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Advertising Rates & Solutions:
National BLACKLIST delivers online advertising and a platform for specialized content to thousands of visitors each month. National BLACKLIST the latest technologies to provide targeted results. Our visitors are very unique and that's the reason advertisers choose National BLACKLIST.

Marketers can use our flexible banner advertising & promotional programs to build awareness, promote products & services, generate inquiries and drive traffic to their web sites. National BLACKLIST takes an up front approach to advertising and publish our banner advertising prices on the Web. Our ad programs are supported by a custom ad management system. We provide our advertisers with on-line real-time password protected STATS which they can access 24 hours a day!

Full Size Banner Specifications:

Ads are placed daily Monday - Friday
GIF/JPG/HTML formatted banners, 12.5Kb or under
Full Size Banner - 468 pixels wide x 68 pixels high:
Full Size Banner Ad Rates -- US Dollars: $280 per month
Skyscraper - 160 pixels wide x 600 pixels high:
Flash Skyscraper Banner Ad Rates -- US Dollars: $480 per month
Square Button - 125 pixels wide x 125 pixels high:
Flash Skyscraper Banner Ad Rates -- US Dollars: $125 per month
ROS program (run of site): $995 per month - e-mail for details

A unique opportunity.
The run of site program places your banner(s) in a general rotation on pages throughout the National BLACKLIST site. This option allows general offers to reach the most potential viewers.

Banner size specifications are compliant with IAB/Casie standards.

Remember: The best looking banners are not always the most effective ones.

For banner effectiveness & Tips see the following links

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Useful Tips to Increase Online Banner Ad Effectiveness

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Payment Options:
National BLACKLIST accepts major credit cards, Checks or Money Orders. Payment is to be in (US) dollars and is required before any banner will be displayed.

OK Let's Get Started:
To get started advertising on National BLACKLIST click here.


Security Tip #5 — Have a backup plan. Have someone you can call to help you when things don't go according to plan A.


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