Your Personal Escort Website: The Merits of Exchanging Links

By Bob Stevens


When Google emerged as the preeminent search engine, that status has also seemingly allowed google to set their own standards for what websites need to do to become highly ranked with their search engine results. As an escort with your own personal website in the adult entertainment community which as you know is the most competitive industry on the internet, one of the strategies that can easily help you become recognized with other escort web sites, escort agency websites and large escort directories is to exchange links with other escort industry websites that have already established credibility with google by having a high google page rank, or at least some google page rank. Once you start getting lots of external links coming back to your escort website you will soon establish google page rank and some popularity of your own.

It's like if the popular crowd in high school acknowledges you, you are considered to be with the popular crowd.

So, just by exchanging links with other escort industry websites, your personal escort website can become popular too. Website linking is considered to be one of the essential web strategies to employ if you want your personal escort website to be found when someone types in the search engines they are looking for "escorts" in your area.

Internet Search Engine Statistics show that websites containing a diverse array of reciprocated quality links from relevant sites not only receive more visitor traffic and correspondingly more business, but these links help your website move up and achieve a higher google page rank which certainly influences how many visitors will find you accidentally because your web site showed up more and more in the search results. Remember, the name of the game is to get eyeballs to your site. Once there, it's up to your website to get them to call, then for you to book the appointment.

Google is the internet's largest and most popular internet search engine, and because worldwide internet statistics show that 85% of all internet users use search engines as the preferred method to find what they are looking for, getting your website ranked on google should be part of your website design and marketing efforts. Google in particular places a high value on a website's link popularity in their ranking algorithms. So this should be a priority. At first you'll need to spend a lot of time contacting other industry affiliated web masters and see if they would like to do some link exchange with your website, but in time your efforts will pay off. Links from websites that are already highly ranked by their search engines will more positively impact upon your site's rankings than links from lower rated websites. So, don't rush out to exchange links with just anybody, there are certain rules that you'll need to observe to insure that your site popularity is maximized.

1. Quantity of Links -You will need to have 200+ active links in place before you'll start to see your website's popularity improve. More than likely, you'll be competing with large directories that may have a few thousand links. But this is like the tourtise and the hare. If you keep at this a little bit everyday, in time you will have many many links to your website that will allow you to compete against long standing well developed escort directories.

2. Quality Links - Search engines value links from websites that offer quality content and information on pages that are not overloaded with advertisements and pop-ups. If you link to a high-traffic volume site that is poor on relevant content, it is unlikely you will see an improvement in your search engine ranking. One way to help you determine if the site you are looking at has a google rank is to download the google toolbar so that it becomes part of your internet browser. Activate the google page rank feature and when you go to a website look for a google page rank meaning a green bar that measures from zero to 10. If you see a website that has a page rank of 3 or 4 plus that is good, but if you can do a link exchange with a website that has a page rank of 6 or 7, then you are really getting somewhere.

3. Link Farms . Linking to link farms or bogus websites that create links just for the sake of linking" will have a minimal value as they are recognized by google, and more likely it will backfire and have a negative impact on your website's popularity. Google has been known to penalize websites if they have determined you are using fake or underhanded tactics to artificially boost your page popularity.

4. Relevant Links - Link to web sites that are in your escorting industry, this verifies that other escort websites or directories acknowledge you and verify you are also in the escort business. Also, link to web sites that compliment your business, like gifts, flower delivery, lingerie affiliates, limo services, etc. thereby offering those web site's customers more options to find you. This is sure to boost your search engine ranking and pull in more visitors to your site.

5. Text Links are better than just Banners. Text is found by a search engine technology called spidering. A "spider" is a program that visits a Web site and reads the text on all of its pages . Spiders use words or text, not pictures, to determine how much relevant content you have on your website. For escorts, your link exchange should have the word escort, erotic massage, or fetish, what ever term best describes you and your services, and have those words hyperlinked with the link forwarding the viewer to your personal website URL (address).

6. Consistency - A consistent ongoing campaign of link exchanging is vital to your website's growth and eventual success. Not only should you look to build overall link volume, but you should also look to constantly review the links you have in place to make sure they are still working. Look to always keep those links fresh and up to date. Search engines like websites that are steadily growing with spiderable content and quality links.

Exchanging links is an essential and never ending part of helping your adult services website grow in popularity so you must approach it like the old story of the hare and the tortoise. Slow and steady and you will come out ahead in the end.


Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics