Date Incident City Offender Name Description
04/27/17 New York Alex Magnus aka Alexis Gray Troll who sends out grandiose email
04/27/17 Newport News-Hampton took money, said she had to go outs
04/26/17 Atlanta I have been with him a few times .
04/26/17 --Please Select-- Marcus Patterson Mark-01-S-3521/mvp5555
04/26/17 Corpus Christi ehren josh taylor raped me with no pay
04/26/17 Chicago Rasmus Olsson/ Check Scam/ Fake Appointment There is an uptick in scammers emai
04/25/17 --Please Select-- Michael Luftman aka Jakefromstatefarm aka Inicky46 url
04/25/17 Las Vegas Michael Luftman Forced BB on drugged provider
04/25/17 Westchester County Jakefromstatefarm is Inicky46 is really Michael Luftman forced BB in Las Vegas
04/25/17 Atlanta 706-403-7751 cheap asking top for 20 texts asking 20 for top disgusting.
04/25/17 Los Angeles justin finagan / justus finagan / richard eugene / andreas Ladies Be careful His biggest con i
04/25/17 Los Angeles Justus finagan 3059883438 Be careful.This guy is a scam. he s
04/24/17 Bangor Ariel I was rejected based on the escorts
04/24/17 Denver Brady This was a strange situation becaus
04/24/17 Corpus Christi loser he called for bodyrub made me wait
04/23/17 Atlanta Harasses BLACK bbws 678-759-4875 bbw and black provider harassment
04/23/17 Chicago George K Flynn dubblplay@yahoo.comgflynn@clausen.c
04/22/17 Los Angeles Richard (South Gate area) No $$. He lives with his grandfathe
04/22/17 Anchorage Ryan Disrespectful in tex messages
04/22/17 --Please Select-- Kevin Total asshole.. I changed my flight
04/22/17 Portland, OR Jehuty This person contacted me and asked
04/21/17 San Diego Scott M. Croner Unfortunately, I had the misfortuna
04/21/17 Cleveland Brian He needed change. I gave him the ch
04/21/17 Orange County, CA Quan M Truong
04/20/17 Cleveland Brian, Asshole Doesnt donate. Asshole, Phony,Jerk
04/20/17 San Jose Jake Canales Set up an appointment with this guy
04/20/17 Chicago Joe/shoelessjoe911
04/20/17 Baltimore Sean/ Sonofjack Stole the donation back
04/20/17 Anchorage Harold Napoleon 3 strikes and you are out... Alway
04/20/17 Reno TWOT Fake liar gets your address just to
04/20/17 --Please Select-- David Stole from me.
04/20/17 Washington DC Joe Preston
04/20/17 Washington DC Robert Rosario Do not see this man.. dangerous.
04/19/17 Atlanta Robi, Crazy One gets you to his hotel, wants to gro
04/18/17 --Please Select-- Caig Veevirk He is a time waster. Doesnt want to
04/18/17 --Please Select-- AJ shah, A.J. Asharin, Ash40 I met him once a couple months ago,
04/18/17 Chicago Harh Patel NCNS on 2h apptGot verified by a re
04/18/17 --Please Select-- 615-830-4080 Refusing to share name or any info calls me before 6am to say he is on
04/17/17 Omaha John Kept saying he was coming and he wa
04/16/17 Miami Angels Talent Sends you on sketchy calls and thre
04/16/17 Atlanta Frank may be undercover
04/15/17 Dallas-Ft. Worth Bill no call/no show 4/15 @ 845pm
04/15/17 Atlanta brien fullwood/4048035946 cohort of Erv Denson He is allowing Erv Denson to use hi
04/15/17 Atlanta GEORGE W MARSHALL 678-246-4079 TIMEWASTER made an appointment and then didnt
04/15/17 Atlanta 601-341-5885 girl or girls pimp being sneaky he contacted then when i tried to s
04/15/17 Atlanta 678-576-3724 /770-882-6881 James McBroom He begins mannerly and charming and
04/14/17 Redding Gave custome rates over the phone.
04/14/17 Bridgeport John Luckart This piece of shit books a date tha
04/14/17 Philadelphia Jason Buscio He used an agency as a reference th
04/14/17 Hartford Eric Holder This psycho took precious time of o
04/13/17 Atlanta Tucker Murphy He wants several hours. The thing i
04/13/17 Montreal Anthony Jutras Time waster - no-show then said som
04/13/17 St. Petersburg, FL Travis Folkerts Convinced me to rush last minute- s
04/12/17 Tulsa TraceHill Pulled the I forgot my wallet trick
04/12/17 Denver Larry He has a profile name larryg8587 on
04/12/17 Orlando no name calls to threaten and text to threa
04/12/17 Grand Junction John ok so this guy called me for an out
04/12/17 Hartford Robert Hock Zero references, books a one hour d
04/12/17 Philadelphia Brian Madocks Owes me $201.60 for a hotel room I
04/12/17 Dayton Walid aka Tony Books fake dates, cancels last minu
04/12/17 Oshkosh David Grover Emails wanting a 4hr dinner date th
04/12/17 Lancaster Matthew Ranauro Books fake 2hr outcall dates to his
04/12/17 Hartford Jeff Newton 40 emails back & forth, lied about
04/12/17 Reno TWOT Gives fake room # at the GSR LOOSER
04/12/17 --Please Select-- Anonymous So this guy called me for an outcal
04/12/17 Chicago Will Shane McIntyre AKA Chris Eason Total time waster. Just wants to w
04/11/17 Atlanta wilson lewis 9047752971 timewaster made an appointment then was alread
04/11/17 --Please Select-- Mike/Dave HE BACKGROUND CHECKED MY # AND GOT
04/10/17 Charlottesville Josh Possible Cop. He called to see me
04/10/17 --Please Select-- Chriss Scott Refused to wear a condom. Short pay
04/09/17 Vancouver, BC Offers 20$ to get milked wouldnt ta
04/09/17 Atlanta cedric holcum BARE REQUEST/fake cop speech and then pretends to be a cop on ph
04/08/17 Atlanta erv denson/4048035946/ bobby lupo (insane/unstable) just nuts keeps harassing me .. bee
04/08/17 Philadelphia Brian J. Madocks is another em
04/08/17 Los Angeles Simon Asks for discounts
04/07/17 Providence Tries to haggle, ridiculously cheap
04/07/17 San Diego Lee Came in room very aggressive asked
04/06/17 --Please Select-- crazy dude 470-484-1697 racist just really crazy contacting everyo
04/06/17 --Please Select-- crazy dude 470-484-1697 racist just really crazy contacting everyo
04/05/17 Atlanta William Downs/ Aaron Jeans He had a reference and I skied for
04/05/17 San Diego Markus 760-828-3617 Called to schedule. Asked for me to
04/05/17 Kansas City, MO Christopher Eason This guy wants a pimp to turn him o
04/04/17 Portland, OR Guy Parman It doesnt matter how many times you
04/04/17 Montgomery Bryan Lawson Dont waste your time on this p411 l
04/04/17 Chicago Bryan Lawson from AL state Dont waste your time Looser.
04/03/17 --Please Select-- Jonah Hr texted me many refere
04/03/17 New York IndianPsycho Stalker violent Do not see this gu
04/03/17 --Please Select-- Chris Very aggressive and does not unders
04/03/17 --Please Select-- Reginald Gordon Stolker/no references
04/03/17 Albuquerque 505-154-7654 police/fake number
04/02/17 --Please Select-- 262-705-1196 LIAR wants Outcall to Kenosha Wisconsin this person has contacted me numero
04/02/17 Cleveland Dave Louis 216-415-6334 This asshole played so many games
04/02/17 Cleveland Mike Wright 419-370-9793 Assshole was at the Hilton downtown
04/01/17 Yakima 509-887-5432 seven yakima underage came to my motel and tried
04/01/17 Spokane 253-887-5443 canceled last minute and no showed.
04/01/17 Yakima 253-567-8770 no show. drove up then left.
03/31/17 Atlanta J. McDowell 770-639-8787 transgender Ugly little woman trying to pass he
03/30/17 Pittsburgh Wayne Makes apt far in advance and cancel