Date Incident City Offender Name Description
10/19/17 --Please Select-- Mike Sidhom Cancelled last minute. He was a New
10/19/17 Las Vegas Andre Granello This person find me at, he
10/18/17 --Please Select-- John Ginsberg Sends many emails wanting to schedu
10/18/17 Houston BigDM1 Wrote a fake review of me in ter. N
10/17/17 Atlanta sean (needitwantit) telling other clients he contracted
10/17/17 Reno 916836496Six Kept insisting to meet at his truc
10/16/17 Baltimore Paul Butka He will beat you up and rob you bec
10/16/17 Los Angeles Bella Bella at (747) 220-7396 is a THIEF,
10/16/17 --Please Select-- Bryan
10/15/17 Atlanta Carter says he is about to get on plane an
10/15/17 Philadelphia Jeff/johnny Porter Claimed to have been here before co
10/15/17 Philadelphia ed shapperd Emailed for 2 days. suddenly claime
10/14/17 Los Angeles Brielle Barnes Poor hygiene, ugly, and do not see
10/13/17 Albuquerque Christopher Alcock 505-301-6384 Address Collector...Gets your addre
10/13/17 Orlando shaun slater wanted a overnight in kissmee fl th
10/12/17 Los Angeles Conrad
10/12/17 --Please Select-- Sean Pak Sean Pak is a lawyer at Quinn Emanu
10/12/17 Chicago Peter Pantelemyonov Rs2k memberNCNSNever showed up
10/12/17 Atlanta javier salcedo asking for BBFS 201-895-2222 ASKING FOR BBFS AND OTHER UNSAFE SE
10/12/17 Waterbury attacked me pushed me to the ground
10/11/17 Cleveland 303-257-6056 I yell STOP condom broke. He cums i
10/10/17 --Please Select-- Anonymous this guy sets up a time a week befo
10/10/17 Denver anonymous this guy texts u Hey Tummy.. asks u
10/10/17 Denver 7202737301 He called me at 4am in the morning
10/10/17 Denver anonymous stood me up twice and both times wi
10/10/17 Denver anonymous this client texts everyday asking u
10/10/17 Corpus Christi Brad Called laughing like a psycho sayin
10/10/17 Minneapolis-St. Paul MinaSoda on TER Stalker cant spell pinata
10/09/17 Westchester County inicky is an pinyayta show me the money
10/09/17 Westchester County minasoda is Michael E Luftman Forced BB.
10/09/17 --Please Select-- MinaSoda on TER Grabbed donation after sex and fled
10/09/17 Atlanta Eric Ballanger asked for picture gave him addre
10/09/17 Philadelphia Craig Schuette This guy is a fucking NUT & mentall
10/09/17 Los Angeles Caution LEO on the move again Vice detectives are engaging in sim
10/09/17 Raleigh-Durham Minh Huynh Alexandra Rota saw Minh on August 2
10/09/17 Raleigh-Durham Minh Huynh Minh Huynh is a research assistant
10/09/17 Palm Springs He was trying to get free pussy pic
10/08/17 --Please Select-- XXSFSTUD These two are a couple of guys who
10/08/17 Los Angeles Alana Lane Alana Lane is a FAKE these pics are
10/08/17 Houston Larry Locicero This idiot make an appointment week
10/07/17 Los Angeles Robin Chan DO NOT SEE Met Robin for double dat
10/07/17 St. Louis Ben 4-807-8950 called me, said his name
10/07/17 Cleveland Joseph Carlson Sent fake employment may be LE
10/06/17 Cleveland 253-355-4000 Snuck condom off.
10/06/17 Denver Mark L Mille He doesnt have references. He asks
10/05/17 New York Jean This guy ALWAYS cancels last minute
10/05/17 Chicago Paul Listed false references, false info
10/05/17 Cleveland Bill (phat10dat) TER Shorted donation 50 dollars.
10/04/17 --Please Select-- James Smith / jsmith1518 James booked 2hr outcall via P411 a
10/04/17 Denver mikehoncho He had two references.we set up a t
10/04/17 Chicago None given yet Endless texts, pic collector, never
10/04/17 Denver Curtis Originally posted under WY, posting
10/04/17 Laramie Curtis So, there are a couple things that
10/04/17 Los Angeles Tatiana Batrakova, Victoria Beck This provider disappears w/o paying
10/03/17 Grand Rapids Mark S. Nichols So many titles to give this guy. I
10/02/17 Chicago 312-622-5553 Endless texts, Never books, pic collector, wont talk on the phone
10/02/17 Chicago Brian Murphy
10/02/17 Minneapolis-St. Paul Jeff Smaby Multiple incidents of wasted time/e
10/02/17 Virginia Beach James Earl McClendon NCNS, owes me $1200 and wont pay de
10/02/17 Las Vegas TER bigguy30 aka esports99 celebrates LV massacre Sick wacko
10/02/17 Philadelphia Salvatore DeLuca Kept emailing me between 11pm-5am w
10/01/17 Reno JT Regan JT has a bunch of drama in his life
10/01/17 Los Angeles Nadine Nadine is part of a scam and an age
10/01/17 Akron Zach Got my address, face pic, and I wou
10/01/17 Baltimore 410-818-4398 J-off timewaster idiot. texts 100x
10/01/17 Baltimore 570-263-2115 no money. do not see. comes broke
09/30/17 Los Angeles Sam or George He agree with your rate to just to
09/30/17 Baltimore 240-772-8649 demented timewaster..text 100x
09/30/17 Philadelphia Lee McIIvaine First he emails me calling me the w
09/30/17 Philadelphia Jim Sarna Emails you with zero introduction &
09/30/17 Philadelphia Josh Smith Emails me last minute one night wan
09/29/17 Fall River Detective Duarte 7746441401 POLiCE 7746441401 ladies DNA its de
09/28/17 Toronto Chris Knowles Ladies please be safe and do not se
09/27/17 Nashville Joe Schaeper I met with Joe twice with no proble
09/27/17 --Please Select-- bigguy30 Uncle Tom trump supporter Cheap coon
09/26/17 Orange County, CA Zepher Loesch PayPal e-Check Scam. Met provider a
09/26/17 Phoenix Luis. Skips out without paying. Do not se
09/25/17 Greensboro 252-955-4593 bs-ncns
09/25/17 Vancouver, BC Lars Longva BEWARE Extremely aggressive. Tried
09/24/17 Philadelphia Douchebag Bro dude contact your in
09/24/17 Ft. Lauderdale GIOVANNA Giovanna is a DO NOT SEE. She maybe
09/23/17 New York Pimp This guy is a trick and a pimp. Las
09/23/17 Warwick Max Peck Scheduled 90 min appt with me, text
09/23/17 Dallas-Ft. Worth Bobby chevaleresque male bobby28h3084 p411 id Bogus outcall stalks good reviews w
09/22/17 Minneapolis-St. Paul Paul Zahn Pete Thompson Lit provider on fire
09/22/17 Minneapolis-St. Paul Paul Zahn pt Thompson Was acting a little off at the begi
09/21/17 Los Angeles Kristina, Alexandra City source All these girls from http//www.cher
09/21/17 Orlando Fred Hes a dangerous person when I saw h
09/20/17 Washington DC Mike Acted like a bitch .. Wasted my tim
09/20/17 Los Angeles Samvel gevorg adoyan He contacted me and said he wanted
09/20/17 Philadelphia Rabbi Kevin Bernstein This fucking guy wasted a ton of my
09/19/17 Philadelphia This fucking loser emails me at 6:2
09/18/17 Akron Justin Bleichrodt, ilovemesomeladies on TER Didnt leave money and BB meHe secre
09/17/17 Los Angeles samvel gevorg adoyan He showed up to incall with a check
09/17/17 Philadelphia Gary Wasted a bunch of my time emailing
09/17/17 Los Angeles 8053363602 I showed up and he said he had 25$.
09/16/17 Richmond Bogus appointment from Rentmen client Michael Faulkner (202) 360-3564 Claims to have seen me before. Cont
09/16/17 Cleveland 502-905-0220 Asian guy Booked massage to save $ but threat
09/16/17 New York Apron tiller Ncns books 2 hours each time. Over
09/15/17 Edmonton Semi truck passer through Made me drive to meet him and talke