Date Incident City Offender Name Description
10/16/17 Los Angeles Bella Bella at (747) 220-7396 is a THIEF,
10/14/17 Los Angeles Brielle Barnes Poor hygiene, ugly, and do not see
10/12/17 Los Angeles Conrad
10/09/17 Los Angeles Caution LEO on the move again Vice detectives are engaging in sim
10/08/17 Los Angeles Alana Lane Alana Lane is a FAKE these pics are
10/07/17 Los Angeles Robin Chan DO NOT SEE Met Robin for double dat
10/04/17 Los Angeles Tatiana Batrakova, Victoria Beck This provider disappears w/o paying
10/01/17 Los Angeles Nadine Nadine is part of a scam and an age
09/30/17 Los Angeles Sam or George He agree with your rate to just to
09/21/17 Los Angeles Kristina, Alexandra City source All these girls from http//www.cher
09/20/17 Los Angeles Samvel gevorg adoyan He contacted me and said he wanted
09/17/17 Los Angeles samvel gevorg adoyan He showed up to incall with a check
09/17/17 Los Angeles 8053363602 I showed up and he said he had 25$.
09/10/17 Los Angeles Eric Eric is a danger to anyone. He uses
09/10/17 Los Angeles Justin JEDI Kim Justin Jedi Kim is a music producer
09/05/17 Los Angeles Ravi/ Ahmad He is a detailed scammer. This guy
08/25/17 Los Angeles none Text my phone at 3am $60 no condomC
08/22/17 Los Angeles VICE arrests going on #s Since last Tuesday 14th..The LAPD,F
08/22/17 Los Angeles Peter Hopkins Peter Hopkins aka Pete Hopkins will
08/20/17 Los Angeles Charles Hawkins Charles Hawkins emailed me to see m
08/20/17 Los Angeles Brian Jennings Refused to provide photos for full
08/19/17 Los Angeles Caller ID says Victor M Aguilar This bag of wet hair called me & te
08/17/17 Los Angeles Jonathan Thayer Spends 30 minutes saying he isComin
08/17/17 Los Angeles Dacia Cruz, Addison McKenna Failed to pay assistant fees
08/09/17 Los Angeles christopher dombos I screened him. He is a make-up art
08/06/17 Los Angeles Karl Hahn Karl Hahn is a dangerous person who
06/28/17 Los Angeles David Walked right up to me and walked p
06/26/17 Los Angeles Kurt (Avoid) Snitch This man has been a member o
06/21/17 Los Angeles Hot Gfe Girls https// This escort agency is human traffic
06/20/17 Los Angeles Oliver Woolley Spent half an hour driving to his h
06/09/17 Los Angeles Kateryna Fisenko, Kate Black Cheating/Stealing Provider
06/06/17 Los Angeles Svetlana Ermashova, Liza Morgan Provider disappears w/o paying refe
06/05/17 Los Angeles Jaime Rodriguez He tried to mess up my account and
06/04/17 Los Angeles George- Woodlandhills,Ca Books you to his place in Warner Ce
05/18/17 Los Angeles Chris Robinson Very secretive. Cancelled 5 times i
05/17/17 Los Angeles Francisco Ernesto Juarez Gave me fake money. It looked real
05/16/17 Los Angeles Bobby- Van Nuys area He calls and books an appointment f
05/01/17 Los Angeles Dennis Beeson Hunting for pictures in Lou of a hi
04/27/17 Los Angeles 805-616-0452 Suspected Cop -Asked a direct sex 4
04/25/17 Los Angeles Justus finagan 3059883438 Be careful.This guy is a scam. he s
04/25/17 Los Angeles justin finagan / justus finagan / richard eugene / andreas Ladies Be careful His biggest con i
04/22/17 Los Angeles Richard (South Gate area) No $$. He lives with his grandfathe
04/08/17 Los Angeles Simon Asks for discounts
03/30/17 Los Angeles Mike Foster Received referral fees and did not
03/22/17 Los Angeles Ralph Amadeo720 This creep will try to get a test d
03/20/17 Los Angeles Mike Prankster Caution Bogus telephone number..He will boo
03/09/17 Los Angeles Senthil Kumar, cedarslake I have seen this client before and
03/03/17 Los Angeles 818-835-1910 Cop Alert Calling around trying to get addres
03/01/17 Los Angeles Kevin Looser, described himself as 43 whi
02/22/17 Los Angeles 929-362-3594/714-404-7610 Darren Darren will book you from a mobile
02/18/17 Los Angeles Sean Andrews First he asks for bareback then say
02/16/17 Los Angeles Mark Janston, Mark Janison, Chris BLACKLIST THIS SCAMMER He called me
02/09/17 Los Angeles Pimp alert/Stalker alert Female pimp & her friends sending t
02/08/17 Los Angeles Quan Mihn Truong (Justin)( coolcat54) He tried to get me to not charge hi
02/06/17 Los Angeles Ts Chanel
01/24/17 Los Angeles Carlos Gomez Cancelled within a half hour after
01/23/17 Los Angeles uses many click bait si
01/23/17 Los Angeles is owned by ea
12/28/16 Los Angeles Ted Kozicki 601-317-5918 He booked a double and never showed
12/27/16 Los Angeles Quan Mihn Truong DANGEROUS Threats & harassment, cal
12/27/16 Los Angeles Quan Mihn Truong (Justin) ( coolcat54 He didnt want to give donation afte
12/15/16 Los Angeles Antonio Cheap as hell
12/13/16 Los Angeles jeffbehal Said he will pay with paypal but i
12/01/16 Los Angeles Jaime Lopez 8184829837 The Client texted me all day. Very
11/21/16 Los Angeles David Daniel Everis Client was asked to verify his emai
11/19/16 Los Angeles sean 310-923-0240 long beach Black bastard books. Then calls you
11/18/16 Los Angeles Francisco Copano He`s been trying to contact me for
11/18/16 Los Angeles Eric Boundary crosser who Shorts the don
11/15/16 Los Angeles (404) 702-9718 Very rude and has an attitudeDont s
11/13/16 Los Angeles Ray Anthony He is in the military always asks t
11/09/16 Los Angeles Says he was the Drummer of Depeche Mode Came to my apartment, claimed to be
11/01/16 Los Angeles Sweetman Booked an appointment while here on
09/30/16 Los Angeles Ryan Gonzalez This first part of the story happen
09/23/16 Los Angeles Manny Gupta, Manish Gupta, Manmit Gupta MANNY GUPTAManny Gupta, also goes b
09/22/16 Los Angeles Larry Satkowiak Ive seen this client twice before.
09/16/16 Los Angeles (310) 990-3205 He asks a lot of reviews asking for
09/12/16 Los Angeles Jair Maldonado Erick Asked for extra pics. Seemed very i
09/01/16 Los Angeles Landon McManus Young kid. I got the feeling he was
09/01/16 Los Angeles nevertoolarge tried to slip off protection and ha
08/27/16 Los Angeles Law Enforcement (310) 213-7008 He came to my house and asked about
08/27/16 Los Angeles John Tamborelli This man is a pervert and a deadbea
08/16/16 Los Angeles Jose/Jay 323-348-7945 Driver 19yr old driver is really a pimp/es
08/07/16 Los Angeles Ted (Police Informant) Teds references are COPS A female c
08/02/16 Los Angeles Japreet Nagra Do not see Hes a convicted felon tr
08/01/16 Los Angeles Justin Musick Rude via texts, refuses to offer sc
07/31/16 Los Angeles Never said his name He wold never give me his name. Sai
07/28/16 Los Angeles Robert LEO Cops maybe doing an investigation o
07/23/16 Los Angeles 626-373-4535 Peter Calls looking for Paddling session.
