Escorts and Prostitution: A Legal Loophole? 

by Bob Stevens


This was an article I read some years ago regarding a legal loophole regarding escorts and prostitution. I remember the devious glee I felt inside as the article inspired a small rebellious anti establishment feeling in me. I mean after all who is the government to tell two consenting adults what's legal and what's not, while they are in private, and especially when it's a victimless crime such as a woman selling her body to an appreciative man. I mean in a sense that sort of sounds like marriage too, it's just that marriage is a much much longer session.

The original author made some rationalization that referred to abortion being legalized because of the "my body, my choice" theory, so why not prostitution? Isn't it the right of a woman to do what she wants with her body? Oh I see, you can kill and unborn fetus but you can't kill a man's temporary urge for sex? Come on government, where's your priorities?

Can Escorts really circumvent the law?

The law as it is today basically outlaws selling sex for money. But the original article suggested one could easily get around that if... let's say the escort sold condoms or contraceptives for a few hundred dollars, then after the transaction, the two engaged in consensual sex. Then she can tell the judge that what her customer bought were expensive condoms that came with a free demonstration, not sex.


Or try this novel approach. Since adult porn stars get paid for having sex in front of a camera, the next time you make an appointment with your favorite escort have a camera running so if vice busts in, you can tell them you are making an amateur porn to distribute to potential porn producers.


Then your consensual sex was with a model or actress and you just happen to be her costar. So I ask you, is there a law against producing and starring in your own amateur porn movie, and using a hotel as your set?

Of course this is a satirical look at law enforcement and the idiocy of our government's laws inspired by some religious morality. My thinking is if Bill Clinton was able get head from an intern in the Oval "Orifice" of the Whitehouse which at the time was Monica Lewinsky and not suffer any professional penalties other than some embarrassment for getting caught, one would think what goes on between consulting adults should remain private and none of anyone's business. But then again that's the real problem with America today , too many arrogant do-gooders who think they can dictate morality to others while not meeting those same moral standards themselves. But alas, respecting the privacy of others is a constitutional issue that apparently is everyone's right to violate, so long as it's not their privacy that's being violated.



So for loopholes in the law. I say Hip Hip Hooray!



Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics