Mistakes Strippers and Escorts Make

Not Providing Outstanding Customer Service


By Bob Stevens


Sadly many strippers and escorts think they are the stars, it's all about them, men suck, men are drunks, idiots, abusers, whatever, and that all men are stupid walking ATM machines. If you are a female escort and you feel this way, sadly it will show in your attitude and your customer will pick up on it. More than likely you won't see that customer again, because most unhappy customers don't complain, they just don't call back. And if they do complain it's usually not to you, it's done publicly on escort review boards like the TER and Big Doggie, where it can hurt your reputation and your income potential.

So, to have a good reputation and a successful business, all strippers and escorts should remember that good adult entertainment is not about you, it is about meeting or surpassing your customers wants and needs during your time together. The only time female escorts or adult service providers if you prefer that term may want to be mean to a customer is if that customer is a submissive and he's paying for that kind of mistreatment, then as a Dominatrix, or his Mistress you can be as mean as you want in the context of your services, and the customer will probably love you for it.

In otherwise normal adult entertainment situations the fact is that any adult service provider or female entertainer can provide good customer service. If you want to build a highly successful following, make sure your customer service is "beyond industry standards."

For Strippers

For strippers, that means showing up on time and doing what you were hired to do, perform and entertain. The past few years I have seen so many girls show up to a bachelor party and immediately go over a menu of "tipping" activities they offer and what they cost to do. To lick whip cream off my titties it cost this, to drink bush beers it cost this, for naked oily full body slides it cost this, etc., I swear I'm so turned off by their attitude, and when I say something they come back with, "What ever it is you paid the agency was only to get me here. You want me to dance for you guys you have to tip me! " What the hell is that about?, and how did the exotics dancing business get so tainted with chicks with shitty attitudes?

So to all you female strippers who want to make a decent living, by making a great reputation for yourself so you can get good referrals and get hired over and over again... Show up on time, smile and make good eye contact, look like you're having a blast teasing all the guys and believe me, if you're good, you'll make very very good money!

For Escorts

For female escorts, performing good customer service does not mean you must break the law and perform Full Serivice, GFE (Girlfriend Experience), or PSE (Porn Star Experience) with your clients, or subject yourself to any kind of verbal or physical abuse. It also does not mean you must give in to some ass hole hobbyist who threatens to give you a bad review and ruin your reputation if you don't do full service on them. I say screw those guys and report them to National Blacklist, which is an escort safety  website with the largest database of bad clients to make sure no escort goes near them again. Just give your gentlemen the kind of personal attention and interest that may be lacking in other parts of their lives. Listen to them when they talk, ask questions and seem interested, or show empathy if they share with you their business stresses or personal heartaches. Don't give advice but certainly be empathetic and show support. Always be a lady, be courteous, elegant, professional and sophisticated. This will make you a pleasure to be around.

Another way you can provide good customer service is during and outcall appointment, make sure you show up on time and look sexy but tasteful. If the appointment is an incall to your home or apartment, make sure your place is neat, clean, comfortable, and smells good. Aroma candles go a long way for creating the right mood for relaxation, eroticism, and intimacy.

While numerous factors are responsible for success for any adult services provider, by far the easiest way to expand your business is to provide quality and attentive care to your clients that go "beyond industry standards." Doing so is like planting money seeds that will grow and yield basketfuls of profit. Then, when your client list grows to be too big to keep up with, you can decide to raise your prices, or retain only your best and most valued clients.

One way to look at a customer is not in their one time visit for a few hundred dollars. Think of each customer as what business consultants like to call LTV (Lifetime Value of a customer). If that one customer sees you for $300 once a month for three years, that's $10,800. With this in mind, start thinking about how much all your clients could be worth. Every lost "good" customer is a big financial mistake, and if they share a bad call with you with other hobbyists by making negative postings about you on the review boards, then your mistake becomes public and can cost you incalculable amounts of money.

Remember, adult escorting is about being an actress at times, and when you and a good client get together, always keep your game face on. Your clients will appreciate you, and show much loyalty and gratitude in return.


Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics