2257 - What it Meant for Escort Advertising: Then and Now


The Truth Behind 2257

In the Department of Justice's effort to protect children from being used in pornography, they have widened their scope of those they can entrap by declaring that every person who posts an image on the internet is a "producer." That means every one of us, including escorts, and escort advertising directories, members of adult oriented message forums, discussion boards, adult bloggers, or any lady who has her own personal adult escort website, or iescort classified ad where you post some nude photos of yourself, may appear suddenly make you and the web site managers "porn producers," under their very vague and easily exploitable 2257 guidelinesby which are so very open to interpretation.

If you choose to post a nude image revealing your breasts or genitals, or you pose in such a way that could be construed as imitating a sex act like masturbation, by their guidelines you and we must be able to prove that you were an adult, or age of majority, at the time the photos were taken, by having proof of your age and proof of dates when the images were taken. I'm not really sure how any web master was going to be able to do all this, but that's the nearly impossible burden everyone was going to be placed under.

Photographers, magazines, and video producers, the ones who actually produce sexually explicit images, have been required to maintain perfect records proving a model's age since 1988. With 2257 the Dept. of Justice decided that anyone who posts that image on the internet should also maintain these records. So that means if you are a distributor you must obtain all those age verifing records from the model or producer to be able to post any promotional images in the course of promoting the model using her images or videos

While it is unclear how this actually protects "children" (remember, that was the original intent behind 2257) it is painfully clear how difficult this law was going to make it to run an adult business. The Dept. of Justice found this to be an easy way to start diminishing the adult entertainment businesses by prosecuting anyone distributing what the authorities chose to interpret as "pornography" all in an effort to shrink the huge adult internet business proliferating in the U.S.

The changes to the 2257 record keeping laws were vague enough to require very costly sound and savvy legal advice and the repurcussions were cumbersome enough to scare many adult companies right out of business which is what the government really intended.

Not only would every producer and website manager / owner have to maintain these model age verifing records in a specific filing fashion, but they must publish their business address on their websites and have these records available anytime for inspection during business hours. This precludes home businesses from continuing to function unless they want their home address posted on the web. This also precludes part-time businesses from operating unless they report the exact hours they will be working to the government, and those hours must total 20 per week.

All in all this whole thing was a cluster fu*k, and it never did one thing to detrail the child porn industry and the trafficking of minors.



Next: Prevent the Use of Foreign Talent

Because of the Justice Department's new interpretation of the 2257 anti-child-porn regulations, a lot of major porn producers stopped using foreign talent who didn't have a greencard (legal permission to reside and work in the US). Many prominent First Amendment attorneys said this was not necessary but the major producers erred on the side of safety because it's just not worth it, considering the opressive penalties.

So, no longer will many producers use foreign talent without American ID which a state driver's license should suffice. The most careful producers, such as Playboy and Penthouse, may not use foreign talent who don't have greencards. But dozens of girls who won't be used by Playboy or Penthouse will be used by Hustler who has a history of standing up to the Local and Federal Government.



2257 What The US Government's Agenda Really Is


It appearred the United States Government was looking to stamp out pornography, by expanding the interpretation of "18 U.S.C. § 2257", which effectively shuts down every American owned or operated adult industry where there may be a photograph or video. It requires more paperwork than even the most adept accountant could possibly keep up with. The punishment for even a single offense if $25,000 and/or 5 years in jail. Having even two pictures of adults in intimate situations would double those fines.

While all this oppression of adult's rights toenjoy, express, and promote adult entertainment material, I'm just glad that I live in a country where I'm so free, I can impinge on everyone else's freedom if I feel their behavior or actions are inappropriate, or because there are others who choose to exploit opportunities to take advantage of innocent children by trafficking them into pornography.

While I totally disagree with child pron and find it completely heinous, depriving mature adults the enjoyment and business of adult entertainment is akin to burning down an entire forest because there's a buy, or a an animal that's become a menace to the community .Of course this is the s ame stupid thinking that's been applied to the self defense industry and the manufacture of guns. While from a percentage standpoint, only a handful of criminals use guns in the course of breaking the law, let's just go ahead and out law guns and punish the millions of law abiding citizens and put their own personal safety at risk by deproving them  the ability to defend their homes and families. I swear the overwhelming stupidity of "do gooder" politicians with their short sided thinking never ceases to amze me.

Anyway, I digress. If this nation understood and respected its own constitution, anything that didn't DIRECTLY harm another person or society would be fair game. Want to shoot heroine in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Shoot away. Want to smoke a joint after a long day at work, have at it! Want to screw a side of beef, hey if that's your thing.  But people who get so caught up in hatred of someone else's behavior forget one simple thing -- FREE WILL-- they aren't required to take part in or watch anything they don't want to. Don't like something being discussed on the radio? Change the channel! Smokey bars filled with cigarette smokers bother you? Find another bar that isn't as smokey. I go to bars all the time where I dislike the clientelle. But I've never dreamed of trying to get a city ordinance banning the people I don't like from the bar. Fat people take up a lot of space at the bar, they're sweaty, sometimes they smell funny, and they just don't look very attractive. But since I'm one of the few remaining humans who believe in free will, I can simply choose to go to another bar where the patrons are generally not as overweight.

Pornography is probably one of the purest forms of capitalism. It's as pure as prostitution and addictive substances, these are "frictionless" markets -- you don't have to convince anyone of the NEED for these things. People either want it or they don't. Drug dealers don't need to spend millions in advertising to convince people they need that drug. The people that need it, WILLSEEK IT OUT and BUY IT. And those that don't use it, WON'T.

People are so damn stupid, narrow-minded, irrational, and of course,
hypocritical too. They want to infringe on your rights to do things they do not approve of, for example your enjoyment of pornography, use of drungs, or your rights to aport a child, so long as you mind your own business and don't interfere with their enjoyment of activites, like gun ownership, or their rights to offend you with their cigarette smoke.





The Latest word on 2257 and what it means to escorts and escort advertising

October 2007.  The Supreme court shot down the overly wide interpretation the Justice Department was using to apply Fed Law 2257. Now it appears that if you sign up for an adult dating sitedating site, and use your own images of yourself, or if you are an escort or stripper and use your own images to promote your services, this is no longer considered to be the promotion of pornography, and you yourself become responsible for verifying your own age. Really all this measns is that 2257 age verifying reecord keeping requirements does nott apply to you.

For more information on 2257 and the-Supreme Court Ruling in 2007.