Escort Review Sites actually help Police locate escorts who prostitute.


A Web site, My Redbook, reviews massage parlors that offer sex and lists 90 such establishments in San Francisco . Another popular Web site Craigslist had free Erotic Services Classifieds which was totally exploited by escorts with vividly blatant offers of illegal prostitution. Now Craigslist has paid ads in the new Adult Services Section, and even though it is  supposedly monitiored by CL Staff, and the amount of ads have diminished and the blatant sexuality is toned down quite a bit, the ads are still an "open season" invitation just asking for vice trouble.

Why not just put a "Come arrest me now" announcement" on your ad? San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said, Vice doesn't have to look for you, the escort ads and escort review sites give the police all the information they need to find and bust you.

All over the country law enforcement agencies are busting female escorts and from their openly explicit craigslist ads by blatantly offering sexual acts for money which is illegal prostitution. Well know escort review sites like Big Doggie and The Erotic Review, have detailed reviews of escorts, what they do in proivate right down to the most intimate and private of details.When vice cops sign up and become VIP members they too get an inside scoop as to who is breaking the laws, and can then target these ladies by booking an appointment  with them in hopes of busting them for illegal prostitution activities.

Newsom wants to target San Francisco 's abundance of illicit massage parlors and he is taking a special interest in how Long Island county's police approached their illegal massage parlors. In 1994, New York police were able to shut down all the known unlawful massage parlors in Nassau County by fining landlords up to $1,000 a day until they evicted their unlawful tenants. Landlords who refused to evict faced criminal charges of permitting prostitution and criminal nuisances . Police also persuaded the major regional newspaper Newsday to stop running ads for massage parlors.

Sad, but with all the real problems we have in this country with gangs, drugs, high school dropouts, illitericy, poverty, exploitation and trafficking of minors, terrorism, one would think the various levels of government would prioritize thier crime fighting activities to target the areas that greatly affect the majority of our citizens. Whether you agree with adult prostitution or not, most reasonable and aware people do agree that what happens between two mature consenting adults is such a non issue, and should not be the government's business, and they should allocate their crime fighting resources to more serious and viable issues.