Date Incident City Offender Name Description
10/05/17 New York Jean This guy ALWAYS cancels last minute
09/23/17 New York Pimp This guy is a trick and a pimp. Las
09/16/17 New York Apron tiller Ncns books 2 hours each time. Over
09/10/17 New York Cliff Goldberg Cancelled last minute and refuses t
08/28/17 New York Richard Gonzalez I knew this guy was lying because w
08/16/17 New York Colin Herridge from UK London refused to pay cancellation fee, ti
08/07/17 New York VIP Nana VIP NANA from New York is a bad esc
07/28/17 New York Colin Herridge from UK London refused to pay cancellation fee, ti
07/21/17 New York Daniel White This guy shoots a sex video and pos
07/21/17 New York Graham Arader He talks about how he hates Korean
07/12/17 New York David Gadeloff Pays by credit card then disputes c
07/07/17 New York Hans from Netherlands I have been contacted by this perso
07/07/17 New York Jully Miller TER ID 270739,Ellen TER ID 323659, Lilly TER ID 326355, Gabrielle Lins TER ID 321012, http// is a
06/29/17 New York 917-723-5902 Attempted Sex Without Condom
05/22/17 New York NA A guy who puts a fake escort agency
04/27/17 New York Alex Magnus aka Alexis Gray Troll who sends out grandiose email
04/03/17 New York IndianPsycho Stalker violent Do not see this gu
03/29/17 New York Richard This person calls and tries to send
03/17/17 New York Robert devivo lying time waster Lying time waster, do not see him.
02/28/17 New York Dominick Lombardi Seemed nice at first saw him a coup
02/02/17 New York JT Offender tries to get service befor
01/26/17 New York Andrew Blackman, Coeur-de-lion, TopBossMan, Apollo-X,LarryMiller Hes a woman hating pig. Aggressive,
01/05/17 New York Joe this guy got services then ran off
01/01/17 New York Giuseppe /joseph Doesnt have money to pay for sessio
12/25/16 New York Micheal Person refused to pay after service
12/22/16 New York Jonathan Woytek Aggressive, left bruises around my
12/08/16 New York NA This number is from Hong Kong. He b
12/03/16 New York travis ryan Travis Tried to book with me told m
12/03/16 New York alex bakerman calls pretends that you cant hear h
11/15/16 New York Jayden Carter This person keep calling with diffe
11/13/16 New York Joseph Mohn This guy was hanging out at pines M
11/11/16 New York Time waster He called and set up an appointment
11/11/16 New York bill person tries to get services for lo
11/11/16 New York fg
11/10/16 New York Andrew Person hired me then refused to pay
11/09/16 New York JT Black male. This person constantly
10/27/16 New York Joseph Books call through text. I call con
10/23/16 New York Saran saravana kumra Made lots of promises of high pay u
10/21/16 New York Rapes and robs He will rape you then rob you.
10/21/16 New York Pimp He is a pimp. He does pay ladys wit
10/21/16 New York Bad guy/ no money This guy is a bad guy all the way a
10/21/16 New York Mean pimp He is a mean pimp written up in oth
10/21/16 New York Sick annoying Written up as sick annoying broke a
10/21/16 New York Bullshit Written up in other areas as bullsh
10/20/16 New York DNS
10/14/16 New York Kidnapper Kidnapper with friends into vechicl
10/11/16 New York Vice cop Police officer named mike or Michae
10/07/16 New York Jonny180 Worst experience I have had. No res
10/07/16 New York Police scam Police scam DNA
10/07/16 New York Police informant Police informant beware. DNA
10/03/16 New York jose torres assault, robber and fraud
10/03/16 New York police police. busted my friends at an ups
09/27/16 New york police police listed as police using spoo
09/13/16 New York Showed up, accepted water and other
08/19/16 New York Frank Garcia NO SHOW
08/19/16 New York Desmond Davis Ive seen him before with no issues.
08/16/16 New York Mac27 DnsThis man is shady he came late a
08/15/16 New York hungdarkdriller_ This guy is a scam artist. Calls hi
08/05/16 New York Robert Meltser, Bob-07-R-4350, Went to his house, after condomed s
07/28/16 New York Ben Jamali No Show
07/27/16 New York 646-836-9554 Chauncey This person wanted to see me in Las
07/27/16 New York Matt radman NO SHOW https//
07/26/16 New York Wayne a pain Had an attitude every time he calle
07/25/16 New York Joey the Player WARNING Joey the Player - New numbe
07/05/16 New York Albert Fernandez He will try to blackmail you into d
07/04/16 New York Carl L, Carlos Bad temper, likes to window shop. C
07/04/16 New York David He has references, he seems nice. O
06/20/16 New York YZhao / YoYo 212-729-0270646-653-7575Is a bad ag
06/12/16 New York Sigurd sore son A complete no show after a great ph
06/04/16 New York Unknown mid 50s Italian busines man who lives on the east side of manhattan Ok so the guy calls and texts to se
06/03/16 New York Peter I got a call from him around 1am on
05/31/16 New York Matthew Thayer OShaughnessy NO SHOW
05/30/16 New York Joe Rivisto Harasses doesnt know NO
05/27/16 New York male hustler his name is matt. sounds wonderful
05/25/16 New York Very demanding and only paid me $25
05/18/16 New York Daniel Schwarz Emails me early in the morning requ
05/18/16 New York Gregory B. Emails me weeks in advance, schedul
05/09/16 New York police he is the police
05/09/16 New York Dana Client made an appointment with me.
05/04/16 New York Todd Becker Time waster, late to appointment, s
05/03/16 New York strap on several girls were arrested on sat
05/03/16 New York possible LE found this number on othersites. po
04/28/16 New York Troy Draizen No Show Time waster
04/23/16 New York Mitch B , Mitch Brown So this guy gave 3 refs 1 was from
04/19/16 New York Peter Temes Creep Beware
04/11/16 New York David Drake Psycho demented
04/09/16 New York verbally explicit emailed me and was sexually expecit
04/07/16 New York Ali Bulman aka Gary I responded to this mans ad for a f
03/31/16 New York Ben Boundary Crosser
03/30/16 New York Pugsood on TER DO NOT SEE This guy leaves hit revi
03/28/16 New York Police Police. Sounds nice says 38yrs and
03/28/16 New York beat freak he claims he is 23 and white sounds
03/26/16 New York will tell you to stop abruptly and
03/23/16 New York no $ Girls this guy don't have roses
03/23/16 New York no $, shows up empty handed Don't have no roses when he arrives
03/22/16 New York creeper idiot perv
03/22/16 New York Possible Cop Gets your room # then starts asking
03/21/16 New York DNS Timewaster - Heavy accent - Broke -
03/21/16 New York called me and another girl up. play
03/21/16 New York Dns Timewaster. Pay him no mind.
03/20/16 New York Thief Steals money back. Dont see
03/20/16 New York caution giving sexual contacts for you to c
03/19/16 New York Dns Pimp !
03/18/16 New York LE Police, this is why we screen calle
03/18/16 New York Cops Po Po calling around. Stay on the g
03/17/16 New York Thief SMH… this dude is a dog..he stole 4
03/17/16 New York LE POLICE !!! DONT GO LADIES!
03/16/16 New York Twot Rutland and 95th Brooklyn ... Plays
03/16/16 New York He's Popo Police
03/16/16 New York Rob Mclau**** Known rapist. Preys on women who do
03/15/16 New York police 2 of my friends went on outcall and
03/15/16 New York TWOT Lies and says he's in Edgewater, NJ
03/15/16 New York Cop Police
03/15/16 New York Leo COP
03/13/16 New York Cop Police calling around seeing who is
03/11/16 New York Phone Pest He's a stalker
03/10/16 New York Pimp Pimp recruiting and calling around
03/09/16 New York Not Recommended Gross and Crazy
03/09/16 New York LEO NYPD
03/09/16 New York Five-Oh Thisis a cop calling
03/08/16 New York Games Lies and Plays Games with you and w
03/08/16 New York Dummy mission Do not go, .. Bad outcall
03/08/16 New York Blank mission Do not go, .. Bad outcall
03/07/16 New York condom breaker Came to my room I dated him and he
03/06/16 New York Tranny chaser He's plays the girls. Tranny chaser
03/06/16 New York no $$$ Cheap man
03/05/16 New York no $$$ Broke dude, Waste of Time
03/05/16 New York Bargain Shopper Broke dude, don't bother girls.
03/05/16 New York pimp idiot pimp thrying to me and indy g
03/05/16 New York Steve O Loser named Steve O , fake pimp che
03/05/16 New York Shamus Gave me counterfeit bills and I did
03/04/16 New York pimp pushy pimp trying to get you to wor
03/04/16 New York dumbass pimp pimp calling BP girls and tryna rec
03/03/16 New York pimp Pimp recruiting girls
03/02/16 New York Cop Beware of LE stings, need to screen
03/01/16 New York Vice! He's a cop, do not book!
03/01/16 New York Sketchy Caller Be aware girls, Screen or Avoid
03/01/16 New York Shady character Be aware girls, shady caller…. SCRE
02/28/16 New York Sting Police… Don't Go
02/28/16 New York 917-604-6750 Robber Timewaster. no moola when h
02/28/16 New York 212-494-4714 - Rip off -robber comes in with no moola. Timewaster
02/23/16 New York police police. he is up here several times
02/22/16 New York FBI/COP He is on other sites as fbi or cop
02/21/16 New York robber he is a robber on this board alread
02/21/16 New York 631-522-6637 Say he here and not. TW ahole.
02/21/16 New York rapist rapist he is up here several times.
02/19/16 New York noshow another sounds great dont be fooled
02/19/16 New York Jordan Johnson, Roger Jones This guys has been harassing NY pro
02/18/16 New York police he the police. he is all over this
02/15/16 New York rapest he is back. he will rape you. well
02/15/16 New York police police police
02/15/16 New York no show has made appointment more than once
02/15/16 New York police he is the police.police
02/15/16 New York suspicious this guy called me 3 days straight
02/15/16 New York Undercover Indiscreet talk, solicits you, whic
02/11/16 New York hustler sounds great with his English accen
02/10/16 New York not sure calles wanted my last appointment b
02/10/16 New York anal man text for other sites have him for a
02/10/16 New York police police
02/10/16 New York suspicious he is written up in other sites fo
02/10/16 New York suspicious many reports on other sites/creepy
02/09/16 New York knife he is written up on other sites as
02/06/16 New York police police
02/06/16 New York Rapist Rapists a whole group of Haitian ra
02/05/16 New York Luis Elugera Jr Complete waste of time He literally
02/05/16 New York Tony Doesnt want to give out full name d
02/04/16 New York LEO Police
02/04/16 New York 5.0 Popo
02/03/16 New York Creepy Weirdo , beware .... I warned you
02/02/16 New York Cop warning! Law enforcement! Law enfor
02/02/16 New York Snitch - sets u up w LE Will get your room and location and
02/01/16 New York Stranger Danger Predator Sex offender
01/31/16 New York nasty trick Wants bbj, backdoor and 2 pops for
01/31/16 New York Cal No show, no call - He calls me ever
01/30/16 New York Get references on this one There's something fishy about this
01/30/16 New York Suspicious, screen carefully Something wrong with this number, i
01/30/16 New York Creeper Weirdo , beware .... I warned you
01/29/16 New York unsafe player Asked for raw sex. Is a prank
01/29/16 New York risky trick Asked for raw sex. He is a prank
01/29/16 New York Predator Very violent person
01/29/16 New York caution Possibly a cop
01/29/16 New York caution Possibly police
01/29/16 New York cheap creep Timewaster - Cheap - 60 - mahwah -
01/29/16 New York explicit talk Possibly a cop
01/27/16 New York Dangerous Violent man
01/27/16 New York infected trick Aids rapist he got me 2months ago m
01/27/16 New York Pig POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/27/16 New York bad outcall Wants outcall but then bs's arounf
01/27/16 New York Strange guy Weirdo, total creeper, run away.
01/26/16 New York Strange guy Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
01/26/16 New York Five - Oh Police sting
01/26/16 New York Robs and Beats you Will try to Rob you and beat you up
01/25/16 New York Don't just trust this guy Says he's nice, tpswell, doesn't ne
01/25/16 New York Plays Games, Screen Carefully Something wrong with this number, i
01/24/16 New York Incall bluffer Waste of time... Sends texts saying
01/23/16 New York Andy Escorts beware! Claims name is Andy
01/23/16 New York Sting Asks explicit questions like a cop,
01/23/16 New York not recommended Young black nigga
01/23/16 New York robber Will ROB you DNA
01/22/16 New York Five - Oh Police Chief Society does not exist
01/22/16 New York weirdo Wants to be blackmailed for rape
01/22/16 New York unsafe player Wants BBBJ...
01/22/16 New York Malcolm Dumb fem named Malcolm from Whitehe
01/22/16 New York Creepy Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
01/21/16 New York LEO Police
01/21/16 New York Bad Trick Angry black man. He threatens women
01/21/16 New York Jason aka Spiros Crazy guy met him on daring site. H
01/21/16 New York Daniel/outcall gramercy park loft becareful.Ask you to visit you at h
01/19/16 New York hugh im being stalked by him, name is hu
01/19/16 New York LEO Police DO NOT ANSWER!!!!
01/19/16 New York Creeper Weirdo , beware .... I warned you
01/18/16 New York Law Enforcement feels like LE calling around lookin
01/18/16 New York Homothug Dont date Homothug wasted my time l
01/18/16 New York Walid says he will pay cash then says he
01/18/16 New York harrasser this guy contantly sends you text t
01/18/16 New York Cop Police NY SAYS HES BY LAGUARDIA AIR
01/17/16 New York Bad Trick Warning !!! Big azz time waster
01/17/16 New York As soon as you get to the location
01/15/16 New York Micheal He called me. Gave me two reference
01/15/16 New York police he called me and asked for a short
01/15/16 New York infected trick aides infested
01/15/16 New York wanna b pimp And illiterate wanna be pimp
01/15/16 New York iar Scammer Ken L. It's a scam ladies....He is not Ken
01/15/16 New York Shady Caller Warning something is suspicious abo
01/15/16 New York Strange guy WEIRDO.... Sounds like a scamming p
01/15/16 New York Creepy caller Weirdo...
01/14/16 New York pic wanker Wants free nudes. Old pervert
01/14/16 New York gfe request Wants gfe with no refs, and no veri
01/13/16 New York Sean He's posing as a model named Sean a
01/13/16 New York Franchesca Marchiano escort Gave a positive reference for a wel
01/13/16 New York Brian, aka Richard Spie Flaunts he has lots of money, wants
01/12/16 New York lame pimp recruiting Wanna be pimp don't date him
01/12/16 New York lame pimp recruiting Wanna be pimp want stop bugging me
01/11/16 New York lame pimp recruiting Wannabe pimp
01/10/16 New York Spiros I met Spiros on badoo. We talked fo
01/10/16 New York Not to be Trusted Be smart, be safe, don't listen to
01/09/16 New York Po Po Asks incriminating questions, feels
01/09/16 New York Five - Oh Police
01/08/16 New York Creep Asks stupid questions, very rude an
01/07/16 New York LE Police
01/06/16 New York Five - Oh police
01/06/16 New York Creepy dude Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
01/05/16 New York Creepy Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
01/05/16 New York Michael Him and his friend Michael scammed
01/04/16 New York Creepy dude Weirdo with a short woman's complex
01/04/16 New York Undercover Police Don't Answer
01/04/16 New York creep Weirdo kept trying to pick me up
01/04/16 New York Undercover LE Vice vice vice!
01/03/16 New York Bruce Jack*** Photography scams women out of sex
01/02/16 New York avoid wanna be pimp don't answer the phon
01/02/16 New York hood rat Very ghetto n young no type of resp
01/02/16 New York date flaker Waste of time, books and no shows
01/01/16 New York Misogynist Very disgusting talking and disresp
01/01/16 New York Jimmy a bad guy.
01/01/16 New York Pig POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/01/16 New York Predator Preys on and gets to aggressive wit
12/31/15 New York nasty caller Waste of time DNA extremely explici
12/30/15 New York Twot Asked me did i want to become a str
12/30/15 New York Rapist Rapist, Do not Book
12/29/15 New York Rapist Rapist in Benson Hurst carries a bu
12/29/15 New York Window Shopper Walks out waste time..wants gfe
12/29/15 New York Dns Wait until he is here and then he w
12/28/15 New York Bad Outcall 17th st in park slope
12/27/15 New York LE Police!!!
12/27/15 New York Time Waster Will text a bunch of questions then
12/26/15 New York avoid Wanna be pimp! Uneducated!
12/26/15 New York Five - Oh Police
12/25/15 New York Cop POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
12/25/15 New York Creepy caller Weirdo..just stop talking and hang
12/24/15 New York cheap trick Wants car fun, even if you have pla
12/24/15 New York date flaker Waste of time, books and no shows
12/24/15 New York PATRICK -ESCORT AGENCY SCAM I was approached on FB by a profile
12/23/15 New York Cop Police ladies b safe
12/23/15 New York Cop Police....
12/22/15 New York Rapist Rapist - Don't See
12/22/15 New York Rapist Rapist - Stay Away
12/22/15 New York Rapist Rapist, Do not Book
12/22/15 New York Wot Waste of time. Don't bother with hi
12/22/15 New York So, Bob wanted to set up an overnig
12/22/15 New York date flaker Waste of time, books and no shows
12/21/15 New York Twot Wants to talk dirty, not meet. Perv
12/21/15 New York risky trick wm asking for bbfs &bbfs greek. bew
12/21/15 New York Dns Wanna be pimp
12/21/15 New York TS chaser Transsexual stalker
12/20/15 New York Rapist RAPIST!!!! BEWARE
12/20/15 New York Weirdo loser Wants to record for cheap dont wast
12/20/15 New York el Cheapo Cheap I just want a blow job as Nig
12/20/15 New York Rapist rapist please be careful and hes bl
12/19/15 New York police COP
12/19/15 New York Rapist Rapist, Watch Out, B safe
12/19/15 New York ALERT Violent cursing threatening avoid a
12/19/15 New York Set Up Trick Will try n set u up n fob u be care
12/19/15 New York Predator Tried to Rape and Rob me
12/19/15 New York Game Player Loser Waited until till I got there and t
12/18/15 New York Williams Williams i avoid him. Dangerous ani
12/18/15 New York Creeper alert Weirdo creeping me out. Need to avo
12/18/15 New York Low Baller Cheap / Broke / Lame / Time Waster