07/22/16 Los Angeles Ken Wilmert Scariest client of my career. Wante
07/21/16 Los Angeles 213-760-1923 He contacted me and was talking kin
07/15/16 Los Angeles 818-939-6671 //474 Pesaro Street Racist jerk books me & my GF when w
07/01/16 Los Angeles 626-600-4882 Police/Phone taps Police calling our agency and tappi
06/22/16 Los Angeles Pimp This is a pimp and threatens girls.
06/22/16 Los Angeles http// Do not work with this agency thelux
06/19/16 Los Angeles Jon doe (two young kids in early 200s) robbed me and took my purse trying
06/13/16 Los Angeles Paul Davidson 213-500-7711 Paul likes to book you to come to h
06/07/16 Los Angeles Todd 805-338-9402 Th.Oaks Todd booked with me for a massage a
06/06/16 Los Angeles Joey/Dave Canter No money. Drug addict Dirty. has mu
06/04/16 Los Angeles Houston Clement Durand He told me he was all by himself an
05/30/16 Los Angeles Avi Jain He tried to pay with a check. Then
05/30/16 Los Angeles Patrick Philipson So nasty and explicit in emails. Ob
05/29/16 Los Angeles Evan Wright, Tony Mack, Mackscribe,evanscribe I saw this man in his apartment. We
05/12/16 Los Angeles Torres He has bad report about being a rap
05/08/16 Los Angeles Jack Char,bigchamp7 on TER When I met him he made very disresp
05/05/16 Los Angeles BP Deadbeat This deadbeat just wants you to sen
04/30/16 Los Angeles WORTHLESS TRASH This jackass says hes coming from V
04/28/16 Los Angeles Undercover cop Never talked via phobe only texted.
04/23/16 Los Angeles 6193175976 time waster got to the address and called the g
04/19/16 Los Angeles 310-739-3620 Carson,Ca Car date warning ladies..I showed u
04/19/16 Los Angeles Meth head,3233536263 Drug dealer ,doesnt pay this man (probably felon) smoked me
04/13/16 Los Angeles Dall- Fucktard I dont know if this man is so fucki
04/12/16 Los Angeles BP Troll Another troll that just leaves long
04/08/16 Los Angeles Evan Wright, Tony Mack, Mackscribe,evanscribe I saw him in NYC & London before. H
04/08/16 Los Angeles David-Bullshit Number Calls from a bullshit number then n
04/07/16 Los Angeles 310-629-3666 John Ventura Cops Narc or Rapist alert Screen ladies
04/07/16 Los Angeles Jeff bollard or gollard I met this man on craigslist It was
04/04/16 Los Angeles David Drake Time waster, loser with no money
04/03/16 Los Angeles Amantur Sultanov He Contacted me over 20 times to me
03/31/16 Los Angeles Bill the Timewaster Inconsiderate Jackass made an appoi
03/30/16 Los Angeles Frank Called me while in Vegas & said was
03/28/16 Los Angeles Ronco Very rude on the phone and over tex
03/27/16 Los Angeles John-Bp Troll Just calls up asks a bunch of stupi
03/26/16 Los Angeles fake outcall Don't go… you’ll be sorry, dummy mi
03/25/16 Los Angeles DNA Time waster. Don't See
03/25/16 Los Angeles Twot Time waster!! Young dumb Indian kid
03/24/16 Los Angeles Pimp Pimp, don't like hearing NO
03/22/16 Los Angeles Thomas the Troll Another inconsiderate DEADBEAT- NO
03/21/16 Los Angeles Strong Cop vibe Comes inside asking explicit questi
03/20/16 Los Angeles Morad Fareed, Morady10 Morad Fareed morady10@gmail.com917-
03/19/16 Los Angeles Set-U-Up Do not see they trying to Rob u
03/19/16 Los Angeles John John freebie seeker. Ays he work in
03/18/16 Los Angeles Dave Black guy name Dave makes appointme
03/17/16 Los Angeles John cheapo named John who is looking fo
03/17/16 Los Angeles Clinger Obsessive weirdo !! Talking about l
03/17/16 Los Angeles Crude Caller Time waster nasty!
03/16/16 Los Angeles Mike Mike books fake appointments with m
03/16/16 Los Angeles Larry This deadbeat calls and wants an ap
03/15/16 Los Angeles Money Scammer Fake trick , waste of time acts lik
03/14/16 Los Angeles Nasty Trick Wants Bbbj
03/14/16 Los Angeles Stewart-BP Troll Cancelled the minute he was suppose
03/13/16 Los Angeles TW Plays games. Do not go
03/13/16 Los Angeles Cop ? Asks incriminating questions, feels
03/09/16 Los Angeles BP Deadbeat This deadbeat calls and is rude as
02/27/16 Los Angeles Sebastian Asked me to come to another locatio
02/26/16 Los Angeles Cash Christopher Dultz aka Cash Cavalli This man in EXTREMELY DANGEROUS He
02/25/16 Los Angeles Vice Sting Asks explicit questions like a cop,
02/20/16 Los Angeles Nimi Not only is this girl not the perso
02/18/16 Los Angeles 310-308-7790 Long Beach,Ca Rude,Cheap,Cancels at the last minu
02/15/16 Los Angeles 310-500-6488 BSer/Timewaster. Calls 20x for BS
02/13/16 Los Angeles 310-977-9630 Ask for intercourse/no references
02/13/16 Los Angeles Five-Oh Beware of LE stings, need to screen
02/12/16 Los Angeles 323-377-9096 ScamJohn Scammer made an appointment on busy
02/12/16 Los Angeles 323-377-9096 ScamJohn Scammer made an appointment on busy
02/12/16 Los Angeles Cop-Oliver/Edward BEWARE This is LE. Oliver. He uses
02/10/16 Los Angeles Michael Does not deliver on promises and li
02/06/16 Los Angeles Shady Caller Won't screen and hangs up when aske
02/06/16 Los Angeles Twot Void!!! A waste of time HE,FAKE!!!
02/06/16 Los Angeles Undercover LE Vice
02/06/16 Los Angeles Creepy caller Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
02/06/16 Los Angeles BP-Troll Always calls, never books. Dont was
02/06/16 Los Angeles health risk wants bare back! nasty!
02/06/16 Los Angeles addy collector wants address & doesn't show up..
02/05/16 Los Angeles LEO Police
02/05/16 Los Angeles Strange guy Weirdo , beware .... I warned you
02/05/16 Los Angeles Game Player Will try to lie to you and be rude
02/04/16 Los Angeles Dns, Dna Young and dumb
02/04/16 Los Angeles Five - Oh Police
02/03/16 Los Angeles Creeper Weirdo creeping me out. Need to avo
02/03/16 Los Angeles total creepo Weirdo, total creeper, run away.
02/03/16 Los Angeles nasty trick Wants bb gross nasty pervert
02/03/16 Los Angeles lame pimp recruiting Wanna b pimp
02/02/16 Los Angeles Broke Trick Annoying trick with no money
02/02/16 Los Angeles creep Weirdo harassment
02/01/16 Los Angeles pimp Weak Azz pimp, but still a fucking
02/01/16 Los Angeles feels like a nark Wants info but can't give it.. work
01/31/16 Los Angeles UC Vice POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/31/16 Los Angeles risky trick Asks for bbfs over and over during
01/31/16 Los Angeles Tim He wastes ur Tim. Don't bother not
01/31/16 Los Angeles Michael Worst appointment EVER First off, t
01/31/16 Los Angeles unsafe player Asks For Bbbj
01/30/16 Los Angeles Creepy dude Weirdo playing on my phone with the
01/30/16 Los Angeles broke ass scammer Wants to trade services for a Samsu
01/29/16 Los Angeles Creeper alert Weirdo trying to get my room number
01/29/16 Los Angeles Paul-Shows Up w/No $$$ I could tell this guy was a loser f
01/29/16 Los Angeles UC Vice POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/28/16 Los Angeles Ghetto Pimp Ive never even talked to this ghett
01/28/16 Los Angeles Creepy Weirdo, total creeper, run away.
