Escort Safety: Prevention and Recourse

Escorts: Don't Be a Victim and Fight Back!


by Bob Stevens



For female escorts the adult erotic services business can be an extremely frustrating and dangerous occupation. Whether you work for an escort agency or as independent escort all escorts get their share of flakes, practical jokers and time wasters. A bad client is one who makes an appointment then cancels at the last moment, or one who stands you up and never calls to apologize. Other types of bad clients purposely send the escorts to bad addresses like it's a funny college prank. Even more demeaning is when the escort gets to the door and the customer sends them away saying I don't like the way you look. Sometimes escorts get customers who pay with counterfeit money, and others claim they forgot their money and offer to write you a check which is usually bogus. You can imagine the frustration when you agree to take the call, stop what you're doing, go home, shower, get all cleaned up, put on nice clothes, do your hair and makeup, the works, and when you get there it turns out to be a total scam.


Worse yet, is when an escort goes into a call and the client is high on alcohol or drugs, or is some religious nut trying to hurt you because he doesn't approve of what you do, or even more screwed up is the customer is some "no life" hobbyist who thinks just because you're there you have to "do" them or else he'll give you a bad review on the escort review boards. Now it's usually the latter situations when a customer has higher expectations or demands for your adult services than you offer and when you tell them you don't do full service they get awfully pissed. They want their money back, and when you say no that's when the verbal abuse and sometimes the physical violence begins.


Dangerous, abusive, and violent customers can easily be identified with if your appointment is an outcall and you meet them at a hotel. The hotel registration procedures will certainly allow law enforcement to ascertain the real identity of the customer. If the appointment is an incall and the customer comes to your home, the most dangerous problem for the escort is that the customer now also knows where you live. I would certainly recommend escorts don't do incall appointments with customers they don't know and haven't cultivated into good and trustworthy clients.


While some escorts require referrals from another well known escorts, and others have some information verification procedures, escorts should become wary if the caller has no referrals or references, or is reluctant to offer any. There may be a good reason for it and that may be bad news.


Until now, escorts had no easy and viable way of knowing what any client may be like in advance. Escort Safety websites like National Blacklist are very sincere in their efforts. They have a nationwide data base of bad clients for all independent escorts and escort agencies to benefit by. The database is searchable and just by inputting the client's phone number or email, you can see if any escort or escort agency has ever registered a complaint about them. It is a members only site but the cost is nominal $19.95 per month compared to what it offers you in return. Just ask yourself what your time, or better yet, your health is worth.


So, this is how it works. All you have to do when you get a call from a new caller is ask them for their number if it’s not in your caller ID and tell them you have to check your schedule and call them back. Then go to National blacklist and log in. Through the searchable database, put in their phone number and see what comes up. If there is a posting, based on what you read, you will have a better idea as to best handle the client or to choose not to see them at all. It's that simple.


This website is a great tool and it costs only 66 cents a day which is nothing compared to the time, money, and frustration, it will save you from taking a bad call. As a tool for escorts I'd say this is invaluable.


The reason this website can work is that most antisocial types usually have consistent personality traits and character traits that repeat themselves over and over, much like child molesters who can never be cured and become repeat offenders. So it is with bad clients who try and mess with escorts.


As an advocate of escorting and one who believes escorts should be treated fairly and with respect, I wholeheartedly endorse National Blacklist as a tool for escorts and Escort Agencies all over North America . If you are unfortunately the victim of a call gone bad, don't allow the caller to get away with it, don't allow yourself be a victim. Be empowered, take back your power and control, make a posting and let all other escorts know so that hopefully no one will take a call from him. Posting is free, and too bad if the jerk has to keep changing his phone number, that's his problem.


Also, National Blacklist has all sorts of articles and safety tips. If all escorts and agencies take their safety seriously I hope they will post their bad client information so other escorts and agencies can benefit by your postings and you can benefit by theirs.


Good Luck, And Be Safe Out there!



Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics