Date Incident City Offender Name Description
10/19/17 Las Vegas Andre Granello This person find me at, he
10/02/17 Las Vegas TER bigguy30 aka esports99 celebrates LV massacre Sick wacko
08/27/17 Las Vegas Johnny / JJGNYC35@YAHOO.COM / Bigolebill He books an appointment knowing I d
08/25/17 Las Vegas Nathan Nate Eden Too many messagesInappropriate mess
08/24/17 Las Vegas Johnny/Bigolebill/ If you decide to see this client ma
07/27/17 Las Vegas TER bear96, new handle Esports99 Also bigguy30Tranny chaser
07/11/17 Las Vegas Mark Morris Time waster. After changing the app
06/21/17 Las Vegas Robert Was a no show. no call. Total waste
05/28/17 Las Vegas Mike Weigelt He texted and set up an outcall app
05/28/17 Las Vegas Mike Weigelt He texted and set up an outcall app
05/27/17 Las Vegas John Claims to have driven past my place
05/17/17 Las Vegas Derek Tried to force me into his car when
03/21/17 Las Vegas Jason Scarberry- Buckeye1975 I do have a if cancellation fee if
03/10/17 Las Vegas Joe Servidone Jr Joe Servidone Jr TER HANDLES Rd688
03/04/17 Las Vegas Robert Barkett Booked an appointment a week in adv
01/30/17 Las Vegas dan johnson-vice vice
01/29/17 Las Vegas Cop! vice vice
01/24/17 Las Vegas bigguy30/BEAR96 cant get it up. Forces flacid peinis Keeps begging 5 more minutes, never
01/12/17 Las Vegas bigguy30/BEAR96 like to be peed on. Tried to haggle with me over $20.
01/10/17 Las Vegas bigguy30/BEAR96 like to be peed on. Tried to haggle with me over $20.
09/21/16 Las Vegas Barbie/702-383-2000/Snitch Barbie called my cellphone and left
08/30/16 Las Vegas Brian This number contacted me for a body
08/17/16 Las Vegas Mark
08/17/16 Las Vegas Mark 702-232-7414 Says he is a driver for Wynn and ha
08/04/16 Las Vegas Wiles Eduardo must have call be a dozen t
08/01/16 Las Vegas Mark 702-908-6576 This person always changes phone nu
07/20/16 Las Vegas No name Set up an appointment with me in th
07/08/16 Las Vegas Stupid Jerk He doesnt pay or snatches donation
07/06/16 Las Vegas Bigguy30 /Bear96 likes trannys Overstays wont leave cheap
06/30/16 Las Vegas JAMES6910 This guy is nothing but trouble. Wi
06/12/16 Las Vegas Andy L Basically ripped my clothes off the
05/22/16 Las Vegas Trevor Huffman...(*Troy Smith) ALERT This IS a # used by Metro, it
03/23/16 Las Vegas robs u This person is a thief, takes ur mo
03/23/16 Las Vegas robs u This person is a thief
03/23/16 Las Vegas Shawn NY I am an escort assistant handling p
03/22/16 Las Vegas Block Bad caller, set up
03/21/16 Las Vegas Dns Stay away.. Bad Trick
03/20/16 Las Vegas Pimp Rude Pushy Pimp
03/20/16 Las Vegas Caution Fake wanna be pimp.
03/19/16 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp who don't like hearing no form
03/18/16 Las Vegas Twot No call no show.
03/18/16 Las Vegas bad dude Stay away from him … bad bad dude t
03/17/16 Las Vegas cheap trick This guy loves to haggle down to th
03/17/16 Las Vegas Rich Daddy Dude says his name is Rich Daddy lo
03/16/16 Las Vegas Ncns Refuses to call or answer his phone
03/15/16 Las Vegas WOT No show.
03/14/16 Las Vegas Pimp Stupid Pimp calling
03/13/16 Las Vegas Simp Simp. Just block or ignore this #.
03/12/16 Las Vegas Dangerous Vulgar and violent threats toward m
03/11/16 Las Vegas Rapist Tried to rape me on outcall… Don’t
03/10/16 Las Vegas Liar, Gamer Makes appointment never comes will
03/09/16 Las Vegas Weirdo I advertise Dommination and wrestli
03/08/16 Las Vegas Loser Broke pimp
03/08/16 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp recruiting girls
03/08/16 Las Vegas Ted Mamola This guy seems like a charming, hum
03/07/16 Las Vegas Broke Ass Dont waste your time he doesn't hav
03/06/16 Las Vegas No $$$ Loser, no money, don’t bother.
03/05/16 Las Vegas WOT Time waster want to talk forever, h
03/05/16 Las Vegas Talker, not a Booker Time waster want to talks forever,
02/27/16 Las Vegas Stephen Paek Mid 20`s Korean guy. Came for 2nd t
02/09/16 Las Vegas UNKNOWN TIME WASTER
02/06/16 Las Vegas AJ Garcia III I was visiting Las Vegas and this g
02/05/16 Las Vegas Pimp alert Black Pimp
02/05/16 Las Vegas Pee Boy time Waster Will tell u he wants brown an golde
02/01/16 Las Vegas Cheap Creep Wants someone for $50
02/01/16 Las Vegas suspected cop Possible LE
01/27/16 Las Vegas Incall Gamer Waste of time. Says he at the super
01/23/16 Las Vegas Creepy dude Weirdo!! steer clear ladies!!
01/20/16 Las Vegas Bruce Beware of this loser who's name is
01/19/16 Las Vegas H Roman H Roman idiot jerk. Sent me crazy p
01/17/16 Las Vegas #blackEYE2theGAME #SIMPS Stop Internet pimpn .... and ladies
01/16/16 Las Vegas Robert Robert, says he calling form Execut
01/15/16 Las Vegas Kevin Wallace Suspicious… Screen Carefully.
01/15/16 Las Vegas John John stay away from him
01/15/16 Las Vegas John H. John haug stay away from him he is
01/14/16 Las Vegas Cop Police. Or maybe pimp. Acts like a
01/14/16 Las Vegas Vice! Vice entrapment sting. Run away!
01/14/16 Las Vegas LE Policeman
01/10/16 Las Vegas pimp Wanta be pimp
01/06/16 Las Vegas Cop POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/03/16 Las Vegas Five - Oh Police
01/02/16 Las Vegas Loser playn Games Waste of time young kid says he has
12/31/15 Las Vegas LEO Police got mad when i tried to veri
12/31/15 Las Vegas no show Young dude that plays a lot of game
12/30/15 Las Vegas Not Trust Worthy Mixed comments about this guy being
12/30/15 Las Vegas friend of pimps Affiliated with pimps.. Would highl
12/25/15 Las Vegas Strange guy Wierdo, stay away
12/23/15 Las Vegas Greg M. Says he wants it deep on his @$$ ..
12/23/15 Las Vegas Rapist RAPIST!!!!
12/23/15 Las Vegas Rapist RAPIST!!!!!
12/20/15 Las Vegas LE Police
12/20/15 Las Vegas waste of time Will never show.... Just texts to m
12/19/15 Las Vegas Ncns - Twot Will text u never show up..
12/19/15 Las Vegas Vice Cop UNDERCOVER COP !!!!!!
12/18/15 Las Vegas Dns Waste of time - bullshitter - plays
12/16/15 Las Vegas UC Vice POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
12/15/15 Las Vegas LEO Police
12/15/15 Las Vegas Sting Undercover and will text u again fr
12/15/15 Las Vegas Sting alert UNDERCOVER COP !!!!!!
12/15/15 Las Vegas LE set up UNDERCOVER COP !!!!!!!!!!
12/14/15 Las Vegas caution Wanna be pimp very evil person
12/14/15 Las Vegas Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
12/14/15 Las Vegas Pic collector Pic collector. Waste of time. Doesn
12/13/15 Las Vegas He's 5.0 Police sting
12/13/15 Las Vegas UC Vice Police sting
12/12/15 Las Vegas DNS Wants your address ... Total a hole
12/12/15 Las Vegas No $$$ Cheap skates
12/12/15 Las Vegas Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
12/11/15 Las Vegas Pic collector Pic collector. Waste of time. Doesn
12/11/15 Las Vegas Date Flaker Waste of time. Do not book.
12/11/15 Las Vegas No Show Waste of time. Do not book.
12/11/15 Las Vegas Tranny customer No show.. No cancel... Then made le
12/08/15 Las Vegas Not serious Waste of time ladies, don't book
12/08/15 Las Vegas druggie Wierd (junkie,) don't trust him wit
12/04/15 Las Vegas incall gamer bs'r, tell you he here, and then he
12/03/15 Las Vegas Loser alert Will wasted your time! Fake number
12/02/15 Las Vegas undercover COP!!!!!
12/02/15 Las Vegas Lame simp Wanna be Pimp lol
12/01/15 Las Vegas no follow through Always texts but never books
11/29/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp alert
11/28/15 Las Vegas money scammer Trying the bogus cashier check scam
11/26/15 Las Vegas trouble maker Wants your address to make trouble
11/25/15 Las Vegas Simp Simp trick
11/22/15 Las Vegas Twot - Jammer Sets up fake appoints with escorts
11/20/15 Las Vegas Cop Cop! Do not see.
11/20/15 Las Vegas He's LE Vice Sting
11/17/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pushy Pimp
11/16/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp beware
11/15/15 Las Vegas Predator Pulled my number off Craigslist and
11/15/15 Las Vegas Scary Caller Makes domestic violence threats
11/13/15 Las Vegas nasty creeper Bullshiter plays games talks nasty
11/13/15 Las Vegas PIMP LAMEASS PIMP
11/11/15 Las Vegas AJ Garcia guy was verbally abusive, TER Handl
11/09/15 Las Vegas Twot BS.… books and don't show
11/09/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp I hurt you don't trust
11/07/15 Las Vegas loser alert Wanna be pimp tryna recruit
11/07/15 Las Vegas Pimp Relentless Pimp
11/07/15 Las Vegas Pimp Thirsty Pimp
11/07/15 Las Vegas Wanna be pimp Wanna Be Pimp, he broke and looking
11/06/15 Las Vegas Bad Trick Watch out
11/05/15 Las Vegas LE alert Under cover Metro police officer
11/05/15 Las Vegas Prank Outcall Weirdo. Suspect. Fake address too
11/04/15 Las Vegas Cheap Ass Haggling hag. Flake. Douchey. Would
11/04/15 Las Vegas Jerk Alert Creep, uncooth,. ill mannered jerk.
11/03/15 Las Vegas Creeper Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
11/02/15 Las Vegas Flakes on U Flake. Don't waste your time. He do
11/02/15 Las Vegas Prank Outcall This man makes appointments then gi
11/02/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pushy Pimp
11/01/15 Las Vegas Adam 12 Cop alert. Beware.
11/01/15 Las Vegas prank outcall Time waster. gives fake addresses.
11/01/15 Las Vegas law man Undercover Sting Operation… Beware
10/30/15 Las Vegas Possible Cop She looks like an undercover cop th
10/30/15 Las Vegas Bad Trick Thief and a liar
10/30/15 Las Vegas TERs Ol_Desperado at LV M&G. If hes there He is Toxic. Avoid the party
10/29/15 Las Vegas Phone Stalker Creepy White Guy
10/27/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp Recruiting hoes.
10/27/15 Las Vegas Pimp Relentless Pimp
10/26/15 Las Vegas Pervert Ask me what I'm wearing and he star
10/25/15 Las Vegas Set Up - Robber alert He robbed me beware ladies
10/24/15 Las Vegas Dan White Fake. Player. Tranny hunter loser
10/23/15 Las Vegas Harassed me over text
10/23/15 Las Vegas Pimp PIMP and dealer...
10/22/15 Las Vegas Infected Trick Books while he has an active Std
10/22/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp , trying to get escorts to joi
10/22/15 Las Vegas broke junkie Crack head on the run
10/21/15 Las Vegas Strange guy Weirdo creeping me out. Need to avo
10/21/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp. Won't stop calling.
10/20/15 Las Vegas Po Po Alert LE entrapment, stay on your game la
10/20/15 Las Vegas Time Waster No show.
10/19/15 Las Vegas Rapist This rapist keep stalking me im sca
10/18/15 Las Vegas Fake Date Prank caller, booking fake dates
10/17/15 Las Vegas LE - STING ALERT POLICE!!!!!! POLICE!!!!!
10/14/15 Las Vegas Rude Pushy Trick very annoying and aggressive
10/14/15 Las Vegas Rapist He tried to rape me! And calls and
10/14/15 Las Vegas Twot - BS - Games Bullshitter, you can count on him t
10/12/15 Las Vegas Robber He will try to rob you!!!!
10/12/15 Las Vegas Robber He will try to rob you!!!!
10/11/15 Las Vegas Annoying Texter just wants to play games, text only
10/11/15 Las Vegas Idiot Pimp Stupid pimp, and a stupid as nigga
10/11/15 Las Vegas LE - STING ALERT POLICE!!!!! POLICE!!!!!!
10/10/15 Las Vegas Fake Date Playing games, does not answer when
10/09/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp
10/09/15 Las Vegas Scammer Beware females he will lie, use you
10/06/15 Las Vegas Phone Stalker Creepy perv,might wanna block this
10/04/15 Las Vegas Incall pranker Bs trick, at appt time he call to g
10/01/15 Las Vegas Pimp pimp beware
09/29/15 Las Vegas Weirdo Creeper alert Weirdo, Talks Weird, Acts Weird. I
09/28/15 Las Vegas cheap haggler Low baller ... waste time no show
09/27/15 Las Vegas No Show Waste of time. No Show.
09/27/15 Las Vegas Pimp Wants to be a pimp, and start with
09/26/15 Las Vegas Yuk! he sent me nasty pictures of his ju
09/25/15 Las Vegas Weirdo Creeper alert Weirdo, Talks Weird, Acts Weird. I
09/25/15 Las Vegas Dick Pix Perv Sends me inappropriate pictures and
09/25/15 Las Vegas Rude Blow Off No show even though I specifically
09/24/15 Las Vegas Play No Pay Creep caution watch out for this guy, he
09/24/15 Las Vegas crazy trick Seems nice at first, then turns on
09/23/15 Las Vegas incall gamer calls for your incall address at ap
09/23/15 Las Vegas Threatening Txts This man is a stalker, sends threat
09/23/15 Las Vegas Creepy Trick He an unpleasant uncomfortable weir
09/22/15 Las Vegas creeper alert loser in vegas stay away from this
09/21/15 Las Vegas Robber Rob: doesn't deliver as promised an
09/20/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp using his own hookers as refer
09/19/15 Las Vegas loser alert Pushes to hard to lower your rate,
09/19/15 Las Vegas cheap tranny hunter Tranny hunter, freebie seeker.
09/18/15 Las Vegas tranny hunter loser liar Tranny hunter loser in v
09/18/15 Las Vegas tranny hunter what's with all the crazy TS's late
09/17/15 Las Vegas desperate tranny hunter broke desperate transsexual and a l
09/17/15 Las Vegas Ass Hole Alert Douche bag trick.
09/17/15 Las Vegas Douche bag trick. OMG, cheap, wants everything for no
09/17/15 Las Vegas pimp Pimp booking dates to learn where y
09/17/15 Las Vegas Loser Rate Shopper, seeking Discounts and
09/17/15 Las Vegas Twot - TS what with all the crazy TS's callin
09/17/15 Las Vegas tranny hunter Tranny hunter transsexual and loser
09/17/15 Las Vegas TS hunter msut be TS convention in town, here
09/16/15 Las Vegas no money loser in Vegas, stay away
09/16/15 Las Vegas Flaky Fuk Pervert... Avoid this CHEAP CREEP (
09/16/15 Las Vegas pimp pimp pimp pimp pimp
09/16/15 Las Vegas 69Guy69 This person is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.
09/16/15 Las Vegas Po PO Alert He da Police
09/16/15 Las Vegas Scary Bare Backer Attempts to scare you into having u
09/15/15 Las Vegas Ncns flake/time waster/ no show, no call
09/15/15 Las Vegas cheap TS tranny chaser and time wasteing los
09/15/15 Las Vegas tranny hunter tranny on the prowl, wasting your t
09/14/15 Las Vegas Loser Broke, Low Baller
09/14/15 Las Vegas Total Creep he rude, has a bad attitude and ove
09/14/15 Las Vegas He police Police… be smart now ladies
09/14/15 Las Vegas broke TS time wasting tranny hunter and lose
09/14/15 Las Vegas thirsty tranny hunter tranny hunter, lost individual
09/13/15 Las Vegas BP troll Cheap and creepy, no refs, no revie
09/13/15 Las Vegas loser alert loser in Vegas, Avoid
09/13/15 Las Vegas cheap tranny chaser tranny hunter and he a loser liar g
09/12/15 Las Vegas ncns inconsiderate trick, blooked and bl
09/11/15 Las Vegas nasty hater Sexual harassment indeed
09/10/15 Las Vegas Rude Creep Escorts beware: he rude, he inconsi
09/10/15 Las Vegas Thirsty Pimp Thinks he's a pimp. May be struggli
09/09/15 Las Vegas flake Loser who books and no shows
09/07/15 Las Vegas all talk, no book loser - no money just wanna talk
09/07/15 Las Vegas hater unhappy camper who spews nasty sexu
09/06/15 Las Vegas talker, not a booker Never books an appointment, just pl
09/06/15 Las Vegas dirty talk, not a booker Never books an appointment, just pl
09/04/15 Las Vegas no show Loser in vegas, books and isn't the
09/04/15 Las Vegas TS Chaser / Twot hunter tranny
09/03/15 Las Vegas tranny chaser stay away from this tranny hunter i
09/03/15 Las Vegas loco Mexican stupid ugly short mexican guy actin
09/01/15 Las Vegas Demanding Loser Waste of time thinks you owe the wo
08/31/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp tryning to pimp himself on you
08/31/15 Las Vegas Ncns 2 x time waster/flake. has called me tw
08/30/15 Las Vegas Ncns - Twot Loser stupid latino loser in las Ve
08/29/15 Las Vegas rude creepo caller won't take NO for an answer
08/29/15 Las Vegas Ncns Tranny loser Hunter vegas internet
08/29/15 Las Vegas Pimp Dellusional pimp trying to convince
08/28/15 Las Vegas Date flaker Tranny loser Hunter vegas internet
08/28/15 Las Vegas fake date time wasting loser tranny Hunter in
08/28/15 Las Vegas no show Tranny loser Hunter vegas internet
08/26/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp trying to convince you that yo
08/25/15 Las Vegas Robber Robbing girls (Silverwood Apts) wil
08/24/15 Las Vegas wants bbbj-cim Asked me to feed myself with his cu
08/24/15 Las Vegas Stalker of Males Stalking me at regular work and sen
08/23/15 Las Vegas Lady Pimp This old lady is a pimp, she is a f
08/23/15 Las Vegas asks incriminating questions Don't see him. I think he's an unde
08/23/15 Las Vegas Po Po alert Don't see him think he's undercover
08/23/15 Las Vegas fake outcalls Creep who looks like a crazy murder
08/19/15 Las Vegas Counterfeit Money He wanted an hour of time for 200 a
08/18/15 Las Vegas rude flaker Sets something up.. Then never hear
08/18/15 Las Vegas Wanker Boy Jack off artist...calls and asks 50
08/18/15 Las Vegas Twot Cheap racist and stupid
08/14/15 Las Vegas flake date Plays games time waster
08/13/15 Las Vegas ROBBER This low life will ROB YOU... he is
08/13/15 Las Vegas Joshua Everett Obtains your real info easily with
08/12/15 Las Vegas twot - playn games Time waster! He wanted to meet me &
08/11/15 Las Vegas Fake/Flake Sets fake appoitments, just a WOT
08/10/15 Las Vegas Aids spreader gay dude trying to spread aids
08/10/15 Las Vegas simp lame simp trying to get something g
08/10/15 Las Vegas Freebie Scammer Liar! Says he has $$ but when u mee
08/10/15 Las Vegas Outcall gamer Game player and a liar! Don't fall
08/10/15 Las Vegas seeks raw sex nasty wants unsafe sex
08/10/15 Las Vegas tranny chaser tranny Hunter is loser
08/07/15 Las Vegas PIMP pimp playing games like he a client
08/06/15 Las Vegas Cop porky pigs out of the pen, beware l
08/04/15 Las Vegas Pic Wanker Doesn't want to see you, just wants
08/03/15 Las Vegas stupid simp lame ass simp alert
08/02/15 Las Vegas Cop Total cop Officer Godinez
08/01/15 Las Vegas Tranny Chasin loser tranny Hunter on the loose, n
08/01/15 Las Vegas TS chaser This tranny Hunter is a loser in ve
08/01/15 Las Vegas HIV- AIDS Infected AIDS infested transvestite working
07/31/15 Las Vegas Tranny Chasin Tranny loser
07/31/15 Las Vegas Tranny Chasin loser tranny Hunter on the loose, n
07/30/15 Las Vegas Porky alert This nasty pigs, beware ladies
07/29/15 Las Vegas Pimp Hungry pimp looking to increase his
07/29/15 Las Vegas offers $40 Dont bother with them in less you w
07/28/15 Las Vegas Tranny Chasin loser tranny Hunter on the loose, n
07/28/15 Las Vegas Pimp Pimp being a pimper, pushing the id
07/27/15 Las Vegas NCNS - 2x Flaker. Time waster! Not once but t
07/25/15 Las Vegas No Show Books an appointment but doesn't sh