A Special Benefit Every Escort's Customer Wants

by Bob Stevens


Dale Carnegie said it best when he wrote his decades long best selling book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" In summery, he said that all human beings, no matter what relationship they are in, personal, family, employment, etc. every person has an innate need to feel loved, desired, wanted, or appreciated. And, if we can share with each person in our lives some type of honest and sincere importance they serve in our lives we will win friends and create special bonds with unparallel loyalty.

With this thought in mind, female escorts should let their customers know how much they appreciate them. Whether their customers are lonely, insecure, depressed, or just looking for some fun and excitement, every customer still wants their sexual fantasy escape and to at least feel special or connected in some way to their escort they are spending their time and money on. Like in any relationship, these men want to know that they are appreciated in some meaningful way by you. That is of course affirming that they treat you with courtesy and respect. For adult escorts, every new and prospective customer should get the personal communication necessary to insure their satisfaction and hopefully convert them into a loyal and faithful following. If you do this, they will reward you time and time again with their loyal repeat business..

Remember, every customer wants your personal attention of some sort and to feel they are special to you in some way. If you can satisfy that, just watch how successful your adult companionship business w ill become.


Bob Stevens is the Head Talent Scout for Exotics