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Escort Articles
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Stories of Four Escorts:

These are the stories of four professional escorts, told in their own words:

  • Rachel — Looking for good dating experiences
  • Kirsten — The caregiver
  • Caroline — It's just a job NOT an adventure
  • Donna — Quality is remembered after price is forgotten

Rachel: Looking for good dating experience
My name is Rachel. I’m five-foot, seven-inches, 115 pounds, 34C-25-36, with short brown hair, brown sparkling eyes, brilliant white teeth, beautiful smile and soft tanned skin accompanied by a shy charm and sassy personality that will rock your world.

I’ve been an independent escort for a year and a half. I got into this by accident. I went online to an AOL chatroom about picking up escorts. My intention was to flame these perverts, but instead I was fascinated. I had never heard of terms like in-call and out-call. I said in the chatroom that I was an escort. I played around with this as a secret fantasy and, as I got more interested, I decided I would do it, but I figured I would write a paper about it. I had no intention of doing this more than one time. I’ve always been a conformist. I don’t owe anyone a damn thing. There are people who are going to try and judge me, but screw them. I’m not ashamed of what I do. If I were, why would I do it? My plan is to eventually open a salon. I never would want to be 50 years old and still doing this.

I’ve never worked for an agency, though I have been approached by them. They say, “We will drive you to your appointments.” I tell them I have a car and can drive myself. Then they say, “Well, we can protect you.” I reply, are you going to be in the room with me? “No, but we’ll be waiting in the car.” What good is that going to do me when some psycho is cutting me into little bits? My attitude is I’m doing 100 percent of the date, I’m keeping 100 percent of the money.

When I’m at a hotel doing in-call, to see me you’d think I was nothing but somebody’s wife. I dress conservatively in business suits. I look like I’m attending a convention at the hotel. A typical client is married, in his mid-40s. I get a lot of CPA’s for some reason. Most of them are very happy with their spouses and can have great sex lives, but they just want some “strange.”

Honest to God, at first I thought men were dirty dogs, but now it’s just how men are. I enjoy this as much as they do. It’s fun. I can go seduce men and make them do what I want. I’m naturally very dominant. When you’re married, you gotta work for it. When they come to me it’s a sure thing.

I’m real. I’m there to have a hot time too. This is not a spectator sport. When I say I expect a Boy Friend Experience, don’t expect me to hop on top and do all the work. I prefer older men. Younger men are a pain in the ass. Older guys are more established. There’s a connection that goes beyond just the physical and true friendships are made. The men I’ve met are great. They treat me with respect and I enjoy their company. The money I make isn’t bad either.

Kirsten: The caregiver
I had very low self-esteem before I started in this business. I never thought I would make it. I didn’t think I was pretty enough. Didn’t think I had the body or the talent to do it.This is a world that not too many people know about. I am very blessed with this world. I feel I am blessed to be part of this world. We have our families and we talk about unconditional love. Our families are supposed to love us unconditionally, right? But who judges us the most? Who hurts us the most?The people I’m involved with in this world will never judge me. They love me. There is a true love and a true bond here. My clients treat me with more respect than any boyfriend, any husband, has ever treated me. I’m treated with more respect than I ever have before in my life. I have a very special client who sees all of the girls. His wife found out what he was doing. He was given the choice to give us up or save his marriage. He chose us. He said, “I’m not giving up the people that love me and care about me.”

I became very attached to someone and he became attached to me. He knows he can never see me as an escort again. I have a wall around my heart because I’ve been hurt too many times. It would take a lot for someone who was not a client to get into my heart. I trust my clients. I’ve been at this for six months and I’m very highly regarded as an escort. My background is in the medical field and that’s where I learned to be a caring person. I’m a caregiver. Being in the medical profession you have to be and I think that’s why I’m so good at this job. That’s why my reviews are so high. God put me on this earth to take care of others. I treat my clients like I would my patients.

A younger woman—in her teens or early ’20s—couldn’t handle this. They will end up on drugs. It’s very easy for young people to fall into the drug habit. Drugs are easy to get a hold of when kids have this much money. They feel like stars. A young girl sees this money and will think drugs will keep her going to make more money. It’s a vicious cycle. For a man this can become an addiction like gambling. It’s the person inside you. For some men it’s a big thrill of doing something bad. They describe it like it’s the rush of cocaine. Personally, I’ve come to terms with this life. A man is paying for my services, but does that mean he’s cheating? I know he’s never going to leave his wife. I don’t want him to leave his wife. But if he goes out and has an affair, that’s cheating. All I offer him is a little bit of happiness.

There are all different types of escorts. There are some that portray themselves as the slut experience. I don’t. I am a true escort. I’m your hidden girlfriend, but you lay your money on the table when you walk out the door. I have a real problem discussing fees. I know what $300 can buy. We make damn good money. Someone told me when I was setting my fees, “Don’t you feel you’re worth that much?” But it’s not what I am worth. I don’t want to put a value on what I’m worth.

I know the going rate and in different cities you have to charge that rate. In Florida it would be hard. Florida is hard bodies where you can charge $500 and you don’t even have to be full service. I don’t want to think of myself as being a prostitute. A prostitute will do anything for money no matter what. It’s the money first, last and always. I want to think of myself as being a escort.

Caroline: It’s a job, NOT an adventure
I’m 26 and I’ve been in business for four years. I resigned from my full-time job two years ago. I worked for a financial firm. The money I make is not just very good, it’s excellent. I haven’t put a time on when I’ll retire from escorting or decided I need to make a half million dollars. I just want to do it until I get tired of it. Actually, none of this is fun. The only thing that’s good about this is the money. That’s it. You’re meeting complete strangers and people you probably will never see again.

I have a lot of regulars and have met gentlemen who are my friends. It pays my bills and my income is very good, but it’s not like you can go tell your family or friends. It’s not like I’m a surgeon or my mom can brag to her friends, “My daughter is an attorney.” I have a daughter. I can take her to school, pick her up and if she’s out for Christmas vacation, I’m home. I don’t have to pay for a sitter. I don’t have a time schedule. I don’t have to answer to anybody. That’s the upside of it. It’s a job and that’s how I look at it.

A lot of people think escorts are nymphomaniacs and we love to have sex, but it’s not even about that. Men will ask, “Oh can’t you get enough sex in your regular life?” They actually think that. You go do what you gotta do then you go home. I do travel a lot. Every week, as a matter of fact, in the summer. But you don’t actually get to see the city or have a nice dinner. It’s not like you’re on vacation. You’re in a hotel from the time you get off the plane to the time you return to the airport. Next week I’ll be in Austin and San Antonio. After that, Boston and Washington, D.C., Tampa, Miami and Colorado. Then I go on vacation to Jamaica. When I come back I’ll go to Philly and New York. So it’s really just everywhere. You know why I travel so much? It’s because if you’re new to a city you can make a lot of money in a day, versus back home where you’ve probably seen everybody. When you get to a new city everybody wants to see the new girl. You do what you gotta do then get out to the next city. Room service food gets very old—and it’s expensive! The summer months are slow because most guys are taking vacations with their families, so if you can travel and make $2,000 to $3,000 a day versus that much in a week at home, why not travel?

I don’t see myself as competing with other providers. I try to go to my trainer and market myself as best as I can and not worry about the competition. I’m not motivated to spend all my time working out. If I had the mind-set, “OK, there’s a lot of competition out here,” I probably would be in the gym every day. I know girls who are getting plastic surgery, their noses done, and I’m not like that. You take me as I am or you don’t at all. I guess I figure my face is going to keep getting me customers. Eventually, I probably will get fat, but anyway...

I don’t like reviews. I’ve always had good ones, but if you’re having a bad day, the first time you get a bad review there goes your money. Some girls write bad reviews about other girls out of jealousy. The experience I have with one guy may not be the same as with another because they’re two entirely different people. So his experience with me may not have been as pleasurable as the day before. He’ll write, “She was heavier than her pictures.” Hey, maybe I had a cheeseburger yesterday. Maybe I’m having a bad hair day. I don’t like that reviewing junk.

I’m not spending my money as soon as I get it. I need to save my money because I know I am not going to be young forever and I don’t want to do this forever. I would like to make enough money that I’m comfortable later on. I’ve had guys ask me, “Do you have a boyfriend?” I say no, and I’m not looking for one. I don’t want to be taken away from all this. I want to be independent. I want to depend on myself.

I’m not a supermodel, and this is what I do to eat. The quicker I pay my little house off the sooner I can get out of this business.

Donna of Dallas: Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten
I want my name used. I’m online for exposure and as you can see I don’t hide. Just to let you know my name is real. Something you won’t find to be true in 99.9 percent of the online girls. Did you know that my site was the first escort site online? A little trivia for you. The Internet has changed escorting a lot. Clients from out of town flying into Dallas can contact me and view my photos and information before they arrive. I book appointments from a week to two weeks in advance so it helps in the planning stages. This also helps clients in other cities fly me to them for a weekend or an overnight. Many clients also fly me to them when they fly out of town for business meetings. I don’t think the Internet is a safer way to meet clients, just an easier way.

My website offers videos and screen savers for purchase. I consider myself a businesswoman. Advertising, hotels, airfare, e-mail, clients, magazine and TV interviews...there’s many things involved in my work. Just like nine-to-five businesswomen. I’m not sure how long I’ll do this. I guess I’ll stop when I get tired of it. So far I’ve had a great time and have been pretty successful.

I worked for an agency for two weeks. How most of them operate is they tell the client that the fee is $100 and then you have to deal with the girl for the rest of the fee. In some cases, that could $200 to $400 more, which always becomes a problem with the clients and rightly so. Clients also ask for a thin, brown-haired girl with a small chest and the agency sends out a large blonde, with a large chest, and then it’s up to the client to cancel or continue. NO WAY!

Again, on my web site is — my actual photos, my actual age, my actual name and no runaround. That’s the way it should be. Unfortunately for many agencies and independent girls, that’s not how they do business. I’m pretty down to earth, so I don’t think there’s too much glamour to escorting. Yes, the traveling is fun and some of the destinations are better than others, but generally speaking meeting the clients and getting to know them is the best part of the job.

I’ve been asked what I think of review sites and I have mixed feelings about the review sites. I don’t mind reviews at all. I’ve had many on different sites over the years and think it’s great. In the past I’ve had some escorts post bad reviews of me thinking they would position themselves in front of me to take business or they even have their clients write false reviews about me and post them hoping to help out their favorite escorts.

A particular site told me that they had received many bad reviews about me and they were going to drop me further down the list. I just asked to be removed from the list. Pretty funny since I hadn’t worked in over three months and I had received so many bad reviews. That’s when I knew I was being targeted by other girls. It’s too bad. I’ve helped out many escorts over the years and still do. It’s much better and safer to work together than try to mess with one another.

Who’s empowered in the client/escort relationship? I’d say it’s 60/40 in my favor. I see the clients I want to see. I try to work with clients as much as I can. I’m pretty easygoing. The facts are I only see about 10 percent of the clients that request an appointment. I do require information on each new client and some like to give out much information. However, I don’t meet any new clients without some form of information about them. The money part is only secondary."


Security Tip #4 — Please jot down all information a caller provides on a clearly marked piece of paper for later reference.


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