Date Incident City Offender Name Description
08/06/17 Miami Robert Inman Very rude , try at any cost to take
06/30/17 Miami Daniella Miami Daniella Miami and her friends who
04/16/17 Miami Angels Talent Sends you on sketchy calls and thre
02/28/17 Miami Robin Wang He texts you, books multi hours, ac
02/14/17 Miami ejforyou Rapist, Harassment, Sexual Assault,
02/14/17 Miami Gary Knipe. ejforyou. gary-03-b-2733 Rapist, Harassment, Sexual Assault,
09/29/16 Miami michael mastrapa Harasses via email and phone with f
06/13/16 Miami Patrick Markert rapist
03/25/16 Miami Emilio P This guy is a stalker and is very
03/25/16 Miami Loser alert a wannabe pimp... threatened to kil
03/25/16 Miami Not Recommended Time Waster. Don’t Book
03/24/16 Miami LE Calls asking explicit questions abo
03/24/16 Miami Double Booker He set up an appointment with me th
03/23/16 Miami Five-Oh Asks incriminating questions, feels
03/23/16 Miami Po Po POLICE DNA
03/22/16 Miami Five-Oh Police… Don't Go
03/22/16 Miami Stay Away Jerk, Do not see!
03/21/16 Miami DNA Time waster. Do not Book
03/20/16 Miami Leo police vice fbi bust
03/20/16 Miami Ray, Paul or Deanna Paul or Deanna from agency never pi
03/20/16 Miami Mike Block him asap , he says his name i
03/18/16 Miami Pimp Pimp… BEWARE
03/17/16 Miami Francis Beware of Francis the psycho.
03/14/16 Miami Fool! Some BS black guy
03/13/16 Miami Gamer Calls multiple escorts setting up d
03/13/16 Miami Dangerous He try get you come go an abandoned
03/06/16 Miami Jorge, but uses Vladmir Latin guy who call for appointment
02/14/16 Miami Porky alert Feels Like LE, asks questions that
02/04/16 Miami George Tinsley He made wait at the gate for almost
02/04/16 Miami LEO POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
02/03/16 Miami infected trick Has Aids be safe
02/02/16 Miami Jhonson Napoleon He asked for me to come to his offi
01/31/16 Miami Threatens You After I that tell him I wasn't inte
01/31/16 Miami LEO Police!!!!!
01/31/16 Miami unsafe player Wants bb..when u say no he cusses u
01/30/16 Miami Not Trust Worthy Says he's nice, tpswell, doesn't ne
01/27/16 Miami watch out Asking very weird things!! Beware l
01/26/16 Miami Twot He not serious, books and don't fol
01/26/16 Miami Cubano Cubano flake animal.
01/25/16 Miami Robber Watch out. You will get robbed. Sou
01/24/16 Miami LEO Police
01/24/16 Miami Undercover POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/22/16 Miami lame pimp recruiting Wanna be pimp
01/22/16 Miami LEO Police
01/22/16 Miami LEO Police
01/20/16 Miami Raul Benitez Raul Benitez, loves Guys in wigs, t
01/19/16 Miami Feels like LE Asks about appointment
01/19/16 Miami LEO Police Sting Jz
01/18/16 Miami LEO police asz
01/17/16 Miami Pig Indiscreet talk, solicits you, whic
01/17/16 Miami Cop Beware of LE stings, need to screen
01/17/16 Miami Five-Oh Police… Don't Go
01/17/16 Miami Undercover Cop Vice detective
01/17/16 Miami Undercover LE Vice detective
01/16/16 Miami Creepy dude Werido stay away
01/16/16 Miami Joe Joe Old man, Cheap,Looking to spend
01/14/16 Miami Twot Young bullshiting time waster
01/13/16 Miami lame pimp recruiting Wanna be pimp.
01/11/16 Miami Jamie H Say he Loves Transvestites with big
01/10/16 Miami Steve O. DO NOT ANSWER (DNA) "Pimp" named St
01/09/16 Miami LE police asz
01/08/16 Miami Hernandez Mex no english. Hernandez. BS
01/08/16 Miami Booked & Flaked Waste of time, no show, no call, no
01/02/16 Miami Cop Police don't answer
12/30/15 Miami Five - Oh Police don't do it!
12/30/15 Miami 5.0 POLICE POLICE POLICE
12/29/15 Miami Cop Police
12/27/15 Miami pimpish Wannabe pimp.
12/23/15 Miami Rapist Rapist, Do not Book
12/22/15 Miami LE police hoe
12/21/15 Miami Cop Police
12/21/15 Miami 12 police asz black dude
12/19/15 Miami Five - Oh police
12/19/15 Miami Rapist Rapist lives 111 ferry st
12/17/15 Miami LE Police
12/17/15 Miami He's Law Enforcement Police
12/16/15 Miami LEO Police snitch informant
12/16/15 Miami LE set up Undercover
12/13/15 Miami Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
12/12/15 Miami He's Law Enforcement police
12/12/15 Miami Law Enforcement police
12/11/15 Miami Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
12/11/15 Miami idiot alert Wanna be pimp called but when I sen
12/11/15 Miami Rudy Gadala Rudy Gadala...calls escorts from Ba
12/11/15 Miami Suspected LE Possible police Internet number
12/09/15 Miami Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
12/08/15 Miami Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
12/07/15 Miami Pic collector Pic collector. Waste of time. Doesn
12/07/15 Miami Pig Pig alert
12/06/15 Miami Five-Oh Cops
12/06/15 Miami Creeper / Gamer Creeper, sends nude pictures of him
12/05/15 Miami Time Waster Complete wasted my time. claims to
12/05/15 Miami Oink Oink Effing pig, asking explicit questio
12/05/15 Miami He's Police Police or fire association wants mo
12/05/15 Miami Alert Very dangerous
12/04/15 Miami Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
12/04/15 Miami Pimp Pimp rob u
12/04/15 Miami Simp simp, looking to get some game
12/04/15 Miami Simp Simp... Wanna be Pimp!!!
12/04/15 Miami Lame simp Wanna be pimp
12/04/15 Miami 5-0 Police, don't go
12/03/15 Miami Pimp Pimp
12/03/15 Miami 12 Police, Avoid
12/03/15 Miami Sketchy Number LE may be using this phone # to set
12/03/15 Miami Creepy dude Weirdo, total creeper, run away.
12/01/15 Miami He's a Cop Police
12/01/15 Miami Twot waste of time, do not book, he won'
12/01/15 Miami Twot Pic collector
12/01/15 Miami Five-Oh Police undercover miami
12/01/15 Miami Game Player Very Creepy... Gave location, then
11/30/15 Miami pic wanker Don't bother waste of time, wants n
11/30/15 Miami wanker alert Asking pervent questions, texting f
11/29/15 Miami Time Waster Books and flakes
11/29/15 Miami Adam 12 alert police
11/29/15 Miami LE police
11/28/15 Miami Incall Game Player Flake gets address and never shows
11/27/15 Miami Sendoff Time Waster, changes his mind at la
11/27/15 Miami TWOT Waste of time ladies, don't book
11/26/15 Miami Pimp Pimp. Avoid
11/26/15 Miami risky player Wants uncovered, harasses you and s
11/22/15 Miami Creepy caller Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
11/20/15 Miami Sendoff Time Waster, changes his mind at la
11/20/15 Miami Abiba Brandon Abiba Brandon... Plays Games
11/20/15 Miami Incall Gamer Got exact location room number and
11/20/15 Miami Twot Will talk for an hour and not book
11/19/15 Miami Robs You He will try to rob u
11/19/15 Miami Vile Trick A very foul mouthed man leaving nas
11/19/15 Miami unsafe player Wants Bare
11/19/15 Miami Sendoff Time Waster, changes his mind at la
11/18/15 Miami Pimp Thirsty Pimp
11/18/15 Miami psycho Crazy guy Threatening me
11/17/15 Miami Pimp Pimp looking for ladies. Avoid!
11/16/15 Miami Psycho threats Promise to kill me and flat my tire
11/16/15 Miami Sendoff Time Waster, changes his mind at la
11/16/15 Miami TS chaser Transsexual Chasers Beware
11/15/15 Miami Sendoff Time Waster, changes his mind at la
11/15/15 Miami Flakes On you Waste of time ladies, don't book
11/15/15 Miami Pushy Trick Idiot, don't wanna play by the rule
11/14/15 Miami Pimp Relentless Pimp
11/13/15 Miami Sendoff Time Waster, changes his mind at la
11/12/15 Miami Creepo alert Creep, uncomfortable, will not re-v
11/12/15 Miami Bad Outcall Wants u to go on the side of the ho
11/11/15 Miami Race Games Black, tries to say he's Caribbean,
11/11/15 Miami Twelve Alert Cop tryna set you up. Stay on your
11/11/15 Miami 12 police… beware.
11/10/15 Miami Hidden weapons Bring weapons back to your hotel
11/10/15 Miami Police Law enforment
11/10/15 Miami No Show Waste of time ladies, don't book
11/09/15 Miami Po Po He a cop. Avoid
11/08/15 Miami pimp black P… Avoid
11/08/15 Miami Psycho Beware of this person. Might be sev
11/07/15 Miami BS trick Bs artist, wastes ur time, books an
11/07/15 Miami Robber Robber, lied about selling internet
11/07/15 Miami Robber Robber, lied about selling internet
11/06/15 Miami Fake Date Prank caller does not show up for a
11/05/15 Miami Fake Date Prank caller, booking fake dates
11/04/15 Miami Time Waster Books and doesn't follow through
11/04/15 Miami BS trick Bs artist, wastes ur time, books an
11/04/15 Miami Cop vibe B.s. time waster possible leo
11/04/15 Miami Date Flaker Flake. Don't waste your time. He do
11/04/15 Miami WOT - Junkie Crack head plays games with your ti
11/03/15 Miami Dangerous Trick Tried to choke me
11/03/15 Miami Pimp / Robber He trys to be ur pimp and tells u h
11/02/15 Miami Rapist Tried to Rape me
11/02/15 Miami Rapist Tried to Rape me
11/02/15 Miami Tried to Cosby me Tried to put something in my drink
11/01/15 Miami Adam 12 Police… Do Not See
11/01/15 Miami No Show Will waste your time, don't bother,
10/31/15 Miami fake incall Bullshitter, fake date booker, was
10/30/15 Miami Rapist Tried to Rape me
10/30/15 Miami Time Waster Books and doesn't follow through
10/29/15 Miami P P as in Pimp, Beware my ladies
10/29/15 Miami Pig pig… watch out
10/29/15 Miami Pimp Pimp Recruiting hoes.
10/29/15 Miami narc Narc working with cops, stay away!
10/28/15 Miami He's 5-O Police… Stay Away
10/26/15 Miami Five-Oh Police ITS A SET UP
10/26/15 Miami He's 5-O Police it's a set up!!!!!
10/26/15 Miami Time Waster No show from Bp
10/25/15 Miami location collector Just wants location and sets fake a
10/24/15 Miami David David A Lynch Robber
10/23/15 Miami Cops New Orleans police
10/23/15 Miami Cop Police sting
10/22/15 Miami Possible Cop Jerk playing games, he say he drive
10/22/15 Miami Bad dude Thus guy is one to be careful of. A
10/22/15 Miami fake cop fake police want to watch you have
10/21/15 Miami Date Flaker Flake! No consideration for people'
10/21/15 Miami Time Waster No show - Rude Time Waster
10/20/15 Miami Dirty Talker Time Waster just looking to have fr
10/20/15 Miami Flakes on You Waste of time no show
10/20/15 Miami phone wanker Will jack off while he on the phone
10/19/15 Miami Cop Police
10/19/15 Miami Time Waster No show no call
10/18/15 Miami C.Rodriguez Setting up girls to rob them. Full
10/17/15 Miami Five-Oh Police trying to get you, beware.
10/17/15 Miami No show Wasted my time, this wierdo booked
10/16/15 Miami Undercover Cop Police sting!!!
10/16/15 Miami Time Waster Books Fake Appointments, he don't s
10/15/15 Miami Christian R. Bad guy… Robbed Me
10/13/15 Miami Pimp Pimp
10/13/15 Miami Sendoff Books and changes mind about what h
10/12/15 Miami He's 5.O Police!
10/12/15 Miami Twot Ncns
10/11/15 Miami He's LE police probably faking bs
10/11/15 Miami Suspicious Trick Wants information of yours, not big
10/09/15 Miami ncns Not serious when he books, don't co
10/09/15 Miami Bad Outcall Do not go, he plays games and waste
10/09/15 Miami Broke pervert Loser, no money to book, pretty muc
10/09/15 Miami Pervert pervert spies
10/08/15 Miami Cop Impersonator Impersonated a cop to try and get a
10/08/15 Miami Sendoff Books and changes mind about what h
10/08/15 Miami pig alert Police Sting
10/07/15 Miami Overly Pushy Trick very forceful and rude, don't take
10/07/15 Miami Pimp Pimp
10/07/15 Miami Infected Trick Has AIDS
10/07/15 Miami Rude no show Games, books, sounds serious, but d
10/07/15 Miami Five-Oh police. Stay on your game ladies
10/06/15 Miami Incall Bluffer Got my location, called and told me
10/06/15 Miami 5.O police, avoid avoid, avoid
10/06/15 Miami Psycho Trick This guy is a psychopath he calls f
10/06/15 Miami Psycho Trick This guy is a psychopath he calls f
10/06/15 Miami Bogus Date Playing on the phone, he'll book bu
10/06/15 Miami Pic Wanker pic collector, asks for pics, never
10/06/15 Miami Simp Lame Ass Simp bith, nothing goiing
10/05/15 Miami Pimp pimp
10/04/15 Miami Pimp Pimp
10/04/15 Miami Date Flaker Rude Time waster - Booked and didn'
10/04/15 Miami Simp Simp asked if there was money here,
10/04/15 Miami TWOT - Freebie Seeker wants free massage
10/04/15 Miami Weirdo Creeper alert Weirdo, Talks Weird, Acts Weird. I
10/04/15 Miami Ncns Act like he coming but he doesn't.
