Escort Advertising: Writing Ads and Website Introductions That Sell

by Bob Stevens


When prospective male customers visit your escort ad or your personal escort website, you want them to be captivated, aroused, and enticed into calling you. You hope they'll read not just your headlines and view your pictures, but that they read all the way through the copy. All you want is to provide them enough information to motivate them into taking the next step, and call pick up the phone to call you.

If you have an ad on an escort directory, or you have a personal escort website, like any escort you must wonder if your ad is working? Does anybody read all my information? Do they understand everything? What makes them call, what makes them not call. Aside from having good ad copy that will allow the search engines to see what you've written and what you are all about, good ad copy should be provocative, arousing, and stimulating to your male visitors so it will entice them into calling you to experience you?

To help you understand if your approach is on the money, let's look at the key to writing good marketing copy that grabs a prospects' attention, overcomes common fears and objections, and leads to an inquiry call and then hopefully a sale, meaning a booked appointment with you?

Using a common example: When you call around looking for music teachers to give private lessons to your child, do they spend ten or fifteen minutes convincing you of their credentials by bragging about what school they went too, what degrees they have, or how long they've been teaching? While some of that may be necessary to gain some confidence, none of that gives an indication to you that they are good at what they do, nor if they like or love what they do, and even if they are good, are they right for you and your child? All you know is that you want a good teacher that will be a good fit for your child. So how do you know what teacher is best?...

By the one who takes the time to ask specific and personal questions about your child and both of your expectations. How old is your child? Boy or girl? Is this just for fun to give an appreciation of music, or are they serious with plans of being a professional? You see, the teacher that's best asks questions. They listen to your responses, and decide if they can help you or not, and if not they thenmay refer you to someone better suited for your child's level of interest.

Now back to escorting. Does your ad copy begin with descriptions of the solutions you provide or your credentials or processes. Do you control the entire scene without input or interest in whether it meets with your client's wants, needs or fantasies? Does your escort ad read like you are open, and approachable, friendly and available to discuss your personality and adult companionship services to determine if the caller's time and interest will be well invested with you? In other words, does your ad copy focus on what you offer, or is it open to what your prospective client may be looking for?

While there is a sublte difference between these points, the difference is not so subtle to the shopper, who knows what clicks with him.

In some areas like BDSM, your skills as a Domina or Mistress, your training, years and diversity of experience, your reviews and reputation and of course your references will become pertinent to securing the confidence of a new client. But in regards to a sensual or erotic massage or escorting, or providing dating companionship, the customer can learn all they need to from you based on what they read in your ad copy and how you handle a phone inquiry. You see, to the customer their interests, problems, needs, and wants come first, then it's your turn to show you are the solution to match their erotic needs. Prospects want to see themselves and their concerns clearly identified in order to feel confident that you understand their sexual fantasies and desires. By addressing this first, you create and alluring context so that when you do describe your services in a way that meets their wants, they will know that you heard them, that you are addressing their individual interests, and have confidence that your expertise is precisely what they are looking for.

So now, take a look at your escort ad introsuction and about me sections, including everything from your internet ads, to your personal website. Who and what are your marketing materials about; you or your prospective client's concerns?

Anticipate all the things you think your prospective client's are looking for. Make a list of five to 15 things you know your male client's may want. Turn these into questions or statements about your prospects' desires. Asking questions is particularly effective in getting prospects to think about what they really want and how they want to meet those needs.

If you're a financial advisor you might ask, "Do you want to learn how to make more in both up and down markets?" If you help people with marketing their businesses you might ask, "Do you want to learn how to attract more clients and increase sales?" If you sell golf clubs you might ask, "Do you want to hit further and more accurately with less effort?"

As an escort come right out and ask, are you looking for a sophisticated dinner date companion, a discreet intimate encounter, a nice erotic massage, or are you a naughty boy and need to be given a good spanking and then comforted? The customers questions and your answers, will help you determine if you are comfortable with what the customer wants, and if you can meet his wants and needs so that you two will be a good match.

So remember, to attract new clients you need to get their attention, demonstrate that you understand and can meets their interests, then clarify the value your service provides and how you plan to meet their needs. Focus your marketing copy on your prospects' problems, ask them questions and coach your solutions in terms of their objectives. You'll start more good conversations, meet more new customers, and convert more of those first time customers into long term clients.

Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics