Use Your Escort Website To Shorten Your Sales Cycle


By Bob Stevens


Are you a female escort who has a personal website? Is your personal escort website languishing as little more than just a web brochure? As a professional service business, the problem with a web brochure is it's often loaded with features and ignores persuasive results. A web brochure uses a lot of I statements, as in, 'I am good at. or I like to do,' instead of speaking to the heart of your visitor's problem. Effectively you may neglect to ask, or answer, the critical questions the visitor has first and foremost on their mind.


The secret to rich rewards, meaning more calls, better clients, more money, is the potency of your marketing brand and how loudly you speak to their imaginations. Your words have to come to life, stir exciting and arousing emotions and speak to the libido of your visitors, captivate their imagination and brand you as a remarkable find who can meet their sexual fantasy needs. A client capturingescort website grabs a man's attention, tugs on his heart, and inspires him to feel their wants, needs, and fantasies can berealized, by enjoying a getaway session with you.


So, how Can Your Adult Escort Website Shorten Your Sales Cycle?


1. Let visitors pre-qualify themselves

 In an article I wrote called "Writing Ad Copy That Sells" I spoke of having a well written introduction and service description that anticipates and answers all of your visitor's questions they already have in mind. Instead of being bogged down with looky-lou's with timewasting phone calls and emails with redundant questions, you will then receive more qualified clients who have already determined that you meet their wants and needs If your website allows them to feel you understand their situation, and can meet their expectations, then they are looking to you as the woman to fulfill their erotic fantasies. The results for you? Your time is spent on clients who call to book you, not clients who call to ask more annoying questions who ultimately are only going to waste more of your time..


2. Weeding out the wrong type of clients

 If your website sends a clear message of exactly who you work best with and what adult services you offer, or do not offer, it will automatically weed out the wrong type of clients. Worried about missing new opportunities? Don't be! The wrong types of clients never become the right type. If you don't do Full Service you'll never get those men who want Full Service. If you don't do GFE or PSE, you won't book those calls either so don't worry about it. Say what you do and what you will not do. That way you're not inteerrupted by callers asking you questions your website could have told them, and they could just move on and shop elsewhere. The difference is, with a client capturing website, you've saved hours of time and effort figuring out one person at a time if you're a match. The results for you? Increased focus and energy you can spend on the clients you love working with. So, let the prospects know what you offer, what you expect, what your time costs, etc. Let them decide if you can give them what they want, if they can meet your expectations, and if they can afford you. etc.

3. Evoking emotion

A ho-hum website generates few calls or contacts. What a waste! From your opening headline, to your tagline and final call to action, a client capturing website must create a strong, lasting, powerful emotional impression. The sensations, thoughts, and feelings you want to inspire are woven throughout every page of your website because you are using buzz words that you know click with the emotional mindset of your viewers. Even your choice of colors, design, and images enrich the emotions you want your visitor to experience. The results for you? Your prospective clients instantly feel a sense of rapport and connection and begin to feel comfortable with you. Remember, people buy on emotions, not facts, and they buy from people they like or feel they can connect with.

4. Getting your visitors to act

That is the point, isn't it? To motivate your website visitors to take action! Whether it's to pick up the phone to call you, or send an email. Wouldn't you rather spend less time marketing and selling yourself, and more time delivering your services?

5. Gaining permission for you to follow up and contact them again

It's no secret that your customer base is your goldmine. Today's hobbyists are smarter, savvier than they've ever been. You have to gain their confidence in two ways to keep your relationship going. The first is that you won't abuse the privilege of having their personal contact information. Next is that you have something valuable to offer in exchange for the intimate time you share. Once you have their trust, you must continue to earn it by respecting them, their time, and their privacy. So, show up on time, don't rush your sessions, and make sure to give them your undivided attention. Lleave when you are supposed to and don't overstay your welcome unless you are invited to. The results for you? You build outstanding loyalty. A business built on loyal clients is a business rich in value!

So, it's time to raise the bar and expect more from your adult escort website. If you find yourself being asked the same questions over and over, it's time to let your website address those visitor questions and answer them for you.


Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics