Search Engine Optimization: for Escort's Websites


by Bob Stevens



Search optimization can be a bit confusing. Do you ever notice that what Google says you should do with your websites doesn't always translate into you getting any improvement in your search engine rankings or google page rank? Ever wonder why your search results constantly change and they play hide and seek with you and your customers who are looking for you? Google is constantly trying to improve the quality of its search engine and the relevenecy of consumers search rewsults. Whenever they make some updates some websites get google slapped where they disappear form the search engine results for a while, or they get caught in the google dance where their relevance is and search results goes up and won for a while. So what are you supposed to do? Well, frankly nothing. Google's reccomendations about what constitutes a wquality website never really changes. Build a sound website, with quality code, features, supporting text, and inbound and you'll do just fine.




So, What Are Google's Recommendations?



Regularly Update

Google says that it likes to see websites that are growing and are regularly updated. Stagnant websites look as if they are not being managed, so google begins to ignore them over time thinking that if the websites aren't regularly updated they are probably becoming obsolete and not worth visiting because the information contained on that site might be getting old and out of date.


That seems reasonable don't it? But does Google really drop old websites from good positions in their search engine result pages (SERPs)? Google certainly implies that it will but the reality from my experience implies something a little different and the time span to declare irrelevance is much longer than Google would like us to think.



Keyword Density

There was a time when it was recommended that websites have articles to supply spiderable content for your website so that the spiders could determine the relevance of your website for certain key words and search phrases. It was said that those articles should be stuffed with keywords that appeared in a density of 8 to 12%. Amusingly, all that did was force the authors to write stupid gobbily gook sentences that made no sense. But they did it because as long as the key word just kept appearing that was supposed to be good.


Before long, google recognized that people were writing these articles stuffed with keywords just to get the page rank. Now the experts and guys from Google are saying that keyword stuffing is a big no-no, and they have technology to make sure you are writing articles that make sense and are written for human audiences



Associative Words

The experts at google made the spidering formulas more sophisticated and now they also search for words that are associated with your main keyword. Yes, words that are associated with your industry are now being looked for along with your main search phrase.


For instance if you type the word "escorts" in the search box, google will come up with a variety of websites that feature, female escorts, naval ship escorts, Air Force jet escorts, personal courier body guard escorts, and college campus security escort services for female student body. How would google's search engines know which escort term you were referring to? Well, to weed out the websites that didn't fit your intentions you'd probably want to further quality what you are looking for by refining your search phrase to a group of words.


If you are looking for female escorts in LA, or independent escorts in Los Angeles, then you would type in the search box, Los Angeles Independent Escorts, or LA female escorts. If you were looking for something more specific like a nice erotic massage, or an escort to cater to your leather shoe and foot fetish, you would then type in Los Angeles Fetish Escorts, or LA erotic massage.


 Now, for you female escorts, this means on your websites you have to further qualify the escort services you are specifically offering by including more words or descriptive terms that are typically associated with your services in your introduction and content articles.


In those articles formerly stuffed with keywords, you should now be looking to stuff "Associative Words" meaning other industry specific terms that will not confuse what you do with other businesses.


For example. For female escorts , how about. Incall, Outcall, sensual massage, erotic massage, nude massage, happy endings, fetish, bondage, spanking, top, bottom, Full Service, no Full Service, GFE, Girl Friend Experience, PSE, Porn Star Experience, DFK, Greek, Mistress, Domina, slave, models, leather, lingerie, latex, session, donations. These are certainly words you will not find on any Navy, Air Force, personal security, or college campus security websites.


For female strippers, try exotic dancers, go-go dancers, g-strings, bachelor party dancers, topless dancers, bikini dancers, oil wrestling, duo acts, lesbian shows, lap dance, couch dance, pole dancing, etc.




As the technology for Google becomes more and more sophisticated to weed out the garbage websites who spam the search engines to get an edge on the websites with real relevant clean and honest content, you will need to keep up with these changes and tweak your websites accordingly from time to time. But remember, that's a good thing because google likes to see updates from time to time, so, how about making quality updates that will truly help your website and business.



Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics