Date Incident City Offender Name Description
10/12/17 Chicago Peter Pantelemyonov Rs2k memberNCNSNever showed up
10/05/17 Chicago Paul Listed false references, false info
10/04/17 Chicago None given yet Endless texts, pic collector, never
10/02/17 Chicago 312-622-5553 Endless texts, Never books, pic collector, wont talk on the phone
10/02/17 Chicago Brian Murphy
09/11/17 Chicago Jmorgan5120/Morgan Another jerk who cancelled 15 minut
09/11/17 Chicago Steven Abdelmalak M.D. Steve_Malak_MD VIOLENT RAPIST DANGEROUS DO NOT SEE
09/11/17 Chicago 630-965-4514 Abhijay Jalota M.D. HAGGLER VULGAR ABUSIVE DO NOT USE
09/07/17 Chicago 312-307-2974 constantly calls prankster loser harrassment
09/02/17 Chicago Bobby NCNS-we confirmed an appointment an
08/24/17 Chicago Matt (773) 329-1305 Another useless penniless Caucasia
08/23/17 Chicago Kris A Nelson 312-451-4581 Rude,dont like to pay, horrible not
08/21/17 Chicago Charles Benjamin Flaster VIOLENT RACIST & DANGEROUS Slapped
08/10/17 Chicago Backpage The address seemed an abonded house
08/08/17 Chicago Jeff Have seen this client before twice.
07/14/17 Chicago David First everything goes well with fir
07/03/17 Chicago The client was a foreigner with a t
06/30/17 Chicago Mark Thomas Stay away from him Fake guy.
06/21/17 Chicago Doug Strain Went through the appropriate screen
06/01/17 Chicago Kris Texts asking a million questions un
05/19/17 Chicago Frank / fjf1234
05/10/17 Chicago 323-662-2856 Akop Seksenyan Jack Hockey DRHOCKEY83 Sadistic Predator Dangerous Abusive
05/06/17 Chicago bignthick54/ Shaun M stay away from this man
04/26/17 Chicago Rasmus Olsson/ Check Scam/ Fake Appointment There is an uptick in scammers emai
04/23/17 Chicago George K Flynn dubblplay@yahoo.comgflynn@clausen.c
04/20/17 Chicago Joe/shoelessjoe911
04/18/17 Chicago Harh Patel NCNS on 2h apptGot verified by a re
04/12/17 Chicago Will Shane McIntyre AKA Chris Eason Total time waster. Just wants to w
04/04/17 Chicago Bryan Lawson from AL state Dont waste your time Looser.
03/21/17 Chicago Omer Fazel 224-938-8080 Publicly announced my business to m
03/19/17 Chicago John Huber 708-257-3979 undressed and then wanted a refund
03/18/17 Chicago 708-491-0009 Do not see. Said his name is mik sh
03/16/17 Chicago FRED This is a Large man with blonde /
03/13/17 Chicago Ahmad Abuzir Gun Pullout Pulled gun out. liposuction scar
03/06/17 Chicago Craig Martin of Antioch, IL (224) 360-9242 Looking to Date aka Free Sex. Complete timewaster drunk DO NOT TRUST THIS TOOL- A drunk and
03/06/17 Chicago Manoj Thomas Client becomes physically abusive w
03/05/17 Chicago Jim Allen in Worth, IL- Known Lunatic 708-497-8323 Hes out of his cage again ladies an
03/04/17 Chicago Thomas Ko (fake name) 706-381-80XX Has a Georgia burner number, says h
03/04/17 Chicago ED Pill Popper/Multiple Hour Faker/Money and Generosity Bragger (FAKE) His name is James C. Dont believe h
02/27/17 Chicago Rudy Jimenez This client paid thousands through
02/25/17 Chicago Sam This guy cancels last minute all th
02/23/17 Chicago Danger Alert Bad, Stay Away and Be Safe
02/23/17 Chicago Mark Bickler aka Mark g Cunnington Watch out
02/17/17 Chicago Marcus Osby He hired me in February 2017 from r
02/15/17 Chicago Steve brown Booked with me three times and has
02/11/17 Chicago Engin E. I saw this man twice in real life b
02/07/17 Chicago Manoj Thomas Client is very rough. He tries to
02/03/17 Chicago Neil S. McElroy He will steal back the money I just
01/27/17 Chicago This man is about 55 drives a white
01/27/17 Chicago 315-569-7777 This guy calls me up says he has ab
01/24/17 Chicago Anya May has genital herpes. Saw this polish gal in Chicago. On
01/22/17 Chicago Mike Bujalski 630-666-1700 STAY AWAY This guy is pervert creep
01/22/17 Chicago Anastazja Rose arrested last night Anastazja Rose was arrested last ni
01/21/17 Chicago MarissaDemarco,reviews,escortripoff I had known Marissa Demarco a coupl
01/10/17 Chicago Craig Scott Came in did the date attacked me to
01/05/17 Chicago 312-953-6275 Ed Motto Stay away this guys a creep
01/05/17 Chicago gabriel berkowitz 617-835-4454 stay away this guy is a pervert cre
01/05/17 Chicago gabriel berkowitz 617-835-4454 stay away this guy is a pervert cre
01/05/17 Chicago Jeff Henrich 630-325-5358 This guy is a woman abusing drug de
01/05/17 Chicago Harrison Ruhl Harrison requested an outcall and a
12/29/16 Chicago RC Sanders/RCinAlaska
12/14/16 Chicago Dave Shorted Donation Verbally abusive w
12/09/16 Chicago Scott Ginsberg Threatens You
11/28/16 Chicago Shahnawaz Khokhar Rip off and rape-Dispute a credit
11/26/16 Chicago Thomas Corona I booked with this dude and he neve
11/24/16 Chicago Mike Client was extremely hard to screen
11/22/16 Chicago ROBBERS USED POST OF Bombshell ( Prita) Available Now - 24 OFFENDERS ATTEMPED TO ROB WHEN BEIN
11/16/16 Chicago Jeff Lee This guy seemed really sweet, respe
11/08/16 Chicago Brian Curley Tried BBFS
10/28/16 Chicago Rich/Richard Gillette I`ve seen him several times before
10/25/16 Chicago Ty
10/24/16 Chicago Greg Cardellini 480-273-2115 He booked for a massage but he cou
10/23/16 Chicago Jessica I came over there and hand the lady
10/20/16 Chicago Brian Cardio 773-704-1458 He did not show up for his appoint
10/17/16 Chicago Mike This guy had me get ready, get a da
09/28/16 Chicago Dave Moss herpes, harassment, shorts $$$$
09/05/16 Chicago William Zavis 872-800-3129 This guy is a major drunk and con a
08/27/16 Chicago Andrew Had an appointment with this guy..
08/25/16 Chicago Anil Thomas 312-404-9291 Scheduled an appointment and never
08/07/16 Chicago Sam
08/01/16 Chicago John Downes He is a jerk that likes dirty motel
07/24/16 Chicago 815-302-1818 I smell Bacon. Cop Alert
07/21/16 Chicago Mike Vucci this guy backs out of dates after n
07/21/16 Chicago John 660-851-8180 Makes appointments and never shows
07/20/16 Chicago 224-217-9001 Made a appointment & never showed o
06/26/16 Chicago Dan Time waster .. Sends numerous texts
06/22/16 Chicago Ayo Ayodele/Lade Tubi did not pay for my time
06/13/16 Chicago John yesensky Asked if I offer bareback services
06/12/16 Chicago Dylan Tito No session but he waits outside. Sa
06/09/16 Chicago Daniel rich Suddenly stopped showing up for app
05/26/16 Chicago Ian MacKenzie Creepy old man. Complete pervert. V
05/25/16 Chicago Eddie Allen Stay away this guy is a con artist
05/22/16 Chicago Dan Kaiser Pushed against wall twice, verbally
05/18/16 Chicago Mike Walker Scheduled a session for BDSM where
05/13/16 Chicago COP Sergio Martinez 224-203-0466 medium to tall hispanic older man d
05/07/16 Chicago This guy has been emailing with me
05/05/16 Chicago didnt give he had me drive all the way there a
04/25/16 Chicago Tony Karamuzis Now I really think this person is n
04/20/16 Chicago Michael Ferragamo Michael called me on another occasi
04/08/16 Chicago Jeff Stevens Tha guy gets all the information th
04/08/16 Chicago P411 name-Todd/truu1 He came in my room and right from t
03/31/16 Chicago Charles 630-220-4848 STAY AWAY THIS GUY IS A CON ARTIST
03/31/16 Chicago 708-955-0103 stay away
03/31/16 Chicago unknown COP
03/25/16 Chicago (Eric) Joel Richard rick Philips The guys a real nut job. An escorts
03/22/16 Chicago Randy Client intentionally broke condom
03/22/16 Chicago Chicago heights Guy calls me wanting to spend 2 sta
03/22/16 Chicago Scary threat stalker Txting me abusive txts saying he st
03/22/16 Chicago No name Sent me txts wanting time then said
03/16/16 Chicago Time Hes name is Tim Asked if he could p
03/11/16 Chicago Jk09090909 This guy is a joke. He writes fake
03/08/16 Chicago Unknown Went over to see this guy at the Da
03/07/16 Chicago William Wallace (Bill) DO NOT SEE HIM Something is wrong w
03/07/16 Chicago jaquees Send off says hes a rapper name jaq
03/05/16 Chicago Thomas Herbst Met online and he had bought me a f
03/03/16 Chicago john c kuta lies repeatedly about sending a pic
03/03/16 Chicago Ed McKiernan 817-989-0648 Oh my gosh this man wouldnt stop tr
02/29/16 Chicago Carlos Meza Was trying not to play safe.Ripped
02/29/16 Chicago Bill 847-815-7081 847-815-7081Numerous phone calls In
02/28/16 Chicago LE calls and asks if I offer bareback services A Martinez 847-220-0442 I answered his call and he said do
02/24/16 Chicago 630-750-8017 claims Tyler Met him off
02/16/16 Chicago (773) 647-8165
02/06/16 Chicago cheap date will try to lowball
02/05/16 Chicago Not Trust Worthy Mixed comments about this guy being
02/05/16 Chicago Has 2 b a cop Asking about if protection is neces
02/04/16 Chicago Not to be Trusted Claims to be a polite gentleman, fu
02/04/16 Chicago Get references on this one Says he's a nice gentleman, good ti
02/04/16 Chicago pushy, too aggressive Will not accept no for an answer, b
02/04/16 Chicago Twot Young bs'r just wanting to talk abo
02/04/16 Chicago Twot Young nervousy guy that cancels. XX
02/04/16 Chicago Not to be Trusted Feels like an LE set up, says too m
02/04/16 Chicago strong cop vibe Posibble 5.0. Didn't get to find ou
02/04/16 Chicago LEO Police at the Sheraton hotel watch
02/03/16 Chicago Caution Asks explicit questions
02/03/16 Chicago twot Ask a lot of questions. He most def
02/03/16 Chicago Creepy dude Weirdo creeping me out. Need to avo
02/02/16 Chicago pimp X pimp black guy dreads 5'8 ish
01/31/16 Chicago Partick Bowler patrick bowler, calls transsexuals
01/31/16 Chicago Jacob s. His name is Jacob stroman and he li
01/31/16 Chicago strong cop vibe Asking if anything is uncovered sou
01/31/16 Chicago Incall Bluffer Asks for room number and address an
01/31/16 Chicago Rapist Rapist / Predator Alert
01/30/16 Chicago Pig POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/30/16 Chicago Peter Name is Peter. He doesnt show up an
01/30/16 Chicago Says he's legit, don't trust Mixed comments about this guy being
01/29/16 Chicago rude jerk Asked him to send a pic for verific
01/29/16 Chicago Creep Asks rude questions
01/28/16 Chicago Suspicious, screen carefully Sketchy things happening with this
01/28/16 Chicago He's LE Acts like a client really police
01/28/16 Chicago Matthew Schmidt Matthew Schmidt he is A time waster
01/28/16 Chicago LEO Police
01/27/16 Chicago Dharmendra J Patel Very pushy. Told him I didnt do cer
01/26/16 Chicago Sam Made himself sound good on the phon
01/26/16 Chicago Mark Fat & ugly sick pervert named Mark!
01/24/16 Chicago Ajay Berry, aka Faiz Hanif Liar, game player calling and givin
01/24/16 Chicago 872-333-8915 No show
01/24/16 Chicago 872-333-8915 No show
01/24/16 Chicago DNS Wants u to do him and his daughter.
01/24/16 Chicago Creeper alert Weirdo creep don't answer
01/24/16 Chicago Low Balls You 40$ trick
01/24/16 Chicago Strange guy Weirdo don't answer
01/23/16 Chicago Rio, aka Mario Banks He goes by Rio escorts beware I'm t
01/23/16 Chicago Irra Irra, totally cheap and a waste of
01/23/16 Chicago Pimp Will try to to make money F
01/23/16 Chicago Creeper Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
01/22/16 Chicago UC Vice Police for sure, do not answer u wi
01/22/16 Chicago Strange guy Weirdo waste of time
01/22/16 Chicago LE Police , do not answer you will go
01/21/16 Chicago Caution asks really weird personal question
01/21/16 Chicago pic wanker Wants pics
01/21/16 Chicago Strange guy Weirdo.
01/21/16 Chicago Ricardo Garcia Exchanged emails, verified as RS2k
01/21/16 Chicago Marty Marty old drunk! Saw him once hes v
01/21/16 Chicago pimp A pimp that says hes a driver! I ca
01/20/16 Chicago Jake What a jerk this guy is.. Texted al
01/20/16 Chicago LEO Police don't answer
01/20/16 Chicago LEO Police dont go u will be booked
01/20/16 Chicago Cop Police dont go u will be booked
01/19/16 Chicago 12 POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/19/16 Chicago Cop Police… Don't Go
01/19/16 Chicago Bob f. It actually Bob fransen the name sh
01/19/16 Chicago suspicious lied 773-598-0322 screen hard said name was chris uncooperative LIED i asked did he send screening info
01/19/16 Chicago waste of time wants to book a session and no show
01/18/16 Chicago 773-852-7784 Made a appointment and never showed
01/18/16 Chicago Twot All he want is pics
01/18/16 Chicago Beware. Asks if he can take a shower with y
01/18/16 Chicago Beware. Asks if you like sex… caution!
01/17/16 Chicago Strange guy Weirdo pervert asking me… "Are you
01/17/16 Chicago DAWID K He's a time waster if you're a $100
01/17/16 Chicago Paul He said I sounded sexy than hung up
01/16/16 Chicago 773-849-1695 This guy came to see me, said he ne
01/16/16 Chicago cheapo Wants a date for $40!! Im worth way
01/15/16 Chicago Mike C. Police for Hinsdale.....Name Mike C
01/15/16 Chicago set-up wants to tie you up for '$100 hr n
01/15/16 Chicago Vice Sting Piggiess out of the pen, beware lad
01/15/16 Chicago 5.0 Asks incriminating questions, feels
01/15/16 Chicago Brandon hes blk and a no show time waster
01/15/16 Chicago don't do it wants to tie you up for $100 then l
01/15/16 Chicago Dave his name is Dave. stay away from hi
01/14/16 Chicago wants uncovered play Asks for bbbj
01/13/16 Chicago Ron His name is Ron or Ronald. Hes disg
01/12/16 Chicago shawn DNS very sketchy and gives women's
01/12/16 Chicago delussional creep Wanted me to come over for a hour f
01/12/16 Chicago Cop POLICE 100% FORSURE
01/11/16 Chicago Creepy dude Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
01/11/16 Chicago William N. His name is Jeffrey William Norman,
01/10/16 Chicago Wot
01/10/16 Chicago Five - Oh Police
01/10/16 Chicago lame pimp recruiting Wana be pimp trying to recruit fema
01/10/16 Chicago Incall Bluffer Asks for your address and doesn't s
01/09/16 Chicago Cop Asks explicit questions like a cop,
01/09/16 Chicago Jasmine and Michael Jasmine and Michael are harassing m
01/08/16 Chicago LE Police don't trust
01/08/16 Chicago LE POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
01/08/16 Chicago risky trick Ask for bbfs
01/07/16 Chicago idiot Wants to record you in session, kee
01/07/16 Chicago Creeper alert Weirdo , beware .... I warned you
01/07/16 Chicago robs u Will take your money
01/07/16 Chicago Dan His name is Dan hes very well built
01/06/16 Chicago Cedric His name is Cedric hes the reason y
01/06/16 Chicago Dangerous Assaulted me… Stay Away
01/06/16 Chicago Flaker Waste of time, no show, no call, no
01/06/16 Chicago Charles Moss escort has a pimp by the name Charl
01/06/16 Chicago unsafe player Ask for bbfs
01/06/16 Chicago Leo careful
01/06/16 Chicago Pig Feels Like LE, asks questions that
01/06/16 Chicago Vice! careful
01/05/16 Chicago Five - Oh Police HPD
01/05/16 Chicago Five - Oh Policeeeeeeeeee
01/05/16 Chicago seeks BBFS Raw sex seeker
01/05/16 Chicago talker, not a booker Always calls never books
01/04/16 Chicago Umair M HE IS A BIG TIMEwaster. He will not
01/03/16 Chicago Get references on this one Claims to be a polite gentleman, fu
01/03/16 Chicago Five - Oh Police don't answer !!!!!
01/03/16 Chicago LEO Policeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!
01/03/16 Chicago Flakes on You Waste of time, NCNS, Inconsiderate
01/03/16 Chicago Stands U up Books and doesn't show up or call t
01/03/16 Chicago Stood me up Waste of time, no show, no call, no
01/02/16 Chicago unsafe player Wants raw sex
01/01/16 Chicago Brian His names Brian . he "loves Latina
01/01/16 Chicago Get references on this one Says he's nice, tpswell, doesn't ne
12/31/15 Chicago Don't just trust this guy Something wrong with this number, i
12/31/15 Chicago Daniel Gentile Very abusive, not respectful at all
12/31/15 Chicago Cop Police !!!! Beautiful
12/31/15 Chicago LEO Police don't answer !!!!!
12/31/15 Chicago Rapist Rapist - Stay Away
12/30/15 Chicago Dns Waste of time - bullshitter - plays
12/30/15 Chicago Bag guy 773-831-8296 Guy refuses to give you sny info
12/29/15 Chicago Plays Games, Screen Carefully Feels like an LE set up, says too m
12/29/15 Chicago Lots of questions about this one. Sketchy things happening with this
12/29/15 Chicago sketchy caller Says he is nice, should not have to
12/28/15 Chicago Five - Oh Police calling from fake number
12/28/15 Chicago PoPo Police officer
12/28/15 Chicago LE Police scam
12/28/15 Chicago creeper Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
12/28/15 Chicago michael anthony roche jr. hit me in my face and shoved me aro
12/28/15 Chicago risky trick Wants raw head dirty head
12/27/15 Chicago date flaker Waste of time, books and no shows
12/27/15 Chicago date flaker Waste of time, books and no shows
12/27/15 Chicago craig hartman 312-320-9298 huge game player time waster always flakes on appointments doubl
12/25/15 Chicago Cop Police
12/25/15 Chicago Incall game player Waste of time, n very creepy will c
12/24/15 Chicago Cop POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
12/23/15 Chicago Five - Oh Police officer in harvey who is a t
12/23/15 Chicago Idiot playn Games Asks for address, the says he can't
12/23/15 Chicago Indiscreet Caller Asks for full service, wants to eat
12/22/15 Chicago date flaker Waste of time, books and no shows
12/22/15 Chicago date flaker Waste of time, books and no shows
12/22/15 Chicago Dave Thompson 773-439-0895 dont answer or respond he just wants FREE phone sex loser calls pretends he wants to se
12/21/15 Chicago requests MSOG Always asking for 2pops definitely
12/21/15 Chicago Predator Woman beater
12/21/15 Chicago Caution Asks too many inappropriate questio
12/21/15 Chicago cheap ass Wants a 30 date. Lmao
12/21/15 Chicago incall bluffer Waste of time Ladies don't give thi
12/21/15 Chicago Thief Tries to take money back.. Dna
12/20/15 Chicago prank outcall Wants outcall and don't answer when
12/20/15 Chicago Broke Ass What's up with these cheap mudafuck
12/20/15 Chicago risky trick Want bb
12/20/15 Chicago He's Law Enforcement Police Dont see bait and switch
12/20/15 Chicago Says he's a cop Talked about he being an officer, d
12/19/15 Chicago He's LE Po po
12/19/15 Chicago LE Police ladies
12/18/15 Chicago Five - Oh POLICE POLICE POLICE
12/18/15 Chicago LE Police police police
12/18/15 Chicago Cop POLICE!!
12/18/15 Chicago Police police donation
12/18/15 Chicago Marc Waste of time. Stalks and never com
12/18/15 Chicago 12 Cop. Arrested me!
12/18/15 Chicago Phone pest Yes he is a stalker
12/18/15 Chicago sodomizer Watch out ladies. He tried to put i
12/17/15 Chicago Impatient Prick Wants a outcall to evergreen park.
12/17/15 Chicago Law Balling Creepo Cheap time waster
12/17/15 Chicago Robber Robbed me Dont see
12/17/15 Chicago Undercover Vice Cop
12/17/15 Chicago Possible cop Nasty mf, possibly 5-0
12/16/15 Chicago Mike This guys name is Mike, he slow and
12/16/15 Chicago Pix wanker, no dinero Waste of time. Mexican dude who jus
12/16/15 Chicago Robber w gun Pervert robbed me with gun to head.