Tips For Escorts to Increase their Exposure, Response, and Client Retention

by Bob Stevens



Make Your Own Personal Escort Website
With so many men shopping the internet for adult companionship it is a great benefit to have a website for your escort business of personal service. If you are a female escort, having a personal website can address so many things that's usually best for you to not discuss in person or on the phone with your gentleman callers. But just having a website is not where it ends. If you are going to take the plunge and make a personal website advertising you and your escort services, massage, BDSM or Domina services then make sure you are taking full advantage of web design strategies and techniques and marketing strategies with your message that will get you the best response.

Website Introduction
Make sure to have a brief introduction on the homepage of your escort or adult services website. Your introduction should be written in the first person so it reads like you are talking to your visitors. Be concise and clearly identify the purpose of your website, your adult erotic services and the benefits to your visitors who decide to patronize you. Don't confuse the viewer with too much fancy technical wizardry or special effects. Your website's colors, fonts, graphics, and photos should all be coordinated to give a nice professional and sophisticated feel. If you "pimp" out your page like some teenager or ghetto streetwalker with all kinds of flashy and trashy special effects you may distract your customer from their original purpose and yours as well if they chose not to call and mook an appointment with you . Also, don't be surprised if all you ever hear from are broke 20 year olds and fast talking bargain hunters trying to talk you down in price. The best and safest customers to have are upscale successful businessmen who have manners and are gentlemen, and trust me, they don't get impressed by page pimping. So carry yourself well and remember class and sophistication is the way to go if you're looking for top quality customers who can afford your time. Those are the men you'll want to convert into long term clients. Your introduction is your first and only chance to make a good first impression. Be clear, concise, professional, and most of all appear fun, easy to be with, open, open minded, alluring and enticing.

Service Description

Use escort industry buzz words that you know will attract a customer's attention. If you offer Full Service, GFE Girl Frield Experience, PSE Porn Star Experience, then you should provide those services so you live up to tthe customer's expectations. Nothing is so disheartening than as a customer who is told one thing and then receives less than what they were sold on. Also this terminology or jargon is important, because search engines will recognize what they mean and possibly include your escort ad or website in theri search results.

Website Navigation
Make sure that your escort website has clear and easy navigational buttons. Use clear categories to help viewers locate and browse through, your Photo Gallery, Donation Rates, Contact Information etc. And if you are tired of answering the same questions over and over, prepare new visitors who will undoubtedly have those same questions with a FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) that clearly explains your own personal policies. If you have a fairly large website place a search box on the top part of each page.

Website Photo Gallery
While a photo gallery is an absolute necessity, to show viewers what you look like so they can make a better determination about calling you, I've always believed when it comes to escort photos. less is more. Show photos of you in tight jeans and a sweater, to show off your body have some bikini, lingerie, and tasteful nudes that don't really show anything. Just show them enough of you to make them want to call you to set up an appointment. If you are advertising yourself as an upscale companion for dinner dates, corporate events, and weekend getaways, have several photos of you in a few elegant evening gowns to show you got the goods, meaning, the style and grace, and appropriate attire, to attend such functions.

Integrity in Advertising
I understand many female escorts want to not embarrass their family or expose themselves to scrutiny if they have a regular day job, so they may use Photoshop techniques to block out or blur their faces. We respect your right to privacy, and it is absolutely your right to do this. But please do not make the mistake of using someone else's photos and present them as you. Many escorts do this, and the hobbyists out there are all to enthusiastic about busting you on the review boards and exposing you, especially if the photos you use are substantially better that you really look in person. Using fake photos is a bad and illegal marketing technique called "bait & switch" and if you piss off customers they will expose you and hurt your reputation and business.

This is always a tricky subject but if you don't put it out there how will your visitors know if they can afford you. Donations should always be for your time and nothing else. Donations are not in exchange for any particular favors or sex. Explain that the donation should be in cash, placed in an envelope by the door or where you prefer, and offered in advance so avoid the awkwardness of you having to ask for it later. If they gentleman wants to tip you extra afterwards obviously he can always do that.

If your donation rates differ with incall and outcall, also post that information and how far you are willing to travel. The more information you give the chances are that when your phone does ring the customer has already qualified themselves and has agreed to all of your requirements and has little other questions other than when will you be available.

