Date Incident City Offender Name Description
08/23/17 Denver anonymous kept telling what his eta was and a
08/22/17 Seattle-Tacoma Marcus After a 15 min phone convo about me
08/22/17 San Francisco Summer Segal Summer Segal is a unstable, mental
08/22/17 Los Angeles Peter Hopkins Peter Hopkins aka Pete Hopkins will
08/22/17 Los Angeles VICE arrests going on #s Since last Tuesday 14th..The LAPD,F
08/21/17 Toronto John Nursey John Nursey is threatening a provid
08/21/17 --Please Select-- David Martinez David Martinez went to see one of o
08/21/17 Chicago Charles Benjamin Flaster VIOLENT RACIST & DANGEROUS Slapped
08/20/17 Los Angeles Brian Jennings Refused to provide photos for full
08/20/17 Waukegan Don 561 577-6489 DNSI mistakened for upscale and wel
08/20/17 Los Angeles Victoria I made an appointment to see Victor
08/20/17 Cleveland Michael Levin No show 4 times in row then lies ab
08/20/17 --Please Select-- Ana Rush Ana Rush is a escort in Lomabrd IL
08/20/17 Los Angeles Charles Hawkins Charles Hawkins emailed me to see m
08/19/17 San Francisco +1 (415) 717-4980 George Crispo Cancelled last minute twice now. Re
08/19/17 Los Angeles Caller ID says Victor M Aguilar This bag of wet hair called me & te
08/19/17 Philadelphia Ahmed Mosaid Fucking loser Indian wasted a ton o
08/17/17 Daytona Beach Dave, Tom New York accent, older man says he
08/17/17 Los Angeles Jonathan Thayer Spends 30 minutes saying he isComin
08/17/17 --Please Select-- anonymous he must be a black guy. we has a co
08/16/17 --Please Select-- Michael so this guy contacts me and ask a l
08/16/17 Austin mike ferguson 512-230-8387 austin texas booked on P411 then sent pm to canc
08/15/17 Cleveland 586-255-7498 Mike B Marihugh Con man, blackmail, perv, unstable,
08/15/17 Montreal Guy from le-des-Soeurs He called for a massage, decided he
08/15/17 Albany Erik Bad hygiene, also pulled no show on
08/14/17 --Please Select-- Jonathan Mccoy / TJMccoy1 on Ashley Madison Likes Serial killers and wants to d
08/14/17 Ottawa George Tsagatakis Stalker, fake client, fake sugar da
08/14/17 Denver Mark M very forceful. wouldnt listen, very
08/14/17 Phoenix N/a He plays games with you has you jum
08/14/17 Orlando Chad Williams from Rentmen (816) 804-1670 Total Flake. This guy contacted me
08/13/17 St. Louis 636-200-3342 he shows up comes up to your room w
08/12/17 Albuquerque michelle https//
08/12/17 Albany slewadon I received multiple requests from D
08/11/17 Tampa Mark (813) 399-2709 from rentmen Called to schedule the night before
08/11/17 Tampa James Waters Hes been contacting me for months e
08/11/17 Corpus Christi broke he cusses at me on txt cause he had
08/10/17 Denver someguybob He has seen Zoey Portland who is co
08/10/17 Denver candyman This guy shows up with meth in a br
08/10/17 --Please Select-- Asks very explicit questions. ..Law
08/10/17 --Please Select-- Carl Bolson Aggressive/Rude, works for the Deka
08/10/17 --Please Select-- Brett
08/10/17 --Please Select-- Qdog1 His recent reviews on ter are all f
08/10/17 Corpus Christi suspicious he called and wabtes me to make him
08/10/17 Atlanta Andrew Markenson This situation has happened before.
08/10/17 Chicago Backpage The address seemed an abonded house
08/09/17 Norfolk-Chesapeake Misty aka Kendra aka Crissy aka Tiffany Fake pictures she had someone follo
08/09/17 Philadelphia Don Vault WARNING Fake wix website made to l
08/09/17 San Francisco Bill4Us on SA Seeking arrangement fraud. He offer
08/09/17 Kamloops This website removes your human rights This website takes away your human
08/09/17 Calgary Double standards from this website I posted three times and the posts
08/09/17 Las Vegas Double standards from this site boo This website has double standards.
08/09/17 --Please Select-- christopher dombos I screened him. He is a make-up art
08/09/17 --Please Select-- David Wibble, Craig, Instead of giving me 2 model refere
08/09/17 --Please Select-- wiliam possible cop
08/08/17 Baltimore William Parker Booked 2 hour appointment. Came to
08/08/17 Atlanta Kris checked out a reference and it was
08/08/17 Waycross chris nasty rude guy . makes appt thinks
08/08/17 --Please Select-- Douglas Shirley He confirmed appointment and got my
08/08/17 Chicago Jeff Have seen this client before twice.
08/07/17 New York VIP Nana VIP NANA from New York is a bad esc
08/07/17 Myrtle Beach Lance Lankford Dangerous Aggressive, Drunk, Steals
08/07/17 Atlanta Johnny Perez, Salchi,ter boricuaak,
08/07/17 Gainesville JESSE KAUFFMAN this gentleman gets your address th
08/07/17 Orlando brian harp you get there he dose not answer wh
08/07/17 Indianapolis Marc Underhill Emailed back and forth for weeks wi
08/06/17 Miami Robert Inman Very rude , try at any cost to take
08/06/17 Los Angeles Karl Hahn Karl Hahn is a dangerous person who
08/06/17 --Please Select-- Didnt Mention Booked for 5 hour outcall, buzzer d
08/06/17 Atlanta 7064492850 / 6787345785 another provider or her and her pimp threatening other girls this is a provider and i suspect he
08/05/17 Atlanta Kevin kelly,kevinkelly685,millard-18-B-2485 Wanted a 150$ discount
08/05/17 Phoenix Kevin Fake. Fake promises. Cheapskate.
08/05/17 Corpus Christi Gabriel Maldonado he called saod hes on his way .then
08/04/17 Denver gijeep so this guy shows up half an hour l
08/04/17 Orange County, CA ARIANA CHANEL Ariana Chanel charges $800 per hour
08/04/17 Orange County, CA Mark Cormany Mark Cormany, 54 year old business
08/04/17 Duluth Michael Comstock RAT
08/04/17 San Diego CJ No call.He said he was 29 and in co
08/03/17 Atlanta Joe Strickland / email harassment/ cheepos list harassment emails anon thru craigslist and bac
08/02/17 Baltimore Jim Right away, client was texting me t
08/01/17 Atlanta jason
07/31/17 Pittsburgh Told me he got someone younger and
07/31/17 Atlanta will gave address close to me and he did
07/31/17 Philadelphia Justin Emery Made up a huge elaborate story abou
07/31/17 Nassau County Mike No answer at door when I arrived
07/31/17 Boston Angel 5089027271 ladies DNS he will rob u
07/31/17 Philadelphia Paul Trebor Wilson This piece of shit He ripped me of
07/30/17 Denver dark skinned mexican he doesnt know what NO means... I t
07/30/17 Denver DJ During the session tried to be forc
07/30/17 Denver pussypatrol89 calls late night and tries to fool
07/30/17 Denver Indian booked an apt... called many times
07/30/17 Vancouver, BC 778-251-4847 Wants BBFS infected STD's, wants BBFS
07/30/17 Vancouver, BC 604-789-5292 Wants BBFS infected STD's, wants BBFS
07/29/17 Seattle-Tacoma Yvonne Katrina Heads Shows up at your door comes in pepp
07/29/17 Saskatoon We made arrangements to meet VIA te
07/29/17 Indianapolis Josh Huber Refused to send information asked f
07/28/17 Pittsburgh Tim Keene Wants me to hop up at 930pm at nigh
07/28/17 Pittsburgh Carlos McClintock Name Carlos McClintockBirth date 04
07/27/17 Las Vegas TER bear96, new handle Esports99 Also bigguy30Tranny chaser
07/27/17 Indianapolis Unknown He blew up my phone repeatedly and
07/26/17 Philadelphia Jay Emails me, wants a date then doesnt