10/04/15 Miami Sendoff Books and changes mind about what h
10/04/15 Miami lame pimp wanna b BS wanna be pimp and parasite
10/03/15 Miami Creepy Trick He an unpleasant uncomfortable weir
10/03/15 Miami Pimp Pimp....
10/02/15 Miami Sketchy Request He's either law enforcement or a se
10/02/15 Miami Set Up - Robber Robber alert, do not see, he is set
10/01/15 Miami Robber - Set U Up Trick Robber alert, do not see, he is set
10/01/15 Miami Beware of this #, possible cop. Suspicious post on line saying "He
10/01/15 Miami Creep Total Creep who does not know how t
09/30/15 Miami Pimp Pimp
09/30/15 Miami He a Pig Police, run away
09/30/15 Miami ncns Not serious when he books, don't co
09/29/15 Miami BP creeper alert Weird! NS! Creepy!
09/28/15 Miami Bad Trick DNS - Avoid this idiot
09/27/15 Miami Vice Cop Police Sting !!!!!!!!!
09/27/15 Miami threatening caller weirdo threatening me cuz I decline
09/26/15 Miami Pig police azz hole
09/26/15 Miami fake cop scammer Don't ever go to this guy he preten
09/26/15 Miami Abusive Uses hostility and intimidation to
09/25/15 Miami Sting Operation Undercover Police sting
09/25/15 Miami Demanding Fat Guy Very Rude and Raciest also lies abo
09/25/15 Miami Pervert pervert and scammer
09/24/15 Miami Bs trick Incall prankster, says he at your l
09/23/15 Miami illicit requests Soliciting prostitution
09/23/15 Miami Rude no show Games, books, sounds serious, but d
09/23/15 Miami Pimp involved in trafficking A pimp who is a trafficker of under
09/22/15 Miami Fake Outcall Vulgar nasty ..calls girls and give
09/22/15 Miami Nasty Explicit Talk Nasty PIG, time waster
09/21/15 Miami Sendoff Gives you some lame excuse for canc
09/20/15 Miami Inconsiderate Trick No Show, No Call
09/20/15 Miami lies about age Young idiot. Lying about his age if
09/20/15 Miami illegal requests Soliciting sex
09/20/15 Miami Cop alert Undercover
09/20/15 Miami not recommended DNA..Very young and stupid. No mone
09/19/15 Miami fake date Set up, fake outcall address, don't
09/19/15 Miami Outcall to empty house Has u show up for no reason. Vacant
09/17/15 Miami LE alert Cop! Uh Oh…
09/16/15 Miami Pervert Pervert
09/16/15 Miami He a cop police, beware everyone
09/15/15 Miami pushy for pix Pic collector, nothing more, nothin
09/14/15 Miami BP Creeper Weirdo who trolls BP and makes cree
09/14/15 Miami Prank Outcall BS Outcall - gives u a room # that
09/13/15 Miami Crazy Pimp Angry Pimp… After I declined his of
09/13/15 Miami undercover cop police party, and they inviting YOU
09/12/15 Miami fake outcall addy PRANK a bs address..
09/12/15 Miami BP Creeper Weirdo who trolls BP and makes cree
09/12/15 Miami Pushy pimp Dumbass pimp trying to push his stu
09/11/15 Miami lame simp He just a lousey simp looking to re
09/11/15 Miami Loser Trick Alert Liar, and money cheater, not immune
09/11/15 Miami unreliable junkie Loser drug addict, flaker on your t
09/11/15 Miami Wack pimp Be safe ladies, watch out for this
09/11/15 Miami Mean Trick danger danger. angry mean black dud
09/11/15 Miami Rude Caller Rude texter bs
09/10/15 Miami no show he talks a good game, but he not se
09/10/15 Miami Pimp Pimp loser
09/10/15 Miami shady caller Feels like a set up. Wants outcall
09/10/15 Miami wanna b pmp He pretends to be a client. Turns o
09/09/15 Miami date flake No call no show - Disrespectful tri
09/09/15 Miami NCNS ncns - timewaster
09/09/15 Miami Time Waster Books Fake Appointments, he don't s
09/09/15 Miami Blackmailer / Scammer hes calling. saying. he has. pictru
09/07/15 Miami WOT caller TWOT - wil book with you and not sh
09/07/15 Miami Pimp He's A PIMP.... And not a nice one,
09/07/15 Miami prank outcall PRANK a bs address..
09/07/15 Miami Wack pimp Beare of this one ladies, he don't
09/06/15 Miami Cop entrapment Police ..beware ladies
09/06/15 Miami he's LE police throwing a party, all escort
09/06/15 Miami Undercover LE po po alert… keep on ur game ladies