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Extortion style solicitations from review board members who try to barter freebies or Full Service in exchange for good reviews. You should never have to perform for such scams. Warn other escorts by reporting these guys by their real name, screen name or review board "handle."



Blackmailed with Bad Reviews?

If you don't see some customer, or give them freebies or Full Service? Report them by name and review board handle, email address, phone #, anything you have, and post it for all providers to see.



Shorts your Pay or Doesn't Pay You ?

Like any good respectful negotiation, your customers should pay you based upon your advertised rate, or the agreed upon price. If they intentionally do not pay you, or they purposely short your pay, they should be exposed as crooks!



Steals Back Donation

Robbers who take back your money on the way out the door need to reported.



Threats, Stalker, Harassment ?

Escorts do not have to see anyone they don't want to, and they don't have to tollerate being stalked, harassed or threatened.



Fake or Counterfeit Money, Empty Gift Cards ?

Escorts do not have to tolerate being conned or ripped off by scheming customers.


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