say Annoying, explicit talk, becomes a
09/12/15 San Diego Risky Caller Stupid caller asking questions abou
09/12/15 San Diego date flaker waste of time, blew me off, no repl
09/12/15 San Diego pic hunter Pic collector plays games, he books
09/12/15 San Diego scammer / bad cc Beware of this guy, he trying to us
09/12/15 San Diego Loser Trick Alert liar and likes to play games, waste
09/12/15 San Diego solicits u 4 sex Explicit talk
09/11/15 San Diego bad date Bad guy