01/28/16 Los Angeles LEO Police
01/28/16 Los Angeles cheapo Wants $30 quickie... don't waste ti
01/27/16 Los Angeles LEO Police
01/27/16 Los Angeles Don't See Waste of time… not serious, won't s
01/27/16 Los Angeles Mick Mick pretends he is a tranny to lur
01/27/16 Los Angeles total creepo Weirdo flaker. Time waster
01/26/16 Los Angeles strange cop Wierdo cop, best to avoid
01/26/16 Los Angeles Joseph (Joe) Choi He booked twice and did not show af
01/26/16 Los Angeles Creepy dude Weirdo, probably police
01/26/16 Los Angeles incriminating requests Wants u to spit or swallow his nast
01/26/16 Los Angeles dani He calls offers cheap rates and the
01/25/16 Los Angeles Creeper alert Weirdo, total creeper, run away.
01/25/16 Los Angeles WTF Asks to trade for OG kush (lol)
01/25/16 Los Angeles Jason-Nick This guy is a chronic No Show. He u
01/25/16 Los Angeles Predator Woman beater
01/25/16 Los Angeles Don't just trust this guy Pretty sure this number is a stup,
01/25/16 Los Angeles broke kid Young kid trying to do the most wit
01/24/16 Los Angeles Creepy Weirdo creeping me out. Need to avo
01/24/16 Los Angeles dangerous man possibly very dangerous, doesn't pl
01/24/16 Los Angeles Creeper alert Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
01/23/16 Los Angeles pic wanker Asking me for nudes
01/22/16 Los Angeles Pig Police calls with diff area codes
01/22/16 Los Angeles Predator Pulls out gun
01/22/16 Los Angeles Predator alert Pulls out gun and makes you do thin
01/22/16 Los Angeles Dns - Wot Young jerk
01/22/16 Los Angeles Some Idiot Young. Harasses You.
01/22/16 Los Angeles mike named mike. looking for prostitutes
01/22/16 Los Angeles lawman Beware of LE stings, need to screen
01/21/16 Los Angeles David Very aggressive do not see! He whin
01/21/16 Los Angeles Rapist Rapist / Predator Alert
01/21/16 Los Angeles incall bluffer Ask for room number and never comes
01/21/16 Los Angeles Sevag B Con artist, thief, loser, felon,, s
01/20/16 Los Angeles LEO Police
01/20/16 Los Angeles Creepy caller Weirdo playing on my phone
01/20/16 Los Angeles Vice! Calls asking explicit questions abo
01/20/16 Los Angeles Vice Sting feels like law enforcement is out i
01/20/16 Los Angeles window shopper Will walk out even if ur the girl i
01/20/16 Los Angeles Plays Games, Screen Carefully Says he's nice, tpswell, doesn't ne
01/19/16 Los Angeles unsafe player Wants bare
01/19/16 Los Angeles Creepy dude Weirdo , beware .... I warned you
01/19/16 Los Angeles Caution ask for address and doesn't show se
01/19/16 Los Angeles Christopher Griffin Christopher Griffin - He called abo
01/19/16 Los Angeles Wouldnt say his name This man refuses to give you any sc
01/19/16 Los Angeles Alex Do not waste your time. He wants pi
01/19/16 Los Angeles Robert H. Avoid this bottom, nasty man… name
01/18/16 Los Angeles pretty sure he a cop Possible police
01/18/16 Los Angeles Alex Jr This guy is scary. He has a squeak
01/18/16 Los Angeles 12 Beware of LE stings, need to screen
01/17/16 Los Angeles Wot Waste of time. Don't bother with hi
01/17/16 Los Angeles Wot Plays Games. Waste of time. Don't b
01/17/16 Los Angeles Twot He not serious, books and don't fol
01/17/16 Los Angeles DNS Will. Date u then ask for his money
01/17/16 Los Angeles not reccomended Waste of time. Don't bother with hi
01/17/16 Los Angeles Fat jorges haynes Fat jorges haynes is a broke cheap
01/17/16 Los Angeles Jorge Jorge Haynes fat cheap guy.
01/17/16 Los Angeles PORNSTAR69 Total waste of time. Some kid. Trie
01/15/16 Los Angeles incall gamer After I gave him the address to whe
01/15/16 Los Angeles incall gamer After I gave him the address to whe
01/15/16 Los Angeles risky trick Ask for bbbj
01/15/16 Los Angeles Dns - Wot Young kid playing games
01/15/16 Los Angeles Dr. Paul G 213-706-4211 Dr. Paul Gregerson. Ti
01/15/16 Los Angeles Five-Oh Calls asking explicit questions abo
01/14/16 Los Angeles Pig Police Set Up, Beware.
01/14/16 Los Angeles Charles Moss pimp name Charles Moss, has a bitch
01/14/16 Los Angeles Undercover Cop Vice cop Burbank do not see or talk
01/14/16 Los Angeles Timothy S Guy asked for nude pictures wouldn'
01/13/16 Los Angeles LE Police activity
01/13/16 Los Angeles LE police! vice! sting!
01/13/16 Los Angeles creeper Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
01/13/16 Los Angeles liar - gamer - twot Will just waste your time all the w
01/13/16 Los Angeles Creepy caller Weirdo. Wants phone sex
01/12/16 Los Angeles David Pushy Chinese man who badgers you b
01/12/16 Los Angeles unsafe player Wants Bare back blow job bare sex n
01/12/16 Los Angeles JOSE B. HE IS A LOSER… JOSE BARGAS
01/12/16 Los Angeles seeks raw Wants unsafe uncovered sex play.
01/12/16 Los Angeles John Apple Ok this guy is a waste of time, i w
01/12/16 Los Angeles Jason Jason likes to schedule fake appoin
01/11/16 Los Angeles Bad Outcall Waste of time. You show up and he d
01/10/16 Los Angeles Javier Ramos latino, 28, short, dark.appt at 6 b
01/10/16 Los Angeles Twot Plays Games. Waste of time. Don't b
01/10/16 Los Angeles Sting Vice entrapment sting. Run away!
01/09/16 Los Angeles David david - COP
01/09/16 Los Angeles rude submissive boy Wants a Dom session but thinks it s
01/09/16 Los Angeles reletless pimp Want to be a P keep calling time wa
01/09/16 Los Angeles Creepy Wierdo, stay away
01/09/16 Los Angeles Creeper Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
01/08/16 Los Angeles Strange guy Weirdo playing on phone
01/08/16 Los Angeles Vice Sting Police Set Up, Beware.
01/07/16 Los Angeles Undercover Vice entrapment sting. Run away!
01/07/16 Los Angeles Leo POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/07/16 Los Angeles Mike his name Mike Wayne Clifford meet h
01/07/16 Los Angeles Annoying Asks way to many irrelevant questio
01/07/16 Los Angeles wants pix Asked for pictures, but not a date
01/07/16 Los Angeles BP-Troll Sends vulgar disgusting texts and p
01/06/16 Los Angeles Kevin-Rude Prick This guy is just totally rude, disr
01/06/16 Los Angeles no hat Wants raw. Little asian cheap freak
01/06/16 Los Angeles Law Enforcement Vice entrapment sting. Run away!
01/05/16 Los Angeles Caution-possible set up Ask for a 3 some… CLICK!
01/05/16 Los Angeles LE police!!
01/05/16 Los Angeles UC Vice policia!!
01/05/16 Los Angeles not to be trusted Very rude, girls this guy has 2 fac
01/04/16 Los Angeles Steven Cota Client attempted to give $8 in an e
01/04/16 Los Angeles Creeper Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
01/03/16 Los Angeles Cop Police
01/03/16 Los Angeles weirdo alert Wanted me to send nipple pics for 2
01/02/16 Los Angeles LE Police