Gifts and Wish Lists
This is a nice way to make hints or suggestions to men who would like to show you their appreciation but don't know you well enough to know what to get you. While it saves you the trouble of having to return and exchange unwanted gifts, it also allows the man to feel confident that his gift purchase will be appreciated and well received by you. Many female escorts will ask for candles, perfumes, bubble baths, lingerie, or gift cards to such places where they can shop for themselves.

Avoid Trouble
Don't talk on the phone or mention on your website what you will or will not do for money. This creates expectations on the part of the customer, who may not be nice, clean or respectful when you meet, so obviously you wouldn't want to reward him if he isn't presentable for you as well. Also, any kind of open talk can put you in trouble with vice cops who are trying to set you up or test you to see how you handle your business.

Safety and Security
Escorts can attract many lonely weirdoes and stalker types. It is imperative that no matter where you advertise, your personal website included, that you use an anonymous free email address and or a prepaid cell phone. While prepaid cell phones are more expensive, I like them for escorts because there are no billing records to trace back to you. This is important especially when you are dealing with vice cops who like to look at your phones bills and see who you are calling and who is calling you.

Being safe and secure also means, having a driver to escort you to and from your jobs. Yes, escorts should have their own escorts. You be less likely to be hassled, abused, or robbed by bad clients.

Also there is an array of online escort safety tools. One website is a National Database of Bad Clients. It's called NationalBlacklist. I  think this is a valuable and easy to use way for escorts to check up on your new callers to see if they have any kind of history of fraud, abuse, violence with other escorts. Priced at $19.95 monthly or 66cents a day, that is a very cheap way to avoid clients who are abusive or who are perpetual no shows and game players who waste your time. As a member, it is easy to use. After a new client calls you, ask the client the number to return their call, you need to check your schedule. Then go to the National Blacklist website, login, enter the phone number the caller just gave you and see what comes up. If there are complaints listed, you know either how to handle the call or to not take it. Simple as that.

Improving Response:

Stay Marketable
Adult Escorting is a highly competitive business. While you may not be able to do too much about your natural looks you can certainly do the best you can to make yourself as marketable as possible. First, is your personality. Always be nice, pleasant, and likable. Second, is your physical appearance. work out and eat well and maintain a sexy and attractive body. Take care of your skin, hair, and nails and always look and smell nice. Third, your professionalism. Always show up on time. With attention to all these areas, you should be highly successful as an escort. If you don't pay attention to these things, you won't get a another chance with a customer you initially disappoint. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

If you feel you need to make cosmetic improvements, liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, etc, make sure you go to a reputable physician who will do the job right and with no complications. In regards to breast augmentation, nothing looks more stupid than a stripper or an escort performing who went cheap and got a $3,500 boob job. Go for the $7,000 or more procedure, where your breasts will look and feel natural. Who cares what the cost is. First and most important you will be much happier. Can you imagine looking at yourself everyday with a terrible boob job, and living with the fact that you decided to go cheap. You'd be miserable, so don't do that to yourself. Secondly, no matter what the extra cost is, you'll probably make that back in no time with the immediate increase in business form the customers who appreciate larger and fuller breasts you might not have attracted before. More realistically, you'll make that back the extra you paid for the better boob job 1,000 times over the life of your career. So think of a cosmetic surgery as a sound and sacred investment in yourself. If you're going to make that investment, make it a good investment that will pay dividends over and over for a long time.


Client Retention

Customer Loyalty
Instead of just focusing on getting new customers why not take advantage of repeat business? Why not give your faithful customers an incentive to come back and do business with you again by showing your appreciation of them? You can easily do this by lowering your price just a tad and it really won't cost you anything because in the end you know will take care of you anyway. This is more cost effective than constantly advertising, and it's a lot easier and less risky than constantly trying to acquire new customers.

Escorting is as much acting as anything else. You may be seeing a customer you're not feeling great about but you take the call because you need the money, or maybe you're feeling tired or stressed out but there's no need to take it out on your client. Always be warm, gracious, and pretend you are happy to see them. Ask them how they are, how they've been, take an interest in them and you'll be surprised at how deeply that resonates with them. If they talk about some problem at work or at home, the next time you see them ask about it and how things turned out. They will very much appreciate that you listened to them, remembered the situation, and cared enough to ask.

If you put these tips into practice you will notice a good response to your website, develop a good and safe reputation to build on, and a nice and profitable retention of your customers.


Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics