Date Incident City Offender Name Description
07/31/17 Boston Angel 5089027271 ladies DNS he will rob u
07/12/17 Portsmouth Donald Woody Bigos Forced bareback penetration
07/08/17 Hartford Ben Evans or Steve Emails says he is Ben Evans visitin
07/05/17 Manchester Unknown Will try to haggle you down on a pr
06/25/17 Boston 27cigar/Charles Dangerous
06/24/17 Boston Charles /Cigar27 Forced Penetration
06/24/17 Boston Charles / Cigar27 Be careful of this guy. Bad guy.
06/24/17 Boston Joseph Ferrante Physical Abuse
06/22/17 Boston Carlos Suarez /drinvisible Do not see Abusive
06/21/17 Concord, NH Walter R Martin Very rude arrogant and cheap.
05/26/17 Hartford Kevin Chui aka fratstar420 Contacts me and books a whole one h
05/10/17 Providence
05/07/17 Springfield, MA robert martin who knows, but he has bad intention
05/03/17 Boston Bill Rowley No call no show after he talked me
04/24/17 Bangor Ariel I was rejected based on the escorts
04/14/17 Hartford Eric Holder This psycho took precious time of o
04/14/17 Bridgeport John Luckart This piece of shit books a date tha
04/12/17 Hartford Jeff Newton 40 emails back & forth, lied about
04/12/17 Hartford Robert Hock Zero references, books a one hour d
04/07/17 Providence Tries to haggle, ridiculously cheap
02/18/17 Boston Bostongent10 Complete fabrication of a review. H
02/08/17 New Haven Don Burns2036058096 I would wager he is a con man who i
01/25/17 Hartford Tim Made booking the claimed was in lot
10/27/16 Hartford Chris Asked for bbfs in text. Was told no
10/19/16 Stamford Jerry aka Bleeker25 Cheap fucking loser emails me wanti
10/16/16 New London Jeffrey Lavoie This guy was boring me all day abou
10/16/16 Boston Adam4adamButBoy/Albert Perkins Assault, police called. Spent a cou
10/16/16 New London Cheapskate Thomas This jerk thinks he is so charming
10/10/16 Providence Devils brother Man will not give you his name, hel
10/10/16 New Haven Don Burns CON MANCT++2036058096 Don Burns called for appt same day,
10/07/16 Boston Max, mvsj47, Srdjan broke dick
10/02/16 Boston 617-319-5357
08/19/16 Stamford Richard Segerson NO SHOW
08/18/16 Springfield, MA Joey I gave him my home address when he
08/18/16 Springfield, MA Donnie Begs me to make an appt for 2hrs a
08/15/16 Boston Matthew Barach Jr Client pretends he is into FINDOM,
08/05/16 Hartford Joe OMG...this fucking guy Wtf...He con
07/31/16 Burlington, VT TB in Vermont I was tired and he kept callin. Had
07/24/16 Boston Rob Cattle Emailed me between last night and t
07/12/16 Hartford Ted Kondzielawa NO SHOW
07/06/16 Boston came to my house for a body rub an
07/01/16 Boston tdh0625 This guy sends abusive emails.. Hes
06/30/16 Boston Russel Harty Showed up at his place, the doorman
06/29/16 Providence David Schaeffer After receiving countless messages
06/02/16 Boston Raj Mal, Jimc2015 CONSTANT calls and texts day before
05/23/16 Boston JJ Did not want to meet at pickup loca
05/01/16 Boston Will act fake nice to try to get yo
04/22/16 Portland, ME Chris nolan Assclown who doesnt want to pay. Ex
04/19/16 Portsmouth reis Bradford 6033666507 Time waster https//
04/16/16 Boston 7812061726 Hes a COP beware
03/26/16 Portsmouth Jim Jim made an appt for a 7am date .Ne
03/25/16 Boston Leo Police Set Up, Beware.
03/25/16 Danbury Steve 2035093454 Window shopper
03/25/16 Hartford DNS TWOT! 26 y/o who shows his immaturi
03/23/16 Boston LE Cop
03/21/16 Boston Pic Wanker Don't waste your time . Ask for pic
03/20/16 Hartford Games Games don't pick up bp ladies
03/19/16 Hartford Games Games… Bp girls.. don't answer
03/19/16 Boston Oink Pig alert
03/17/16 Hartford Five-Oh COP !!!
03/16/16 Boston Pushy A-Hole Incessant. Pushy Rude. Unwelcome
03/14/16 Boston DNS Avoid creepy and might be dangerous
03/14/16 Hartford DNS TWOT LOSER JERK
03/12/16 Boston Bill Showed up with something in his han
03/11/16 Boston Jonathan, aka, Bill N. Name comes up as Bill Nolan. He sai
02/18/16 Hartford Mike Tried to pull me behind house had s
02/17/16 Lowell Nawaf Hassan Middle Eastern questionable motives
02/17/16 Boston James Wironen (Boston J on Seeking Arrangement) After we met for an initial coffee
02/14/16 New Haven He texts an sets up an appointment.
02/14/16 New Haven DO NOT SEE He likes to contact you and set up
02/13/16 Boston Hugo/ Hung Ngo rapist 646-207-0537 I was drugged and sexually assaulte
02/13/16 Boston Mark Tran He was pushy, yelled at me for not
02/12/16 New Haven Gareth Stamford Aggressive DO NOT SEE He likes to rush you. Then when you
02/08/16 Boston Po Po Piggiess out of the pen, beware lad
02/06/16 Cape Cod Cop Police DNA he came him and other co
02/06/16 Cape Cod Five - Oh Police Sting
02/06/16 Cape Cod Five - Oh Police Undercover
02/06/16 Cape Cod LE Police dna he came with other under
02/06/16 Cape Cod PoPo Police DNA HE CAME WITH OTHER UNDER
02/06/16 Cape Cod LEO Police Entrapment
02/05/16 Springfield, MA Strange guy Weirdo. Waste of time. Has called m
02/04/16 Boston LEO Police
02/04/16 Hartford Hood Rat Young thug
02/03/16 Hartford Get references on this one Conflicting comments about this cal
02/02/16 Cape Cod creeper Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
01/31/16 Boston 617-775-5751 No moola. Peep show. Creep.
01/31/16 Springfield, MA Paul Paul - WEIRDO
01/30/16 Boston 617-957-5942 Feels u up then leaves. No Moola
01/29/16 Bridgeport LEO Police sting b safe
01/28/16 Boston Stranger Danger Predator Alert
01/28/16 Portland, ME Nark Working with law enforcement
01/28/16 Portland, ME Snitch - sets u up w LE Will get your room then call the co
01/28/16 Portland, ME Total asshole sets you up Will lie and tell the police you pu
01/28/16 Nashua Bad Trick Wired white guy, he setting you up,
01/25/16 Providence tranny chaser Wants to dress up as a woman and ha
01/24/16 New Bedford WOT - Plays games Working ladies don't waste your tim
01/24/16 New Bedford don't fall for it Wants you to send pics & watch you
01/22/16 Boston Creepy Weirdo, total creeper, run away.
01/21/16 Danbury Undercover Piggiess out of the pen, beware lad
01/20/16 Waterbury Vice Sting Police Set Up, Beware.
01/20/16 Boston unsafe player Wants bareback Greek. HIV pos
01/20/16 Boston James James claims to be a 37 yr old man,
01/19/16 Providence Five - Oh Police affiliated .
01/18/16 Waterbury Cop Police Set Up, Beware.
01/18/16 Waterbury Chris Chris PERV is right
01/18/16 Springfield, MA Ed Ed has psychological and severe add
01/17/16 Brockton Chad walker Chad walker with law enforcement
01/16/16 Hartford Daniel P. Daniel Perdomo wasted my time and e
01/16/16 Portland, ME Scott B Pipher hat you did to me in 2016 and Janua
01/16/16 Hartford Pig Vice entrapment sting. Run away!
01/15/16 Boston Sketchy Outcall This # used to belong to a previous
01/14/16 Hartford stalker Watching you
01/14/16 Hartford Predator Raped me at gunpoint
01/14/16 Brockton broke creep Very very cheap
01/14/16 Providence Wot Asked for 2,minutes dude tf.
01/14/16 Stamford Five - Oh Police support
01/13/16 Boston Brian Timewaster that goes by the name of
01/13/16 Woonsocket don't follow through Always calls to book appts but neve
01/12/16 Worcester Robert C Robert Cronkhite is a wife beating
01/12/16 Providence Menon His name is Menon Govind 4th St Pro
01/11/16 Portland, ME No Show - Plays Games Will play games, never arrives, do
01/08/16 Boston Anal freak Won't stop asking about greek
01/08/16 Burlington, VT Flakes on You Waste of time, NCNS, Inconsiderate
01/08/16 Providence Govind His name is Govind p. Menon. 246 4t
01/07/16 Stamford Lots of questions about this one. Says he's nice, tpswell, doesn't ne
01/06/16 Worcester Booked & Flaked Books and doesn't show up or call t
01/04/16 Worcester Five - Oh Police
01/02/16 St. Johnsbury Unreliable trick, don't book Always sets appointments for later
12/31/15 Boston caution Wanna b pimp!
12/31/15 Boston Five - Oh Police
12/31/15 Boston Five - Oh Police
12/31/15 Manchester PoPo POLICE!!! Warning!!! Do not answer!
12/31/15 Newport incall bluffer Wastes your time. Just wants your a
12/31/15 Boston Quinn Do Not See
12/30/15 New Haven Bad Cheap Trick Won't stop calling - TIMEWASTER - B
12/29/15 Hartford Dangerous Violent Thief and Drug Dealer
12/27/15 Boston He a cop Watch out he's the police
12/25/15 Manchester phone pest X stalker Ok
12/23/15 Springfield, MA Prank Caller Asked if I'm available but he's not
12/23/15 Cape Cod LEO Police
12/23/15 Boston creep alert Angry if doesn't get info out of yo
12/22/15 Portsmouth Kevin Sherman (or Todd) In speaking with other providers, h
12/21/15 Portsmouth Risky trick Ask 4 bbfs
12/21/15 Providence pretty sure he a cop Possible LE.
12/21/15 Portland, ME Total Dumbshit. Will see u then call u then next da
12/20/15 Brockton solicited sex act Asked for dog play freak
12/19/15 New Bedford Cop Police sticker telemarketer New Bed
12/19/15 Bridgeport Predator weirdo stalker who targets young gi
12/17/15 New Haven Stuart A Stuart Ainsworth. Will rush you to
12/16/15 Portsmouth jonathan townes 9787588370 218 whiley rd groton ma Made a fake 2 hr appt heres his Fac
12/16/15 Providence Creepy caller Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
12/15/15 Burlington, VT Five - Oh Police police police officer police
12/15/15 Nashua avoid Wanna be my bitchboy
12/14/15 Hartford SamK in Hartford - DANGEROUS Dangerous - time waster/no show/doe
12/13/15 Springfield, MA boundary pusher wants to force u to do things not o
12/13/15 Nashua Creeper Weirdo!!!!!
12/12/15 Boston Fredrick clay 7815990326 108 range ave lynn ma 01904 Time waster
12/11/15 Bangor LE Cop
12/11/15 Boston Five-Oh Police
12/11/15 Hartford tries to talk dirty w you asked if I had underwear on and wha
12/10/15 Boston Sam M. Waste of time. Showed up at his hot
12/10/15 Boston Tim His recorded name was Tim, and stat
12/09/15 Hartford Set Up - Robber alert He robs women rape women and don't
12/09/15 Hartford no $$ Cheap,Rude,Curry Smelling dude from
12/08/15 Boston pig alert cop sting… requesting bareback and
12/08/15 Boston He's Law Enforcement police want bare and nut inside
12/07/15 Hartford Cheap time Waster Cheap / Broke / Lame / Time Waster
12/07/15 New Haven robert grubka SCUM 8605580582 ROBERT is dangerous and tried to gr
12/05/15 Boston Pimp Pimp Recruiting hoes.
12/05/15 Boston LE effing cops.
12/05/15 Boston He's LE Police
12/05/15 Lewiston-Auburn Brandon Brandon Tripp fat nasty animal. I a
12/05/15 New Bedford Pic collector Pic collector. Waste of time. Doesn
12/04/15 Worcester LE - Sting Setup! Cop cop
12/03/15 Warwick Police Police
12/02/15 Woonsocket adam schlesinger 4016363687 Time waster
12/02/15 Fall River Rob Hunter For over a year booking appointment
12/02/15 Boston Pig Pig alert
12/02/15 Worcester Pimp He a Pimp, AVOID, nothing good ever
12/01/15 Boston risky player Wants bare
12/01/15 Boston Pic Hunter Just wants pics, not a date
12/01/15 Lowell window shopper Will walk out plays games
11/30/15 Danbury vijayanand mayilmurugan 2039700035 Window shopper
11/30/15 Danbury james patrick 2034701473 He has no intention of booking dont
11/30/15 Portland, ME Time Waster Books and don't show up.
11/30/15 Hartford He a Cop POLICE ladies beware!
11/29/15 Boston Troll Alert Creep, not a nice person, wil not r
11/29/15 Springfield, MA Creeper Weirdo alert, weirdo alert
11/29/15 Danbury 2039457977 Cheap and disrespectful would not r
11/28/15 Portsmouth Kevin Bobb Client booked appt, was given locat
11/26/15 Bridgeport Time Waster Books date and don't show
11/25/15 Boston Not serious Waste of time ladies, don't book
11/24/15 New Haven ward kaye He has domestic violence conviction
11/24/15 Hartford date flaker Will set up appointment will pay wi
11/24/15 Boston Bad Guy Be careful! White skinny guy! Face
11/23/15 Boston Sendoff Time Waster, changes his mind at la
11/20/15 New London lance vaneer Broke nigga
11/19/15 Boston Robber Targets all escort girls, engages
11/18/15 Providence Suspect Caller Screen this caller, get references
11/18/15 Stamford Cheap trick Broke, haggler, rate shopper, sooo
11/17/15 Hartford Time Waster Fake appointment, he don't show, do
11/17/15 Fall River Pimp Relentless Pimp
11/16/15 Hartford BP creeper alert Ceeepy stalker!!! Don't anwser
11/16/15 Boston Creeper Weirdo. Claims he saw me when he di
11/15/15 Stamford Dns block him ladies… bad dude.
11/15/15 Boston BS trick Bs artist, wastes ur time, books an
11/15/15 Springfield, MA Creeper Asking to have phone sex and for me
11/15/15 Providence Thief Thief, watch him so he don’t take h
11/15/15 Boston WOT outcall Wanted outcall to hotel at 8pm. I n
11/15/15 Nashua Strange guy Weirdo, creepy guy, do not see
11/14/15 Providence Phone Stalker Creepy pervert calls, keeps saying
11/13/15 Boston Robber ROBS YOU
11/13/15 Boston set up set up, don't go, you been warned
11/13/15 Hartford fake outcall Bullshiter gives the wrong address
11/13/15 Boston Rude Trick books date, but does not answer hi
11/13/15 Fall River Pervert Wants to talk dirty and whack off
11/12/15 Waterbury Unsure (Peter Gillespie Set up appointments on various occa
11/12/15 Boston Stranger Danger Predator Sex offender
11/12/15 New Haven no $ Broke b+tch
11/12/15 New London seeks raw Calls asking for unprotected sex
11/12/15 Cape Cod Vice Undercover got me arrested DNA
11/12/15 Stamford Phone Stalker Creepy Greeky - skidders and mess e
11/11/15 Cape Cod Pig Pig!!! Private Investigator!!!
11/10/15 Boston Pervert Wants free phone sex to jerk off
11/10/15 Boston Harassing Texts TEXTing me dirty messages.
11/10/15 Stamford Twot Bum... No shows, then texts a dumb
11/09/15 Waterbury Date Flaker Flake. Don't waste your time. He do
11/09/15 Boston effing Jerk A$$hole. DNA
11/09/15 Cape Cod Cop Called and said he was a cop, I sai
11/09/15 Hartford TWOT Waste of your time ladies
11/09/15 Stamford Pic Hunter pic collector time waster says he w
11/08/15 Springfield, MA Troll alert Avoid this animal
11/08/15 Providence Creepy dude Weirdo, total creeper, run away.
11/08/15 Haverhill Judson Talley Judson Talley rude old man dangerou
11/08/15 Danbury some idiot white guy talks about black men and
11/07/15 New Haven Thief/Rip Off Tried to scam me out of $600
11/07/15 Hartford Alert Very dangerous man stay far far far
11/07/15 Hartford Alert Very dangerous man stay far far far
11/07/15 New Haven Scammer Tried to scam me out of $600, wante
11/05/15 Boston creep abusive language
11/05/15 New Haven fake sugar daddy time waster who lies about how much
11/04/15 Hartford Joe R Joe Russo, drunk terrible attitude,
11/04/15 Boston Incall Stalker Wants your incall address to stalk
11/04/15 Brockton Pervert Pervert caller ughhhh
11/04/15 New Haven Creepy caller Weirdo. Asked for exit # and then a
11/03/15 New Haven seeks bbfs Wants no condom play
11/03/15 New Haven Dns Time waster. Comes in room with no
11/03/15 New Haven Ncns - 2x Makes appointments and doesnt follo
11/03/15 New Haven Suspicious Screen this trick, and be sure to v
11/02/15 Springfield, MA pathetic loser Likes to play games 304's phones.
11/02/15 Brockton Time Waster No show, No call, rude time wasting
11/02/15 Boston Thief Takes your money, watch him.
11/01/15 Boston Jerk Alert Creep. And a timewaster-vulgar
10/31/15 Cape Cod Physical Threats Threatening my safety through text
10/31/15 Providence Scary Caller Could be a vicious predator, talks
10/31/15 Hartford no $$$ LOW BALLER!!!
10/31/15 Providence Loser He is a wanna be pimp!
10/30/15 Worcester Creepy caller Weirdo, total creeper, run away.
10/30/15 New London He's 5-O Police… Do Not See
10/30/15 New Bedford Pic Hunter Asks for pics, won't show for appt.
10/29/15 Portland, ME Pimp Pimp black begs for money con artis
10/29/15 Boston talker, not a booker calls and talks you to death, will
10/29/15 New Haven Waste of time Sets Date and never shows up or cal
10/29/15 New London ryan pascoe8608406827 lies says he Is a dr has multiple
10/28/15 Cape Cod Waste of time Sets Date and never shows up or cal
10/28/15 Stamford TIMOTHY B He not worth a "F" Don't go… You ha
10/28/15 Worcester Game Player - Twot He was pretends he's in your city s
10/28/15 Providence Pervert Wants to talk dirty and whack off
10/27/15 Waterbury Incall Bluffer BS caller, prake date
10/27/15 Boston GFE seeker Wants gfe
10/27/15 Boston Police Undercover
10/27/15 Boston Law Enforcement Police… Watch Out
10/26/15 Providence Time Waster No show. Don't waste you're time
10/25/15 Springfield, MA fake incall Bullshitter, fake date booker, was
10/25/15 Boston Incall Bluffer Creep get your room and don't come
10/24/15 Stamford Cop Police Vice
10/23/15 Springfield, MA ROBBER WILL SET YOU UP TO ROB YOU
10/23/15 Boston Creepo alert Creep, uncooth,. ill mannered jerk.
10/23/15 Hartford Robber w Gun Criminal who robs people at gunpoin
10/22/15 Providence set up trick Punk. Gives wrong address - leads u
10/20/15 Hartford Waste of time Sets Date and never shows up or cal
10/20/15 Boston Cop Police
10/20/15 Springfield, MA Fake outcall Sends You to a bogus address
10/20/15 Haverhill Judson Talley Judson Talley rude dangerous old ma
10/20/15 Boston Violent Rapist He will rape u and try to kill u
10/19/15 New Bedford pic wanker Pic collector creep
10/19/15 Worcester Time Waster Books and doesn't follow through
10/18/15 Waterbury TW trick plays games, costs you time and mon
10/18/15 Boston Bare Backer idiot. trying to spread his sleezy
10/17/15 Stamford Twot game player, not serious about show
10/16/15 Boston Ncns - Twot no show - books and flakes on you
10/16/15 Worcester Twot - Gamer bad john. time waster in Raleigh
10/15/15 Worcester Ncns - Twot no show - books and flakes on you